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  1. /clanpenalty

    /clanpenalty command only shows the date with no time . Is it possible to be made in such a way in which it shows how many hours /min 'r left 'till it expires. or just show the time though. ? ? ? .
  2. Next hybrid map: Moba Arena

    Because OvC ))). , haters.
  3. Mini Event: Battle Royale

    heh , we might just need a REset ))).
  4. XveiL's Side

    You Guys Started a war with Meand OvCwithout knowing your enemy. or wha' you gettin' into.))). i don't know too much but i got a particular set of skills , i'll find yaand you won't be able to play lineage anymore for a while ))). If it needs 1by1, it'll be , but first i gotta' cut the head of the snake , i'm gunna reinvent the word BooB fo' ya , into BooM !!!. I'm gunna take it personally from now on cause u wrecked and deranged my world. You canrun but you can't hide 4evah' ))).
  5. XveiL's Side

    de fel , sunt foarte amuzant.
  6. XveiL's Side

    Asa se zice la noi la Severin , La Tara. Stii bine. Nu stii cum sa ti-o iei in pizda am impresia da-te-n fratii ma.ti. Te las sa-ti iei si 3 prieteni cu tine , daca ai mai multi , nu ma supar , mie imi place sa ma antrenez ,da-te-n mortii ma.ti ca bataie n-ai luat niciodata se pare si ti-o si cauti. Eh eu sunt ala de care dai cand ti-o cauti si n-ai ce face. ,
  7. XveiL's Side

    mai da-te.n chifteaua ma.ti de pisat cu cine mortii ma.ti vorbesti ca o hahalea ma , lua.te.as in pula cu elicopteru' depisat moroit ce esti , fac pe mortii ma.ti de ras da-te-n ficatii ma.ti de hater obosit. Te fac fetita mea daca tot mai continui mult cu atitudinea asta du-te dreq de pisat obosit , vbisi in mortii tai, cat de prost esti , ne si spui frustrarile tale. Uita-te ca posezi in pizde pe-aici si vbesti ca un sclav , lua-mi-ai ai 20 cm + in gura de ciudat. Am venit din anglia de la fix mortii ma.ti de-acolo am venit . Am mai multe meserii decat ma.ta , tac.tu si inca 3 familii din regnu' tau luati-as fam. in pula de sarac.
  8. XveiL's Side

    it was certainly because of you LuFfy )))))))). I even felt an.... drop of power on our server's Khaba ))). The Energetic field of It's Spirit really was shattered by your absence ))).
  9. XveiL's Side

    or u might've went order believing u win some1 else.
  10. XveiL's Side

    u foking idiot i don't speak irish english, Retarded Sea Lion That u are. You romanian 2 , you pathetic if you don't respect your roots, u should play with your kind. I'mA PIMP Ass Niggah fo ' ya , i'm not talking i'm doing already what i'm saying ))). I did more sh1t than u would be able to do in 3 pathetic lifes of yours and i'm gunna keep doing even more. I am The Life who is cool and i don't wanna look cool. I'm Coolness in the Woolness ))).You can have loads of irish friends i piss'o'em i fokinhate english , irish whatever , i'm American u foking idiot. The Fact that i wrote "fokin'" with an o stead of u is cause of .censored vocab. The Fact that u already got too much of my attention is bad , not the otherway around. Foking Random. I ADvice you to stay away. Or If you really wanna suck my c0ck , meet me out. I'm HOME now ))). For A while.
  11. XveiL's Side

    It's Iron Gates ))). And Ye..It had more names along history -,-'.... fokin' no school at that time vor everybody . Valahia , Walachia , Valhala , Valaha , Valhalia and so on a few more maybe i don't remmebah' . xD.
  12. XveiL's Side

  13. XveiL's Side

    i'm in My Own Time , you are in 2018 ))). You can't comprehend such concepts as Time don't speak about it ))).
  14. XveiL's Side

    talk like how ma? I;m More Than That ))). Foking Idiot , the fact that my DNA is from there should scare you even more ,. i'm not Romanian , i was born there , i come from Valahia , i'm OLTEAN it's named. I invite ya to crimsons discord to have a conversation with Me ))). if you still curious about my traits .
  15. XveiL's Side

    thx for yellin' though i understand you aswell are amongst those. U don't want to wait fo' me ))). i'm tellin' ya . I'll laugh in theend ^^'
  16. XveiL's Side

    why would u think u see me coming? ))). Foking Idiots...I work UnSeen ))).
  17. 's For all those Crooks


  18. XveiL's Side

    This Psycho* ... ))).
  19. Mini Event: Buffless TvT?

    cancer works very well ))).
  20. is this foking possible i can't foking listen to those br's eeeeee rampas e todos e montos e mofos e romopos e fomos all day long on foking speakin' their sh1t all day long , can i screen shot them please and chat ban ? All/trade/shout chats are for english only go fok your moms. With Love
  21. XveiL's Side

  22. XveiL's Side

    Hanc Hanc. ))). I can be an evil clown aswell Hanc Hanc. ))).
  23. Clan Message / Info

    how can i do that now plx? xD.
  24. Clan Message / Info

    How can i make a clan status or topic or notice , for everybody to see when they log in to have a message displayed like .... Pay Your Taxes please xD. Or Today We Have Candies. Gimme' Sugga' etc. if the community server is offline and i can't open the box? :-ss. Is there a possibility that could work. ? .