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  1. the only classes that are affected by this are tyrants, duelisst and titans. Titans aren't supposed to be able to survive direct fire while under frenzy, duelist and tyrants have Nuke-like skills and can 3 shot a robe wearing target from the distance. The real issue is map rotation, it sucks for melees.
  2. Debuffs last 5 seconds. I don't see a single melee that would have a problem with stuns, and even then, get mental shield and resist shock. The only problem are tanks because their aggro has a massive range and it lands 100% but again, just stay away from them.
  3. Uh, the problem is not with speed. After all if speed was a concern you could have ditched COV for pof or powind and you'd be set. You want to have your cake and eat it too. The problem is really with map selection/debuffs not lasting long enough which makes some classes (archers most notably) be able to inflict massive damage while being constantly out of range or protected by spawnguards. And that just compounds with the geodata issue. All in all, you have people with godmode on. The solution would be to increase map selection by adding more closed end maps. Or just move to another chronicle that added gap closers, like Gracia.
  4. Gracia is probably better, IMHO.
  5. Dunno, maybe I just suck, if it's what you're hinting at. But if with almost 3k matk self-buffed and +14 root/shakle etc... in 40+ matches over several weeks, I had those debuffs only land twice (against BornToRaiseHeLL) then there is something wrong going on. It's likely the combination of boss jewels + mental shield. And yeah SEs suck already, no news there.
  6. A good start would be disallowing boss jewels in Olys. Playing support classes is painful because your stuff never lands.
  7. I find myself unable to get past the pincode prompt. I input the code, but the game remains stuck in the character selection screen.
  8. Global chats are !Shout, trade, hero. That was local.
  9. And again, you miss the point. You don't have to destroy a class to balance the game, all you have to do is enable counters. 2BPs, 1SE, 1 OL and 6 archers (which was what they ran over 2 parties) was a problem because there's no counter to archers right now. They could kill you before you even reached them. The last round of changes didn't "FIX" anything, unlike you said. Relatively speaking, archers got even stronger, since both pdef augments and cancel were nerfed. Even more so, not being able to heal out of party people means that 4 archers (either with in party assist, or just 4 solo players) could train the same person and there would be only his bishop teammate to help him out. Stuff that again you know yourself, because you got trained by archers a lot. And again, we knew this was going to happen ever since the tattoo got nerfed.
  10. Dude, there hasn't been a single SE in game for the past 2 weeks other than Renata and myself. We're talking about this season, in light of the changes that have occurred. You're never taking a SE over a bishop in your party, it's pretty much common sense. Play the class and then tell me again.
  11. EE and SEs (SE even more, because they have nowhere close to the healing output of EEs) are useless in current meta. There hasn't been a single time in a PvP map this season where I had to recharge my teammates. Sure, bishops needed that, but you can't party with them anymore.
  12. Both have equivalent jewels (Mojo got Valakas and baium). Pdef on a +6 DC robe is equivalent to a +4-+5 MA set. Castiel has shield buffs, no zerk, COV and active def/passive emp. The fact a 7k matk nuker is hitting a guy for 500 dmg when the guy hasn't even gone full resist is just sad, period. This latest round of balance changes killed non-bishop supports and buffed archers even more, since debuffs duration remains unchanged and cancelled buffs return time was cut by 30%, the gameplay for mages was nudged a bit more toward straight nuking. And on this server you'll never outdamage an archer, period.
  13. This isn't interlude, there's an extensive list of house rules.
  14. Man, what's fake about that pic? He just did that ingame, and you can check it yourself. Damage might have been a bit more with gloom applied (because I was casting it), but overall that's an SPS crit rate. What are you playing by the way? Because unless you're part of the archer zerg, server has grown progressively boring (for me). You can't do shit, no matter the map, you can count on an archer zerg 2-hitting you from halfway around the map. This ain't even lineage 2 at this point.