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  1. L2control l2ranger and how to be pro

    ban this fkin' wonka.
  2. augments

    keep spending more time :|)) or do it in time,till u get it. Keep playin' farmin' innit and try each time after u finish and event or whilst u waiting for idk , and there u go' u'll find it meanwhile \;p
  3. Dagger: Adventurer

    I make you scream your mommas if |I Go th ))). th's fine. And 1v1 vs any other dagger class , ownz. Th is the most powerful pvp char'. Your dash delay should have no delay , if you have right buffs, right tatoos , right armor not mj light |))). ye. u might. If not,u can't.
  4. I think i found a Dagger Server

    than it's not possible to get that dmg if u played a spoiler with ic , simple as that , either u a fok tard' who's missing sh1t loads of buffs.either bring some screenshots mate
  5. I think i found a Dagger Server

    idk if u had too many daggers with all those rb jewels on low server , crit, is lowered anyways they should hit y.our baredass for 8 k )))/ , dagger was nerfed already , oh and yea why would u walk with no enchanted armor on a pvp server , dagger is KING of pvp or it's supposed to be , that's why ncsoft created the char , so they need to hit hard. as Idaho Potato.
  6. good luck for my

    it'll be bad :(((.
  7. Lineage 2 Order Vs Chaos Happy New Year

    Cheers. To as many as long . HappierNew Year.
  8. What 's this

    -.- xD' , it was working fine just be4 that .....I sorted it out meanwhile, u have to be in window mode or smthg like that, even though i remade the whole game plenty of times it still doesn't make any screenshots' infull screen mode . they're pretty much the same.
  9. Archers nerfed too hard.

    this is like history ))). >"> Or a never ending story
  10. Focus Buff

    i liked that 1.
  11. UNBAN

    now , say that again )))., make a pause , breathe, come back. It wasn't you ))). U felt a lil bit that way innit' ? ^^.
  12. WarlorD

    the only good thing that i see is that i'm passioned about this char this seas. and i wanna get/bring/experiencethe best out of it ))). But i wouldn't recomm, it for nobody at this point. Maybe only full epics and s pole 12+ ye and still , even than.....it can be still like za stillwater . I mean good for staying in 1 place not moving too much xD.
  13. WarlorD

    Okay help me oout with smthg , i've got sh1t stats cause obviously i ain't got enough buffs slots for this server , now , i barely run , cert i can't use my thrill fight , so i pretty much have an important skill which is out of scheme again , if i want a fell swoop or ...a focus atack' s' like....wow heaven .i'll never be abble to use that 1 out , cause like das' it those r' the buffs and warcry makes a big difference it seems 2. So.... tell me wha' am i entitled 2 , the shock blast range was not good , gimme smthg , speed , atk speed , anything . like.... it's totally unbalanced , my mages around hia' max out their stats like hell , with full buffs and everything , i can't even get 1 damn ressist for example on this char'. How we balancing that? If i would not play con + on the warlord aswell , it would die like a md foking c unt , in 2 shots so there u go...I don't like strugglin' too much but i like playing fair'. Oh and another thing the revival neeeeeevah' evah ' doesn't have time to be casted. Especially if iactivate my riposte stance at first . be4 going' with it. Imagine without riposte i barely get it sometimes what could've i been saying when it's on ))). with a vortex on me or smthg ))).