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  1. Since the topic is called " where is the pride? " i present you Luffy "The Forum Warrior" Trashtalker as main character. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/b5VO1st And few moments later.... https://imgur.com/a/YJ7l6D0
  2. I've played faction servers before,its not my first...tho it's the first time i see party/clan number restriction like this.And yea,i'm still here even tho some of the guys didn't like the server.Douchbags like you always trashtalk before knowing a person...i said my opinions about some things and u got fired up like an infant girl...what,it was your server that you took it so personal and u had to flame me?see,i don't understand this mentality of yours...you basicly flame people for no reason,because in the end,i didn't insulted you with what i've said about the server.If there was someone who should've felt angry about my persistent way of saying some things,it should've been the staff members,but they also understand it's just a business,nothing personal.
  3. Seriously? You and your friends seem to subscribe to my posts,because honestly,wherever I would've made a post about anything,you were there insulting me and basically trash talking without even knowing me...you contradict yourself brah which makes you loose veridicity in front of so many people. About the purpose of the original topic...I see people going to Chaos side daily from those I know just because Chaos has the dominating power.People start giving up on Order's chances and it's disappointing.Seriously,if no better clans start showing up,it will be hopeless.
  4. That's not a game-related or balance-related issue....what stops green team to start playing classes that are really useful?The problem on Order side is that there are no organized clans,i see group of 4-5 ppl from same clan but they play chaoticly,they split and die all the time because they dont use ts3/discord or w/e speaking program...I can see Luffy's clan its a bit more organized than others,they move as pack and thats making a lot of difference..not only the itemization.
  5. In my opinion damage is way out of control.I get 4k at least from any archer with DB(probably they got AQ+baium) on my bp in full p Def mode(tallum set+4+cov+no zero+ Def LV 3 expertise). I could understand if that DMG came on Mage sub,but come on,this is ridiculous...I dont get 4k even from youjizz who got Daimon staff red glow...imagine if those archers get DM augment...a friend has AQ/baium/DM active and with BOP +0 crits mages in DC for 2k and mages in B 3k or even higher to some..u think this sh1t is good for community? Also why daggers landing skills when they 2meters away from us? Did they became ranged suddenly? What is this,AION?!
  6. pqTeSTpq

    LF Clan

    Ia uite ce veselie acilisea....petrecere in pijamale,nebunelor ?! Daca nu am nick pqTeSTpq sau nu sunt activ pe forum,asta nu inseamna ca nu sunt printre voi,nebunaticilor!
  7. E strict problema ta ce crezi. PS : we still looking for 1-2 sps + 1 active warlord four our group.Dont hesitate to contact me via forum Pm or on Skype pi2de.2010 if you speak Romanian or English.
  8. Hello.I've noticed that in the map that raid in the middle or VIP tvt take place after the countdown disappears and I try to move,I get error instantly.It happens more and more,not just to me but also to other people.
  9. stai linistit,suntem inca aici...mai aproape decat ati putea crede.
  10. pqTeSTpq

    LF Clan

    Alt băgător de seamă...
  11. no clue what that means... Never was,never will be....and thanks.My clan now has now tottaly new members and for me this isn't actually a clan,more like a group...My guys assist and follow good,they know to position themselves in pvp,so i got no reason to worry.
  12. Heh why buddy? L2damage is a fail server but it had good competition for my clan...PDF,DMF,NoMercy,InFlames..those clans were above average. Advol, I don't want to rent a cardinal for some hours of PvP then bb..I'm looking for a cardinal to follow my clan on the next servers I'll play too..
  13. Quick Edit : I'm looking ASAP for an experienced cardinal,who can use Discord and be active(i don't ask for 24/7 online activity,but also not 1-2h/day...moderate online time would be great). Pm me here on forum or on Skype (you got the ID in the original post).
  14. i'm not looking for love/sympathy or anything else from the players/staff of this community,i was pointing out that you will gain many players simply by incresing the number of party members allowed in party,at least 6...