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  1. Insane lag issue

    Esmeralda it happens that I have 4 hours trying to enter the server but I can not enter. it only takes my username and password but it does not let me see my character
  2. Insane lag issue

    Esmerald server bugger is have verrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
  3. I think that those who do not want more than interlude is because they know the traps and are afraid of being outdone in the new versions of Lineage 2, an erthia or helium would be something excellent we would be on par with the last servers and there goes into I play the server differences to others. I think it's not a bad idea, Esmeralda I see that many people give their opinion but in many cases I do not see that you express something about it, as Administrator and GM you are at the same time, take advice there are many servers that have thrived with evolving. You can also put two versions on your page with the same features and so you realize that server is better Yesterday I went to an event and there was only 1 character I think you realize that your server is dying do something to restart it gives life for a short period of time but in the long run it will be the same month and a half dies because There are many people who get bored and leave. Think about it I do not give you ideas to ruin you if not so that the server improves because I like the GVE and it is for you if you accept or not.
  4. Why not try Helium or Erthia ???? would be a great test new skiles and buff equal for all serious pvps more strategy
  5. Proposals to improve the server

    I understand the points of view of each one, but to avoid that a person kill you a million times must exister a GM constantly connected, I think we have all realized that the server is bugged in an event and spend up to 7 hours waiting for the only administrator that exists will restart it. I only proposed ideas and I think that for my person who played for 3 years the L2 GVE as everything is going to improve and there was control for abusers and they were banned for not meeting the rules. If the administrator takes into account or not the ideas and is a decision of their own, I just wanted to make it clear that you need to give life to the server that many here know that in moments is dead, because many people who armed themselves S + 10 and do not play and I do not think it's chance. Logically for many children or young people who are just starting out and who did not know l2gve they will not know what I'm talking about and my ideas seem disgusting, but if they watch videos and seek to speak with people who played that server during the almost 4 years that they spent online They will know what I'm talking about.
  6. Proposals to improve the server

    What a bad thing that does not take into account ideas of a server that to date on issues of GVE has been the best of all and lasted more than 4 years were it not for issues of crisis in Greece from where the administrator was still online. and logical I gave her ideas that would call her more people if she does not take them into account since it is already her decision as administrator
  7. Hi all First time I write in a forum, so if I'm wrong I apologize. I'm from Venezuela and my English is very bad so use a translator to write them this note. Suggestions to improve the server 1.- Change the starting area for the two factions, separate them example: Order Faction: Talking Island Faction of Chaos: Orc Village 1.1- Avoid trade between factions and with this who wants to change faction with all his things must do so in a donation. 2.- Establish classes by faction: Order: Elfs Human Dwarf Woman Chaos Dark Elf Orcs Dwarf Man That they are automatic when starting. 3.- Change the way to win Adena on the server, it would be good 1 Adena per kill, and not give aids for support or simply being in the party. 4.- Create cyclical events, example always castles sieges, I suggest you eliminate the random respanw in an area. 4.1- Recuerda que todo el mapa de Lineage 2 esta conformado por una ciudad y su castillo, divide el mapa en donde la mitad este en poder del orden y la otra del caos y que una faccion trate de quitarle sus territorios a la otra. 4.2- Establece un sistema de casteo con una bandera en el centro de la ciudad y en la parte de atras del trono del rey en el castillo 4.3- Para todas aquellas personas que se encuentren en la ciudad o castillo al momento de que su faccion tome el control que ganen Adenas o Scroll Echant. 5.- Modify the SpawnGuards so that they have a fixed damage of 1 million that only affects the life and increases the range so that people are safe in their exit zone. 6.- Create the Echant Weapon process by pvp: a) for weapons grade B: from +1 to +10 every 20 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 from +10 to +15 every 30 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 from +15 to +18 every 60 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 a) for grade A weapons: from +1 to +10 every 60 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 from +10 to +15 every 80 kill that the weapon automatically raises from +1 to +1 from +15 to +18 every 100 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 a) for S-grade weapons: from +1 to +10 every 100 kill that the weapon automatically raises +1 to +1 from +10 to +15 every 200 kill that the weapon automatically raises from +1 to +1 from +15 to +18 every 300 kill that the weapon automatically raises from +1 to +1 With this you eliminate the use of enchat weapon and its derivatives. 7.- the process of Echant Armor you can leave it by Scroll and increases the cost of it: Grade B 200 Adenas Grade A 400 Adenas Grade S 600 Adenas This will motivate people to donate so you can see an income and also an internal trade. 8.- Place more affordable prices for the purchase of weapons and armor. Grade A Weapon: 500 Adenas Grade A Love: 700 Adenas Grade S Weapons: by creation in the Merchant Mamon with very demanding requirements so you avoid half server with weapons S + 10 but armor B + 4. 9.- Adjust the parameters of each character to level them. 10.- Access to the accessories improvements (this point I can share at another time with images to make it more graphic and can understand) 11.- Eliminate the jewelery of the bosses that creates a lot of difference between the characters and in many cases you see magicians who beat you 3 times as I explain below: SpellSinger lvl 80 Vs archer lvl 80 S + 10 both SpellSinger hit you Archer 1200 SpellSinger hit you Archer 7500 SpellSinger hit you Archer 7500 Remember that you also left the argumentation process and that gives a lot of advantage to those who are already advanced. 12.- Balance the use of cardinals and modify the consumption of mp so that they do not see partys that last half an hour and do not die because they have an A + 10 cardinal to which a B grade does not do anything to him. Not only do you create a balance in quantity, but in statistics. 13.- Create events that incentivize the login such as: a) a boss who releases sentences to everyone who is attacking him. b) that the boss is the faction that has the most control of the entire map (this is why he remembers that I proposed that the game be about sieges)