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  1. Frenzy bug

    C6 = interlude and here frenzy only gives 300% to swords, blunts and poles. With other weapons the bonus is something like 50 % . Definitely not 300 %.
  2. Frenzy bug

    C4 isnt interlude.
  3. Titan's skill Frenzy should not work with a bow. It should only work with swords,blunts and polearms. Getting critted for over 5k by a titan with a bow is ridiculous.
  4. This and no scrolls in shops. Also some kind of open world activity outside the event teleporter. A simple example : Hide & seek : NPC in town that lets you register for it. When enough people register for H&S some other npc (or the same) gets spawned in some random location in the world. As the time goes the npc shouts from 3 to 5 clues on its location. The winner gets something like enchants , Lifestones , a random hat or A/S weapon ( low chance ofcourse)
  5. I will be happy with just hellbound.
  6. Ring of Goddess (Nobless)

    Fastest way is pve zone