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  1. Multi-TVT balance

    ^ this guy knows whats up
  2. Small update

    already trend about this check Accepted
  3. Clan Reputation

    just a visual bug you can still buy.. make sure u have the right eggs
  4. sometime when using snipe i keep moving then bug like im across the map but really am where i used skill.. can we fix this/>
  5. Mail

    clan notice isnt what im talking about. i would like to send messages to give orders for the day or focus on something for certainmembers.. not all need to read
  6. Mail

    careless about item transfer. messages to my crew is all i neeD
  7. 500 IQ

    keep sieges gives all chance to own even low clans
  8. Mail

    Bring the mail system back.. so i can message clan mates on different time zones.. easy communication
  9. Clan balance for factions

    like the idea but clans can only do it once never again
  10. in-game scoreboard

    Interfaces are always needed inside of interlude.. and cheats are for homos who cant play.
  11. in-game scoreboard

    what files control this on screen?
  12. Allow selfbuff in countdown

    your talking about .selfbuff command correct? make it so you cant use it during battle and or special events like buffless.. dont see a problem with that
  13. Newbie Deduction

    do it based on Rank then.. by Rank 3 you should be kinda geared for better players still making it hard but not impossible