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  1. Advol

    Season Conclusion

    death buff is ok the way you talking about it, but what ajeel and me were talking about has nothing to do with being butthurt cause we got killed by B grade guy, its about how it can easy be "abused". @EmeraldSo for you its normal that an epic raid spawn at 5am with 95% of the player offline cause at this time they sleep? working or not, you need to sleep :D. Having a fixed time like lets say "next valakas monday 8pm" is bad ofc, but you can do something like this then : What about making something like from 1am to 11am no epic raid event can start, so it mean epic raid can be only from 11am till 1am, its 14hours window, dont you think its good enough ? lets take someone that doesnt work, he will play 14hours, sleep 8hours and use 2 hours for random stuff that any human person need. For ppl that work/study, if you count that they work 7-8hours/day, they got only 6-7hours left to play so atleast for them it deacrese there chance to miss all the epic boss since they cant be spawning during the night/early morning(EU time). The way you said it, its like you are asking us to be online 24hours/day if we want to get those epic boss About the god motivation, the whole faction is not cooperating for it, but when you have a fort map and all or almost all the "top" dd from 1 side farming pvp outside, you will still have some that are trying to go in and win the event, but they dont be able to. My example about it could be "abused" on battlefield was just to show the bad side of it, i never saw it happening for now 🙂
  2. im not playing summoner so i dont really know how it work, but what i can say it that yes most of the time the summoner wont be able to send his pet to a target behind a wall, but if you did send ur pet before the target run behind a wall and ur pet was close enough to your target that did run behind a wall after, the pet would keep following/atking.
  3. Advol

    Season Conclusion

    true about death buff, especially if you add it with the WL/tank b grade army wgo get retarded boost from it.
  4. Advol

    Season Conclusion

    1. This system definitely need to be changed/updated. I will talk for myself for this season and i can confirm without any problem that by spending 0$ in donation, just buying FA in town for adena scrolls with the adena i farmed and by making 4-5 WL in B grade, it took me 3days to have aq/b and DracBow and 3-4 more days to have valakas, antharas, zaken and almost drac set. I didnt got any luck from RB drop, all those items i did buy them from NPC and mats from market shop. It shouldnt be possible to be on your endgame gear after 1 week and then if you want to farm more after this, you cant even play your main char thats fully geared cause if you do this it mean your farming is over, you wont be able to farm to make your weapon +++ or set +6 or even farm gear for sub. Sad part is that even if had b/aq/db after 3days, i couldnt play with, why? simple, if i would have play with, my adena farming was like 0, so the only way left to farm more was to not use that gear and play B grade WL. Its normal to have penalty if you have S weapon vs B grade, but you should still be able to farm (map as archer with b/aq/db was like 3-4k adena mb vs WL who could make 20k to 30k by spamming 3 aoe) 3. Epic boss shouldnt be happening before few days to avoid "lucky" players to have valakas/am/db/b/aq in less than 1 day. Now about epic boss time, those event should never be at 4-5am, they should always be during the time with the most online, so probably EU prime time and mb also during the afternoon for weekend. I dont have any stats or screenshot, but i saw many epic boss event between 1am to 6-7am and this is really bad cause this the time where the server have probably 80% of the players offline. 5. Simple, remove it or make it only DEF buff or find a way to give it ONLY and ONLY to the losing side players who are trying to win the event (CTF = ppl who pick up flag, DOM = ppl who go in the zone, FORT = ppl that go in/try to cast) so it would mean that all those mage/archer who afk farm with god buff would never be able to get it and abuse it except if they are working on winning the event also and not just farming kills. Best example i can give you of the GOD buff abusing are the Battlefield map (where you have to control base).... capture 0 base for 24min, ENJOY the full pvp with GOD motivation and then the last 30sec go and capture the base. Good job on playing the full map under god motivation and winning the event.
  5. Advol

    Season Conclusion

    the exact type of reply that is not helping to improve anything. He will read and care about it if you have alot of support on something (good or bad idea). I dont know if you played 2 season ago (h5 season from October i think), but emerald did nerf the mage class like crazy only because most of the server community asked for it(im not saying that emerald didnt test/check anything ofc). This decision ended to be really bad for 2 reason : 1st is that that nerf asked was mostly asked by players that had no idea of the difference between interlude and h5 chronicle (attribute system) and 2nd is that the nerf was WAY WAY too big and it just ended by killing the mage class making them from top to bottom (even dwarf dagger was probably better)
  6. If you have valakas/expert crit (even if no refresh), i would go 99% of the time on POW except if its a map with alot of running. I did play alot of SH this season since i couldnt get refresh to play SPS, if you go with POW and spam huurricane/death spike (dont even bother surrender/vortex) you will have retarded DPS.
  7. there is no reason rushing a new season if no change are made, we will just have the same situation over and over again.
  8. Advol


    lineage 2 mass pvp(faction server) is and will always be better for ranged class, this is how the game is.
  9. Advol


    it remind me 2 season ago with h5, 80% of server crying about sph dmg when they had 20 wind resist 😄
  10. 7 and.... and you are still unable to play mage? this is sad...
  11. i guess you are not playing much on this server to say something like this.
  12. Mage nerf? archer nerf? if you want a real nerf on something and some up on something else, answer is SIMPLE : G O D B U F F this buff when you get it has mage you are a monster and for archer you become a tank that almost cant die to mage unless you get few crit in row (if the archer is with healer) remove this god buff or make it fully def buff or fully atk buff, but not both lol.
  13. Dom map deathmatch Mage cant top 1 vs the archer army?
  14. too much to read, but mage doesnt sux for sure if you have the right gear/buff/expert skill etc etc.... im most of the time in the top 5 killer on event (sps/sph), archer are annoying and some crit hard, but i crit most of the archer on the server for more than 4-5k easy. Also as sps, you can do 2-3 nuke while the archer have time to hit you 1 time. (if you not fighting from max range ofc)
  15. the elo "drop" doesnt work after you get to 5000. The game say you are at 5000 but it seems that in reality it keep going up, so lets say after some days u end with mb 10k elo, so even if u lose -500 on event, your ELO is still 5000.