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  1. why not broooo

    And? Archers aren't supposed to beat tanks (unless you're a PR who knows how to kite), for that you gotNukers with cancel/debuffs/titans and daggers.
  2. 500 IQ

    Dude a 3.5k daily donation, because you'll find out that the average clan pretty much has 7-8 active people tops, is not casual friendly at all.
  3. 500 IQ

    I don't find much value in this suggestion. The current imbalance was caused by two things: A) Chaos playing in an organized fashion, having coordinated clans from day 1 while Order was much slower on the uptake B) Day 1 sieges with incentives that rewardedcooperation amongthe dominant chaos clans and snowballed into vast advantages for chaos players. A self reinforcing loop soon developed with chaos becoming stronger andstronger. Every nerf, every modification that thus followed couldn't address this issue, they were either treating symptomsor were palliatives.It's not a matter of game balance but of economics. The easiest solution (which Emerald has already started to roll in) would be to reduce the cost of switching sides and increase the rewards for the weak faction. Dynamically take into account average kills/raids/scores weighted by the latest few events and adjust the reward accordingly. Also, to give you a numerical example. A top outfitted bishop will have about 1900pdef,10k hp and 1500ish cspeed. This tooncan heal for roughly 2k hp per second, assuming a Shilen elder healing him for another 1k (in reality the average SE will heal for much lower, about 800 hp per second), its total output will be about 3k hp per second. Hp and mana spent to keep himself up rather than to keep the party alvie. There's no way this toon can outheal an archer or a dagger trained on him, especially if an archer is using stunshot and with the crazy damage output of dagger classes. Again, the problem never was about classes, it was about people playing in S-grade against B-graders dealing one third of their damage. The first suggestion is pretty bonkers. A clan of 8 people would have to pay 200k a week for a clan hall. That's a tax on each member of about 3.5k per day. Sieges were made to reward skills and strong clans,not to encouragefarming 24/7.
  4. why not broooo

    And by the way, tanks and OLs and Necros are meant to be Crowd controllers/disablers. If you stupidly rush to them rather than avoid or disable them, then the blame is on you. Especially when they're about the slowest characters in the game (titans aside).
  5. why not broooo

    How are tanks annoying when SpS is the most played class and Necro is the third. It's pretty much just pressa button to cancel/fear the tank andneuter them (because with the setup of most mages on this server, a canceled tank will last no more than 4 seconds under the zerg). Or GSs hexing them, or bishops/summoners using block/bane. At this point you're not even trying to play the game anymore, it's just a continuous flowof whining on the forum to ask foryet another round of nerfs of whicheverclass that is not an archer, a mage or a dagger. I mean, you're asking Emerald to balance server around "stupid", but the game (which is a party based game, btw) gives you an ample arsenal of tools to deal with every single class. Lol.
  6. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't. However Mass Aggro (hate) doesn't work 100% of the time on players either, so I wouldn't be able to tell you the landing rate. Aggression however doesn't work on pets. Cubics are a hit and miss, unless you're lvl 80 your cubics are never going to land on a pet (or a player character forthe matter), root however works like a charm. Hex lands more often on pets than humans. Stuns are mixed bag. Pets are sturdierthan casters (I'm using humans as the target race) but less resistant than warriors, so you can't keep them stunlocked with a single tank. As far as hierarchies are concerned. Warlock arethe top summoners, they just hit harder and have the best debuffs. ES are in the middle,they can outheal their pets but their aoe nuke is kinda weak in pvp (merrow for example has a better nuke than magnus). PS are the worst summoner, they have the best cubics (they land quite often) but they aren't just as great as the rest. Nightshade could have been good if the mass gloom/aggression worked and the single aggression skill they had landed more often though because it decreases both pdef/mdef/atkspd and stacks with cubic and shakle. But it literally never lands. Spectral lord's 2 special attacks are also on the weak side compared to the cat. Written from the POV of a SK/DA. No skill enchant as of yet.
  7. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Yes, waiting for the video you said you'd upload.
  8. Summoner's Pet radius

    It's trickier because one side is used to 2shootB-graders. Hence, rather than adapt to the challenge and play the game the way it was meant to be played, that's it, as a team based game, they bug the admin (who, as he said already,got a trove of more important and meaningful stuff to do. Mind you, when it came to betatestthe missions, there wasn't a single one of those concerned board warriors willing to help. Just Emerald, Alita and myself) with those trivialities. So yes, they could be a lot more helpful. Ever wondered why good orderbishops with good teams like Kat or Crybaby never whine on the forums?
  9. Summoner's Pet radius

    I'm talking the fact that you complain about a cat summon hitting you from adistance. Since you're an archer with900 (or 950 range, forgot if HE got a passive boost) why are you exactly tanking that pet when you should kite that into oblivion? And here lies the issue, each playstyle has its drawbacks. Here you''re just askingto remove the drawback of your build because you can't be arsed to adapt your glass cannon build to different map layouts. Why is exactly Emerald paying attention to all those requests, it escapes me. What will you ask him to dodo once enough people hit A-S grade on theirnukers and archers? Ask him to nerf thoseas well?
  10. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    No it isn't. You don't want huge damage? Take a cspeed penalty and upgrade to major arcana or reserve 2 buffslots to block-chance/advanced block buffs. A top buffed pet will have 631 atk speed, roughlyit's an attack every 1.2seconds (animation time included), it's slowerif you consider they have to run up to you. The pet also has roughly one third of your average archer crit rate (cat has 140crit rate), which means your averageHE will hit faster and harder and from the safety of a 900 range radius. Next they are going to complain about daggers hitting too much. What will Emerald do then, nerf daggers as well? Also, bishops have 2 mass blocks, use them.
  11. Summoner's Pet radius

    I don't play summoner this season. I play a tank and I'm having a blast stun-locking you. As I told you ingame already,get Majestic. That 400+ dmg bonus you're getting from plated leather, isn't worth it when you play inclosed area maps. Keep in mind that chaos is pretty much the only faction that is complaining about class balance. Funny, considering you're overgeared.
  12. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Her buffs are a mess. She's walking with a SE and an OL full time and doesn't have the sense to get shield block + advanced block (which on this server are OP and cut physical damage throughput by half). She's also doesn't have the common sense to trance the cat (clearly because she knows herauto-assist teammates are going to wake up the creature anyway), and neither the OL and the SE thought it would have been a good idea to root/shackle/bind/seal the summon. Neither the archers did stun or kill it. Basically, this isn't a balance issue, it's just people used to 1-2-3 archer farm complaining when they can't be bad at their classes. Erasure and trance are fine, people just need to undestand that playing bishop isn't just about spam healing and archers lolkilling bgraders. Furthermore her team has 0 sense of positioning, they had two WLs and their mages just stood there, tanking daggers rather than run to the WLs and get that defensive stun lock.
  13. Summoner's Pet radius

    Summons can't attack through walls. IE. had you ranin that screen and hidbehind a wall, the summon wouldn't have been able to attack you unless it circled through the obstacle, which is something they can't do quite well, in fact they get stuck half of the time whenever their target takes a sharp turn around a corner. Summons can pass through obstacles to reach their targets but they can't attack through them. Plated leather is a terrible choice for closed end maps like that one. Chaos archers rarely ever kite, as a result you ditch the most important thing for an archer (mobility) and end up playing like a mage. No wonder that in C-grade you soak a shitload of damage and end up whining on a forum.
  14. Summoner's Pet radius

    Dude, I was there too. The summoner was literally hidden behind the corner (side door on the right). In the last pic the summon is doing a "jump", sometimes (especially when there are small stairs like in the aden throne room) the summon is shown up floating in the air rather than on the floor. BTW, learn to stunshot, and stop using C-grade.
  15. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Toplol, that's on par for damage of an archer with the exception that the archer can do that from a distance and 3 times faster. Also, people, you need to learn the importance of tradeoffs. You want to stick with A-grade instead of Sgrade for that sweet mcast speed? Your drawbacks is lower pdef. You want to play with CoV instead of kiting (summons unlike player characters can only attack immobile targets), you're gonna soak that damage. You play with party members that can merely assist and pew pew and can't even stunshot defensively to protect their healers? That's too bad for you, it's not a matter of game balance.