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  1. only I am here for .... a while already now and i was a cub amongst others when i joined this community. What makes you think they will stay dedicated to any server now if they never done it? . They'll always leave premature just as they came ))). This is an old story. Lineage is fun that's what we need to understand , not hatres , envy or conquest. Ofc we need to make it look like a conquest somehow to achieve "higher self" of the chars. But it , in it's nature should only make you feel hegemonic moods, as a game , even though it is more than a game , it's an Open World , one of the most spectacular game in the history and this 1 one of the most popular chronicle xD.
  2. Vote: Epics & Tattoo in progressive gameplay

    )))). ye right , some extra stuff mate , yeeey , fun -.-'.And ye , Put on all the mats then,if still , cause we really gotta keep an eye on how that CBP is not spending pretty Much att'all. Those mages loveA'smore than I Do love that NM ))).
  3. Items Transfer Augment

    wops.... Well wha' xD. I had Some Hard Times ;p. Roger That.
  4. I noticed u can't transfer an aug item anymore on your own acc. is it how it should've been ? u implemented this new or forgot abou it? I don't find it very attractive though -.-' think it couldn't be anything not fair enough to make it transferable in freight between the same acc chars.
  5. I got a mental institution.. Uknow you're always welcome along the "Mentals" ))). Crimsons Is A Lovely Spirit Aswell which helps us out and makes us stand in the crowd ))). :P.
  6. u little sh1t is master of l2? ))). U must be the father of all mother. Excuses moi ctrl-aux. If you're not a master of English though , i can tell ya i took my mastery in both ))). when u were playing with the small little water pistol ? U remmembah' ? the 1 that u used when u were little to pew pew. picachu. I'll haunt you. You'll see me on the servah'.
  7. If you worthy of it ))). Trust me , you'll get it.
  8. It Is Or It Ain't , U press The Button , There u go . You can already start again be4 you begin. ))).
  9. booring , you're an idiot. The server can accept people at any time xD.
  10. Golem's - Newbies

    I'm Talking Specifically about the enchanting now. As About this game aswell....it's kinda' totally something else for me i don't care about having items ,wealth , be a hero sparklin' lul' sun , i have how much wealth i want if i want 2 ))). it's not like... Aaaanyways. I'm trying rather to develop myself if i can say so , cause i'm a totally huge fan of this game ))). and i know it bit by bit. Or used to know it , till old school AREA Interlude. Max. Not even Interlude cause this 1 it's a bit new forme 2 (if you gettin' programmer jokes ). I don't like java though i couldn't God Bless the 1's who kept understanding ,we need them ,i pretty much stopped technology , lucky you now , you still have me in here ^^.
  11. Golem's - Newbies

    I never actually "gave a fok" it's a game , i'm having fun .That's why i'm here .I 'm new 2 , i came exactly when i bought my a grade already after it just got free (i'm kinda' strugglin' in here 2...). No worries i have a habit in that s. ' not the first time. I do not have OE itemWs , I Make OE Weapons (trust me , not easy at all) idk what u betin'
  12. Golem's - Newbies

    i'm new 2 , i came exactl
  13. Agent001

  14. Agent001

    ))). I don't know what you hear about me. But I sensed he was tearing out a dollah' outta' me))). No matter how many perms u can see. U gotta' know Agent is a ? MDFukin Pi Ai Em Pi. ))). Sorry i couldn't help it i had 2. xD. Aaaight , Aight , Alright , Alrite' .
  15. Golem's - Newbies

    i feel so good not givin' a fok about those golems ))).
  16. God motivation 2

  17. donateとdonate shop

    doesn't matter , i always had the shop and i've never been interest in like.... business for others. I don't think any1 who donates , would like to buy everything for every1 everytime .They do it for dem'self and max for the best friend or a mate. And i'm the leader of Crimsons . Imagine that. Well fucktards mind who like to cheat can go anywhere actually , just to exploit smthg. So... idk exactly , i'm a special case XD.
  18. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    Though interlude , indeed , is the most played client. And 1 of the bests in my opinion. Especially our server , works the best on it.
  19. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    why the fok would u want a full crowd of sheep when we looking only for wolves ^^'.
  20. Silent Move - possible exploit

    i don't understand why it would be abnormal for a dagger to not be seen by a swpan guard. -.-' i was finding it rather okay than a bug. They're the only 1's anyways that do that.
  21. visual pet bug

    fuck yea we have flying pets aswell yeeey. Did u thought it's an angel though ? xD. Or a MDFukin' Gennie? xD.
  22. visual pet bug

    nice , u got a new skill , pet teleportation. Chipit'on Chipiron. xD.