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  1. Make Server Great Again

    Though. i don't really like how this progression evolves too fast , loads of money lost on the way 2 it , a b1t unattract1ve for the 1's who rushed into dem', but you can learn though ^^' .
  2. Make Server Great Again

    The Server Was Always Great ))). It doesn't need to be made great again ))). But Ye I Got your point . How much adena u wanna farm in a map 1 k? u farm enough to get s grade even as a newcomer in a couple of days u can get your s's and look nice ))). , 1k adena and sh1t mats for an s weapon. Even if you farm as u say 200 a per map in 5 maps u have the money for s grade , so . What is the inquiry again? ))).
  3. Tank Classes.

    Right indeed i shouldn't , but this foca started it with me when he named himself 'european guy' , so i took My Own rights ))). Who The F is Europe to have any rights ? ; when it's a BIG SCAM that will stop soon aswell , it wasn't even existing when I came out of the Cave ))). anyways leaving that aside ,i did say nothing but truth though if you didn't know, now you know. ^^' Greece's Legends/history comes out from Walachia -Transilvania and The Balkans. ))).
  4. Tank Classes.

    "you was writing" ? foking hell , stop writing , u are a disgrace for human race , i made a dagger that made you run everywhere , you can't face me even in 1 thousand years from now on.Anotherthing ,i can't be trash on any class , cause i can make your game anytime even with +0 items , i am not a gypsy foking idiot I am the 1 from whom , you , foking greeks, learned everything in your culture and your habits. I teach you about life and knowledge for more than 2000 years ago , and u still didn't learn anything not even today , cause i had to burn your foking race down. U wanna disappear for good from this world? If you continue this with me , i'll find you , i'll take , you , your mom, your dadand your whole Greek familyand fok you all in the ass. P.S i won't feel anything for you.
  5. Tank Classes.

    U don't know how to speak english , you're a swamp fish , you don't know how to play th if you fail so many skills and u , european guy , cause i forgot to mention last time , can suck my B1GBalkan . ... i stop here ))). I consider you a spit from My DNA .
  6. Tank Classes.

    i'm both. I live good with my sickness it can't be healed. It's in the membrane ))).
  7. Tank Classes.

    Learn English.
  8. C'est Finir _)_)_?).


  9. Trouble opening the game

    erase lineage , byeh. ))).
  10. CANCEL

    Cancel has to be fcked up ))). It's cancer !!!. Even though i struggle on any fighter class with buff slots they still have all the buffslots they would need included but heh... Lineage , u have the pleasure of killing them even so .
  11. Couple thoughts.

    And We Still Rollin' With The Times. ))).
  12. NPC mobs

    mage have always been a better xp'er thanany other class , it always killed mobs faster then any other class , it always had mobs which had weaker m atk. than pdef. leaving aside the 1's that have different resists and increased m.def as a stat. And NPC's are the 1's in town xD.
  13. TatteO Ring Failing to +2

    it was +3 u broke it , it went +2. Or u tried it +2 and it broke? it shouldn't break , it should just go +0 xD. Ou And If you need any help in the future with any kind of stuff like this , You Need A ScreenShot.
  14. vicious stance

    you're funny ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) , in moonlight sent at least xD. Try Double Shot Next Time See If Anything Happens xD.

    playing with next target is another lvl. A b1t too hard innit? )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) though , most of them , don't even have it on the skill bar , when it should be the main skill u using , in pretty much any class xD.

    heh...i thought tank is op last time. Learn Lineage.
  17. Capture the flag

    don't worry mages run like the wind baby , like the wind ))).
  18. Why we dont see Titans?

    You Can Be The Titan Of Titan's It Won't Punish TH FOR sure ))). OFC Anything's Possible With The Right Buffs.
  19. When Baium got discount

    i hope it ain't lo0l ))))))))))
  20. dagger nerf ?

    of course skill can work even better if you have or encounter some reflect dmg aswell , and it will , like a MADNESS ))).
  21. Never get in.!

    it happens like that 2 especially if you have clan.... but like... it shouldn't happen to often though , especially with the community we have now ... idk what to say. Sh1t Happens EveryDay. -.-'
  22. dagger nerf ?

    skill works with any type of atack that's coming towards you , not just dmg. , doesn't matter if it's a curse or not.
  23. Never get in.!

    Temporary Change Your Faction Next Time If You Don't Wanna Wait , There's an option down there , or there should be