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  1. LAL pvp video

    well cause he kinda had some trouble with good unforgettable players))). Why would we see that in a video ? ^^'
  2. Server offline still

    Don't Worry , I have It 2 , used to have it a few times a day actually , i think it's about time for us to get on additional sources of power ))). It's about to get down with electricity soon enough xD. I wanna play l2 even when the World Ends. ))).
  3. Server offline still

    for you , it might be time to look for another 1 ))).
  4. Server offline still

    I igotta put the AC ON :))). gettin' ready stay sTEADY !.
  5. Server offline still

    yes we, gettin there login online u.U
  6. Ench rate

    DOn't fok with me , approach with hegemonic feelings when u comin' on me and godly words ahead. Thank You
  7. Ench rate

    ou , and u didn't see all yet. It's More Than That. I'm A bigger idiot than a normal idiot. ))).
  8. Ench rate

    I am Self Educated in any domain that u want , i kill you . From swipin' the Brum . and mopin' till head office and computer designin' and business providin' ))). I can teach your whole Nation For A next Generation.
  9. Ench rate

    wake up , the Spirit Inside your iz at 0%))). Maybe if you gettin' some metals around you , luckily,it'll help ya draw another thingthat could help you lose the "lie Paranoia". I had it 2 no1 isn't lyin' to ya xD. they tryna' help.....even though u wouldn't even worth a sh1t like this. Who the fok ever gave ya an enchant machine? .U should say HalleLuJah ))0.
  10. Server offline still

    U need to leave me your phone numbah' ))).
  11. Server offline still

    It Ain't :(((.
  12. Newcomer's question

    I call It Balanced ^^'
  13. Newcomer's question

    it's not too easy either is it?
  14. Newcomer's question

    u.U That's So Lovely. Is It Fo' REAL ? xD.
  15. Ench rate

    it tells you exactly what are the chances. Nothing In Lineage isn't 100% so u can fail anytime...doesn't matteh'. Only When i Invented the fake enchantn))).it was and i made the first red somIn the firstUnOff Servah. })). That's a Long Time Ble.
  16. Ench rate

    Eli.... ))). U didn't eat enough ^^'. 70% , that odd machine is tricky i'm tellin' ya ))). Stay Old School ^^' hell's around the corner ^^' . But if you wanna have success u don't enchant 24 in a row , u enchant only 6 times and u sacrifice each time 5 other ...eh...and than maybe ... u gettin' lucky xD.
  17. archers critical

    mine is not playable here :))) but if i'm using my classes , u don't move too much ))).
  18. archers critical

    which u presumingly know well. Das'Llrite' you lil' god , i play since lineage and i still don't know how to play tyrant for example ))). U might be some sort of a raven cub i never met ))).
  19. archers critical

    oi metallica cultivate yourself a bit more about Metals at least ,i bet u know sh1tabout that and u using a fan nicknam. Ou , And.....Try quoting me not , if you new , i'm tellin' ya ^^
  20. archers critical

    ofc they don't miss , ))). what u in max UE and they ain't missin' a single shot ? I wanna print That ))).
  21. Newcomer's question

    i never heard about you ))). And i know people that know people ))). Certainly With A healer you'll make yourself known around hia' ))). "Forget About it I'm Knooown everywhere" ^^'
  22. External program - allowed?

    Only If Your Mom's Playing Usually She Needs A lul' bit of help From The Bots Cause she Ain't Used To Be Real or have any Feel. Ba' I Feel You 2 , C unts r' everywhere , as hard as you try get rid'o'em as much as they come back ))). No Worries.
  23. Two people can not play on one IP??

    I Vant..... I Vant To Suck Your Blaaaad. My Name Iz Vlaaad. ))). You Still Didn't see it all ))).
  24. Newcomer's question

    And I'm Still A Foking Killah' Wet Willah'
  25. Newcomer's question

    When I'm Gunna make a servah' than u can say Aaaa.. fokin' hell i'm not gettin' any crit. errors is this a Man Made Servah' ? ))).