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  1. [H5] Next Target

    + NT is 1 of the basic action of the game like assist/attack for pvp, not being able to use is like missing something from the core game.
  2. many tanks

    Yes and no, cause during "low" online you cant join other faction if you have a clan and im not saying this for tank, for any class. Yesterday i was playing on dagger, i couldnt join in as order, thats my faction and i couldnt join chaos cause im in a clan, so i was in town, waiting near crystal for like 15min.
  3. Few suggestions about H5 season

    Remove that lvl phase, useless and bad for few class getting skills at 83 (like Arcane Shield for mage), after lvl just give few amount of stats so it wont change much, so for me lvl 85 day 1 is not game breaker or nolifer advantage. In h5 you have the vitality system so lvling is easy for everyone , even if play few hours/day
  4. H5 RIP mages

    Dunno the SK dmg with skills up, but for having done a test on PK with x2 icon up with blunt(with less than 60% hp) and ofc 0 attribute on weapon, i was doing 5k crit on bp(with +6 dyn set) with all possible buff to be tanky. 5k crit with 1500 AS and 500 crit rate ofc , so its not 1 crit time to time, its like 2 crit per sec easy
  5. H5 RIP mages

    as i remember you can have hurricane ++ wind weakness, so better to spam it than wasting time hoping for surrender to land
  6. H5 RIP mages

    if you want to play mage in h5 go for storm screamer, other are going to be weaker, empower echo is way too strong also you did test skill +0 i guess, in h5 you can easy make surrender/nuke +30 and vortex +15, all it take is time, thanks safe mastery book in h5 making ++ skills is making a real difference, not like +10/12 skills in interlude
  7. The next target action doesnt work with players inside event and duel, its working fine vs monsters during mini event and inside farm zone.
  8. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    Normal server? on normal server maybe the dps class are not so nerfed on there dmg like you say, but on normal server BP can be heal/res by EE/SE/OL(cp). Now if BP would get a nerf on there heal, then it would mean killing the class and making it useless.
  9. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    celestial shield skill mastery = no reuse time or double time, then cs aug, here u got 3 CS in 30sec. Anything else you need to know? it seems you should start reading the tutorial from the game.
  10. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    So in the end, the bug/problem was not the salvation bow skill to recharge, but the healer just not going in combat for healing a target who is in combat.
  11. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    Should we talk about the perma frenzy titan also? i think something is wrong there, even if they cant 1shot you, a strong skill like this shouldnt be able to be perma used IMO :O, i think to make it balance cancel should have less CD.
  12. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    healing only dont put you in combat and as you can see im not in combat also since im behind a wall, so we are both outside combat(atleast for the game).
  13. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    i always knew that kazuna guy was a cheater
  14. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    woot, im on TV
  15. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    i forgive you, i understand that not everyone can know everything