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  1. Strong PC, low FPS

    It's Lineage , you can have .... You need more Soul ))). Tho' with that config u shouldn't experience smthg like that ))). Smthg Is Wrong. Either with your settings or IDK , Use Alt + P Will ya ? xD.
  2. xoxoxo, flame TOPIC !!!. , gegege. Spamm !. xD.
  3. Summoners joke

    heeeeeeere kitty kitty . iLove Kitties xD> lewl. Don't let me to get some s duals (((. ima' eatin' kitty for Breakfast T.T. and Pony For Lunch =p~ .
  4. Crimson Noble

    I Walk Alone. ))). Don't you bother , I Am Never Alone Tho'/ xD/
  5. conan and crew

    ))). GL.
  6. Unorthodox

    it is what it is or what it have always had to be as it was xD....
  7. yeah!! news season

    iShow Ya Lineage. ))).
  8. Alternative location for Humans VS Zombies

    One Of The Best Places In Lineage 2 ))).
  9. [LittleThing] Colorblinded ~Owned~ People

    iLOVE B I G !!!. ))).
  10. [LittleThing] Colorblinded ~Owned~ People

    what if all you see is only 3 colors ? :))))))))
  11. news

    The Life Is Within :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  12. news

    hahahaha tencentuple kill , i did that :))))))))))))))))
  13. news

    you can log in anytime if you feel pwnin' some newbs :))) . Careful , Don't use Normal Enchants that u have like i did , you'll end up StarDust . )))))))))))
  14. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    pffff it feels bad if we really need to do this to our people so they won't be chickens anymore lewl. ))). But Heh....
  15. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    huh i used to play warlord in a season (MDFukinRuckus) but like ... it has ... a lot of value....pretty much most of the value in summ' cases if played well...Now tanks....tanks should be uber mama focas that can determine a winning round gameplay....they can't use all their buffs slots indeed , neither warlord and they should have some boosts . WL ....speed shockwave range .......and tanks some dmg.... but they already got some boosts as far as i know... idk about warlord i remember making a post for it but never got thru' as far as i remembah' but it surely needs speed rotfl )))))).
  16. just to be clear , you can name thousands, or pardon me, hundreds of l2 servers , none doesn't have anything 2 do with L2OvC. ))))))))). So Keep those servers where they commin' from ))). This Is More Than That. The Server doesn't have any popularityproblem, it is knooown all around , people are the only ones who make out or make nota server , as long as they don't change themselves they can't change anything. "Hatress" needs to be eliminated and love needs to kick in (pay attention self narcissismor people lovin' themselves extremely, to the exclusion of others , isn't actually what i was aimin' towards to ),everything can thrive whilst being cared or loved , anything can die fast if there's a lack of care and love. Advertising tho' , i agree with that , is a very good thing which people should do for themselvesif they wanna have a wider gameplay , a more complex 1.
  17. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    blah blah, blah blah blah.
  18. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    i'lld rather say that u should get x more adena out of a player who killed more than 1 target or had a 5x ,10 x ...spree.... and so on. Upper geared chars already would've been givin' more adena than a same range lvl item or lower , but then i'lld say ... what about TH's whom kill is not even dependent necessary of any grade weapon , they'lld rip ++++ mages without thinkin' too much , always gettin' out more adena out of it than any other char is it??
  19. About next server - H5?

    I'm a b1t complicated indeed ))). , but certainly a good person :P. /or tryna' be only a better person , we all fail sometimes ))))))))))) , 's allrite'.
  20. About next server - H5?

    heh....that's the New Generation Innit'? Y'all love that .
  21. About next server - H5?

    The Thing That I Was Trying To Say Is That The Best Faction PvP Server Can Be Achieved By Not Having Too Much Of A Big Diversity Between Skills , Chars andItems. As Simple As It Can Be As Much As It Can Be Controlled Or Balanced , Just Like Life , It Is So Simple , But We As Race , Tend To Complicate It By Our Own Will.
  22. About next server - H5?

    I'm Not Normal. So You Can;t Get My Message It Seems. ))).Different Frequency , Mate. xD.