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  1. swears

    Use this
  2. Gladiator buffs

    I know this is how they work and all... but can you make War cry and Duelist spirit last a bit longer? It's kinda annoying that you need to buff every minute. Can you at least make them last as long as tyrant's totems?
  3. You cannot open a private store here

    Fixed. Thanks.
  4. You cannot open a private store here

    Same. Dwarf. What kind of a MMO racism is this ?
  5. Getting this on my newest character. On others I can open a store with no problem.
  6. Insane lag issue

    I saw atleast 5 people attacking freely while my summon was just sitting there. And they were all order.
  7. Insane lag issue

    The lag related issues continue as the Order team cheated on the frintezza fight. All of the chaos side lagged out and the order started ressurecting all of their teammates.
  8. PVE zone

    I made the post before the server was down so...
  9. PVE zone

    Did I miss some update or something?
  10. Insane lag issue

    Did someone start DDOSsing again? It's literally unplayable right now. Freezes last 1-2 minutes.
  11. PVE zone

    Can you restart the server, please ? There are hardly any mobs spawning in the pve zone. In rooms that are usually 10 mobs there are 2 now.
  12. Minor suggestion

    I think no in greek means yes so...
  13. Minor suggestion

    Could you add an option in the merchant to trade draconic bow for shining bow?
  14. State of summoners

    Oh yeah.... with 18 slots for buffs you put resists on.... LIKE THERE IS A PLACE FOR ONE. Quit trying to break something that has worked for seasons. And I repeat myself. If you think summoners are op MAKE ONE AND THEN COMPLAIN!
  15. State of summoners

    From where did you get those facts ? Here's the stats of a buffed cat - ~6200 p.atk , 550 atk speed 142 crit rate (rarely any crits) 217 speed or smt like that 1250 p.def , 1380 m.def . (Archers have 500 crit rate and around 700-800 atk speed) The most damage a cat has critted me ( robe user without tattoo or +6 armor) is around 4k Rhaegar on the other hand has critted me around 6k. So I'm asking again - where did you get your facts from ?