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  1. joker


    seems solved , tried other server works totally fine , im gonna try again here. thanks anyway
  2. joker


    Okay thanks mate , btw i always run in window mode
  3. joker


    sorry for double post , i tried this u said its the same , after few second everything stop.... dunno what to do , i installed correct driver , rly dunno what can it be
  4. joker


    ill this , but a friend told me that could be a driver im using Win 7 Graphic card radeon 7700 , i installed newest version of driver for that card , he told me to try to find older drivers... dunno what to do w/e ill try this one of nothing im gonna piss off rly i'll keep u informed about this if someone can help...
  5. joker


    When i get in at any l2 server i chosen my screen (l2) freezes after 2 mins and stay like that till i end process , what can it be ? i just instaled fresh windows and i dunno what the problem is... please any idea ? maybe to check drivers but dunno where and how , if someone can help i would appriciate it , Thanks