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  1. ow, new att! summon nerf! lets check it!!!!
  2. New players keep complaining about summons, and still no changes! Feelsbad!
  3. State of the Server, my opinion!

    They are not focusing in kill the healers, they whant easy kills, and focus in kill new players. So server starts to lose players fast! screen with 3 summons x rank 1 avadon player!
  4. Think about this, if you are this rank 1 player , and you come across this, you continue to play the server, or you will insta quit? I'm not going to give names to the players, but there are some players who are abusing with summons and keep sending their pets to kill the beginning players! So the server keep losing this potential newplayers! To tell you the truth, even old players are sick of these OP summonerssending you their summons fromthe other side of the map to annoying you! PLZ @Emeralddo something! plzSave the season, and the server, I keep listening some players says that they will not play next season if this summons keep being like this!!!!
  5. Dear @Emerald Firstly I want to congratulate you for the brilliant work you have done with the server, in my opinion, the very well polished server and with many unique feactures! Keep doing this great job! This last weekend I brought 3 friends to start playing on the server, because I praised so much your server that they were excited to play it! But they aready left the server, the reason, summons. This lastdays the server is infested bysummon. And I cant defend the server, because nobody can handdle playing with 3 summons on you hitting really hard and you dont even see the summoner to have your chance to kill him, because he's on the other side of the map sending the summon! Please do something, this season is ending faster than the last one, and I really dont wanna see it happens. At least make summons count the 2 players, or allow only 1 summon per party, or whatever you think is better, but do something! Plz!!! Last night, in a darf elven village CTF, half of the event was playing as summoners, and people are doing party of 3 summons and 1 healer! But in my opinion, they are trying to make you see that no one can handdle this zoo anymore! I like to play asas summoner, my main eh summoner, but I refuse to play with the class because I want the seasonlast as long as possible !! Plz, do something, and save the season, and the server!! Srry my english, its not my main language
  6. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    Inmy opinion the nerf should be in the distance that summon can go! The right way to play as summoner should be helpingthe summon, healing and debuffing! But maybe it's a hard thing to do since it's a problem ininterlude (I think)! Maybe the right way to solve this is make the buff summon expect duration of 1 or 2min. At least the summoner will be forced to call back the summon sometimes to rebuff, making them less anoying! Or make a simple change: Nerf the patack for the summon expert, like to 20% bonus. Maybe increase the HP bonusto compensate it. In my opinion increase the erase chance is the wrong way to nerf the class. If you do this, summons will be useless! This change will punish really hard the summons that play assisting his pet, because it will be really really easy to kill the summoner. I really like to play as summon, my main class is elemental summoner,and I really think they shouldnerf in the summon expect buff!
  7. Delete this bots!!

    Why these bots? Let us play these last 10 days of season!