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  1. Until the new season

  2. suggestions

    Hello... 1) I think the new season cat-pony should be nerfed. they do at least 3.5k-4k on full geared! Also they wear heavy and its like u hit tank with op pet thatkills u easily even they have b grade gear! 2) When i started i saw many bots... There should be a "bot button" on players that will recognize them 3) Also must be balance on healers! for example, they exist 2 bishops in order and 2 in chaos. If bishops from orders soe, chaos still playing with 2 bishops! one of them should change to order automatically
  3. Is this legal?

    yeah sure...i just wanted to know the excuse so i can do the same! ty
  4. Is this legal?

    He is offline about 2 days...You dont do anything. So is legal to sell items for real money?