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  1. Critical Error

    holy... guaca... moly dude... wha' happen there only God knows :))))))) reinstal WIndows !!!. )))))))))) Urgently h3h3.
  2. Emergency occurs!

    no !!!. Fat People stopped playin' he tries to say :))))))) They got 2 fat on their EGOes. ))).
  3. Emergency occurs!

    ROTFL LMAO System Fail Error 401 system Shuttin' Down. )))))))))))))))))))))). Delete Bishops !!!. )))))))))))))))
  4. 自由

    bishops , out .
  5. Delete Bishops

    Delete bishops from a pvp server. Plain , Simple. That's It.
  6. Question

    that's not how u get any1's attention on a server h3h3 , not necessary a gm , u make a post like u did now with your inquiriesand u get some attention. or not -.-' xD.
  7. Question

    Try Not Anti Advertising Next Time h3h3 ))). I think that workson no servah' .xD ...
  8. Question

    oh , the server is workin' than tho' idk , remake the system and everything, like fresh lineage. But I Did See You Saying Smthg Incriminatory if you ask me in the square with a shop ? Did Any1 Posted Ya ? lewl. ))).
  9. Question

    woops. ))).it happens once in a while , but if you, even yourself, expected it coming, it might've come lewl.
  10. Suggestion how to keep New/Old ppl longer

    13 red s weapons from which 10 are DB"s :))))))))))))) lewl. Doesn't Matteh ,I Destroy With B Grade Even :))))))))))
  11. Not a bug report but a cheater report

    maybe they're twins ? ? :)))) ain't it?
  12. Not a bug report but a cheater report

    i piss on ya both with no cancel On >.< !!!. xD. And with or without any bot. Raaain Faya'
  13. RANK

    play other sub then if tank is too hard^^' . Try Spoiler , Mate. ))).
  14. Necromancer bug

    ye , but it seems it doesn't have that range it's not exactly around you but it has a smaller range in front of you.smthg like slow hass less range or like that.
  15. Necromancer bug

    I know what are you talkin' about , i'll explain it better ))). So what you tryin' to say is that , the animation indeed is workin , damage is workin' aswell , the thing is that , the dmg is not takin' place where the animation is , it rather damages around you like a blazing circle but it does work, idk if that's a bug or it's supposed to be that way. Try Train Your skills than to do the right dmg at the right place
  16. Necromancer bug

    barely now u notice that? laughy* should've been the 1st who knew about that skill. But Y'all don't really play lineage innit? .... ))).
  17. For Y'All That think they'll ever find a better server Than This ))). 


  18. South American Proxy

    The Truth Never Lies ))). Or never needs to . xD.
  19. Best balance

    you're too Pro we gotta Put You Down . ))). Heavier.
  20. Crimson Noble

    Recruiting Active.
  21. L][OvC.Com Interlude Faction

    Any Sorcerer plx ? The Sorcerer is a very perplexing being who borrows the power of the elements to cast extreme elemental magic. He supports his allies by pouring fire down upon enemies from a distance using Blazing Circle
  22. My Cast Speed Dropped By 27 by no reason , Sorc , do you know how that can happen ? leavin' aside vote and eventbuffs.
  23. don't say it twice ))). There's a new style, i believe , amongstOvC playas'.* Laughy * style ))). He Invented it , It Seems. lolx.
  24. u better make that am blue , laughy ))). ; cause otherwise ,plainbut full archer , EATS ya ))).