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  1. Couple thoughts.

    And We Still Rollin' With The Times. ))).
  2. NPC mobs

    mage have always been a better xp'er thanany other class , it always killed mobs faster then any other class , it always had mobs which had weaker m atk. than pdef. leaving aside the 1's that have different resists and increased m.def as a stat. And NPC's are the 1's in town xD.
  3. TatteO Ring Failing to +2

    it was +3 u broke it , it went +2. Or u tried it +2 and it broke? it shouldn't break , it should just go +0 xD. Ou And If you need any help in the future with any kind of stuff like this , You Need A ScreenShot.
  4. vicious stance

    you're funny ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) , in moonlight sent at least xD. Try Double Shot Next Time See If Anything Happens xD.

    playing with next target is another lvl. A b1t too hard innit? )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) though , most of them , don't even have it on the skill bar , when it should be the main skill u using , in pretty much any class xD.

    heh...i thought tank is op last time. Learn Lineage.
  7. Capture the flag

    don't worry mages run like the wind baby , like the wind ))).
  8. Why we dont see Titans?

    You Can Be The Titan Of Titan's It Won't Punish TH FOR sure ))). OFC Anything's Possible With The Right Buffs.
  9. When Baium got discount

    i hope it ain't lo0l ))))))))))
  10. dagger nerf ?

    of course skill can work even better if you have or encounter some reflect dmg aswell , and it will , like a MADNESS ))).
  11. Never get in.!

    it happens like that 2 especially if you have clan.... but like... it shouldn't happen to often though , especially with the community we have now ... idk what to say. Sh1t Happens EveryDay. -.-'
  12. dagger nerf ?

    skill works with any type of atack that's coming towards you , not just dmg. , doesn't matter if it's a curse or not.
  13. Never get in.!

    Temporary Change Your Faction Next Time If You Don't Wanna Wait , There's an option down there , or there should be
  14. Never get in.!

    ufff , that's a nasty 1.... What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun ....
  15. dagger nerf ?

    west buoy i reject you str8 where u came from ))). I would Suggest ya' to lay low for a lil while. Otherwise i might find it necessary to wipe the floor with you.
  16. dagger nerf ?

    nope , only xveil's greeks do that now xD. Sry Sry.
  17. Honor & Heart of Pa'agrio

    GeGe Canou . I Need An OL where'r'ya ? ))).
  18. Season Starting Gear

    well me 1 , i actually thought it was like that . xD.
  19. Season Starting Gear

    u wanna start at lvl 40 then? ))))))))))))))).
  20. no adena :O

    screenshot plx next time. (((.
  21. dagger nerf ?

    and i'm askin' you now , why do you do the same thing? ))).
  22. Warlords

    money makers? ))))). I'm doing fine , they stun me once , twice a dayplay regardless the untargeting. But GO WL and try it out. Make Those Money
  23. Gladi/tyrand

    EVERYTHING OP OMG !!!. And i'm Still RIP'ing thru' you once with The Time ))).