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  1. Its the same for most of the crying ppl about those OP/retarded class (PK/SPH), you cant say that a class is OP and need to be nerf when u fight them with like 150-200 resist vs 300+ atk element. Then after what happen is that the class get nerf (mage) and when finally ppl start to get 300+ resist vs there element, then the class that got nerf is like doing nothing anymore 🙂
  2. Advol


    Dont talk when you have no idea of what you talking about plz. SPH with emp echo, top end game weapon +++, 300 element and skills +++ can 2-3 shot anyone who is not with 300++ resist and even 300 is still too low. This is how it work in h5 update with element system. For your information, the "few" players that understand this system, were far from getting 2-3 shotted by SPH cause they were actually getting like 50% less dmg. Abusing of what? i cant play a class just for the reason that its too OP? so when you join OVC you have to play a class that is bad else you will get trash by everyone who dont want or dont like to play that class? Leaving cause of nerf? the few days before the nerf came out i was almost not playing cause it was boring, this is not my server, im not the 1 that make the balance, i play the class i like and yea that nerf made me and i wasnt alone to leave cause it was far too big, the only nerf that was 100% needed were the emp echo(sph only) and i guess 25% less crit dmg(for all mage) was ok, nothing else nothing more. I think you should go and say to everyone who is playing BP that they are also abusing the system, why dont they play SE/EE? reason is simple, cause BP is stronger so its the same for SPH with the other mage class. I think i saw that somewhere, oh wait its was what everyone said about SPH
  3. Advol


    Dont take it personal cause they are more person who think/see it like you, but it dont understand when ppl come and say that its "normal" for some class when for other class its not. As u said its h5 and paladin stack both AI + gear then u get this result. For sph its the same, its h5, sph got emp echo to give them crazy matk. Maybe SPH can do there dmg from range, but 1) they are getting killed 10 times faster than tank and 2) only slug was doing dmg over 8k-10k, but slug have CD, slug cant be used if your vortex didnt land 1st AND then slug have a crit chance of what, 30%? also slug = vortex debuff getting remove so if u fail to crit/kill your target you lose alot specially vs caster. So in the end both of those class are the TOP dps of mage/tank class, but for 1 its unreal and not normal at all, but for the other its ok cause he do "x-y" thing
  4. Advol


    sph crit for 8k omg nerf, but tank can
  5. Wind vortex then slug crit killing most of players but the last season who was interlude, as a sps I was doing light vortex then if solar crit my target was dead most the time, k.d were over 8, so how come there wasn't that kind of big problem or nerf about it? So 2 shotting in interlude was fine, but in h5 no cause dmg are too high? Dmg are higher but you have more hp and I guess more mdef aswell so in the end it's the same. Better question would be why is it possible to get your top end game weapon on day 2, don't you think? About op healer behind me what you want me to say? This is not our fault if others have healer but are not making good use of it.
  6. Good for you if you don't care, I'm just giving my opinion to make the server better unlike you who do not offer any idea or some real solution. I was 1 of the few to test stuff during beta to make the server better, sorry if if I didn't tested everything like the the sph broken class.
  7. In h5 you got the skill chain heal, who act as restore life. Since the skill got 2sec CD it mean that even while on zealot a Titan is getting 30% of his hp back every 2sec and Titan got shitload of hp and since chain heal work also to heal from outside party your Titan might even get 60% hp per 2sec. That's the main problem with Titan and tyrant is that even during zealot when it should be really hard to heal them it's the opposite, the more hp u have the more hp u get back every 2sec.
  8. Seems that here we got some master of h5 update. Sph dmg are like that on h5 update by default before the server admin do any changes. New players like you said vs a top geared end game mage is complaining about the dmg he is getting lol, you think you should be able to deal easily vs someone who is playing since 2 weeks? It's exactly what I said to soulka, mb class or players should get nerf for playing too much lol..... As a new players it's like that, players who are here from day 1 are always going to easy kill new players. 2k normal hit and 6k crit with +10 jew, 300 resist and prahnah it mean your mdef was more or less 4.5 to 5k, so it's impossible to get that amount of dmg specially after the nerf so don't come here to give random number..... You forgot to add soulbarrier also, it would have make sense I think.....
  9. It was just an example..... The class I chose to play doesn't matter, you do nerf slowly, you don't log 1 day he nerf every stat of a class. Why not starting only with that empower echo nerf? Then if it wasn't enough nerf else crit rate Abit or crit damage. Do you know that h5 is not like interlude right? U can't reroll that easy.,... If only soh would have get nerf it was still possible but still not rly for a sph to go any other mage, but what are the mage who invested all there money on mage gear and skill enchanting do now? Nobody is going to buy that mage or you won't manage to sell this gear cause all mage are going to do the same. If a big nerf like that was the solution it had to be done step by step. We got it, you hate sph, you hate op class.... so you you happy to play now on a server with so low population? Currently the server population make it feel like server started more than 1month ago. I'll say it again yes nerf was needed on sph, so I'm not surprised, I was rdy for it to come, just it wasn't done on the right way in my opinion. Problem are not the Titan 2 shotting, problem is they can be 95% of the map with there skill up and with the nerf mage got + pop getting lower, you got no chance to kill the Titan before he kills you even with healer. Before the nerf mage would only kill the Titan if he would crit on slug or get few crit on hurricane, Titan with healer is just too tanky. It's like if mage could be most of the time on enlightment. I saw this topic, I even talked with the 1 that made it before season start and I knew that the element problem would take place. I'll take me as an example, I got lucky to drop a top s84 mage weapon on day 2, it went on +8 and friend did help me to make it 300 2 days later, so 4 day after server started I had top end game mage weapon+8 300 when 90% of server still had starting gear and like probably max 150 wind resist so my dmg as a sph were kinda broken for them but not just cause sph class was too op. So in the end big nerf and cry started only cause those few sph did manage to get top weapon 300 element in less than a week, if something should be nerf it's the items drop from rb.... I don't think that many sph or mage would have make 300 weapon on dyn so dmg would have be more fair.
  10. Didn't know that using next target, using mouse to target and keyboard to use skills was a cheat, I guess I missed that part on the server rules. This season like for the last season I was streaming 99% of the time so it's easy to see that I'm not using anything special. You probably never saw how a real scripted players would act so you have no idea of how a cheater would look like. You play 2h per day, ok cool, so players that play all days should get penalty/nerf right? Yes just cap your wind resist, exactly. I'm not saying you will get hit for 50 damage after but won't get hit for 10k slug crit by a mage with ++ 300 top grade weapon. I guess you just answered to my question and you were just crying for a sph nerf cause it was too op for your 150 resist. (Sph was in need of nerf, but not like it was done) It shows 1 more time that you are asking for a nerf without trying to do anything on your own to deal with, I can understand you it's way easier to nerf.
  11. Nobody is crying, just a simple fact, and before starting to call someone a cheater get some proof next time. You kept crying about how sph were too strong, but question is what were you doing on drac set probably without even wind resist cap? This is how damage work in h5 when you have lower resist than your target atk element you get retarded amount of dmg. Same goes for you and your dmg, I just had more resist than your weapon element lvl. Titan or any melee would have get stronger anyway even without a nerf on mage, as you said since it's small scale pvp it's easy for melee to get closer now except on few map like some escort. The main problem was sph power, as many said and I was part of them, just nerf emp echo, what for nerfing the mcrit? Another reason of the sph damage was also that 90% of players had and still have no idea how element work in h5 update, this is not interlude where you would stack 3 resist buff and get 200 dmg. So in the end a nerf went for all mage class only cause most of players had no idea of the change from interlude to h5. I'll call for nerf for stuff that I don't understand, is that the way you make good balance?
  12. Top gear mage crit you for 4k on 900 range, so according to your "fair" range Archer with 1.5k range should crit you for 2k max right? How come that with pow and COP they crit me for 3.5k + when I got elegia set ++ and all resist cap. Oh and the Titan who can 2shot any robe user since they got perma rush so you can't even kite them, but let's nerf mage who kill melee before they get to melee range XD. Same for tyrant who got over 20k hp/cp, tell me how those nerfed mage who can't deal enough dps can kill them? 1 chain heal and u get back like 6k hp if it's not more.....
  13. Advol

    Eye of paagrio

    8k with +8 set and no zerk, u got 0 holy resist or what?