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  1. I dont think he ever said that the next season is going to be that classic, he is just giving some update on what he is working on.
  2. Sry but you said cardial and PROPHET 🙂 Prophet healing is pretty close to mage, they both got battle heal (prophet heal have abit more power i think) and resurrection problem on mini event? thats a pretty huge problem (lol), its not like you are getting auto res after few sec anyway. Also its not like any normal event where you have to run all the way back, in mini you die and res at the same place.
  3. yea remove mage also, they got battle heal
  4. I did correct it for you.
  5. Advol


    he probably didnt like the idea of nerf the debuff land rate, since it would mean nerfing necro that he play 😄
  6. Most of the maps that are listed bellow are terrible, almost nobody vote for them and we end up getting them cause 2-3 troll vote for them. I would suggest to do something with those awful map, removing them or doing something to make them decent to be played. When you are in any of those maps sometime you dont even know where to go or what to do, the spawn are terrible, you run sometime for 5min before getting 1kill and even when the server population is still high, top killers end up with less than 30kills cause you did spend 75% of the time running. Its only big zerg running and sometime following 5-6 poor ppl running away from that zerg outside the map, far far away from any spawn. Immortal plateau TvT Imperial tomb tvt Outlaw Forest TvT Ivory Tower crater TvT Antharas Lair TvT Elven Forest TvT Hot Springs TvT Death pass TvT Western mining zone TvT Pavel Ruins TvT Spider Nest TvT Fellmere Lake TvT Iris Lake TvT Execution Grounds TvT Ruins Of Despair TvT Wall of argos TvT Cemetery TvT / Battlefield Primeval Isle TvT / BattleField Fortress of resistance Battlefield Ancien Battleground BattleField Field of whispes battlefield This list is based on my and few friends personal opinion, so i know that some might disagree with some of those maps, but im pretty sure that nobody like most of them.
  7. Advol

    Dynasty S80 scroll

    " Adding the S80 grade/scroll for dynasty gear (even if the lvl required is 76). " incase you blind.
  8. Advol

    Dynasty S80 scroll

    Adding the S80 grade/scroll for dynasty gear (even if the lvl required is 76). I think it would be good to have all the dynasty items to be on another grade than S grade (drac/arcana/etc). Question is how are the scrolls going to drop now that the starting gear/grade is set to A. Are the A grade scrolls going to drop at the same rate than B before ? if yes it mean S grade will drop more ?
  9. play something else than your useless class and you will see, nobody would bother going to stun a dwarf, waste of time.
  10. Advol

    [IL] Valakas

    Valakas description IG doesnt talk about water resist for me and i tested the dmg in duel and valakas is not giving water resist at all.
  11. i might be wrong, but i dont think he was talking to you 😄
  12. https://gyazo.com/1c7844a7ed7616d23fddd9dff115e6a9 Just got an antharas event, got 0 reward at all. I got para for 2min (antharas para skill) so i couldnt atk during that time. Rest of the time i was perma nuking the boss. SPS with AM+11 and didnt done enough pve score, seems something is wrong here, else it mean if you get para during antharas you wont be able to get reward.
  13. seems that the bug got fixed now about the SA not working on the staff, but now its giving more casting than other acumen weapon (dunno about mace). Staff is currently giving 18% instead of 15%.