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  1. lf jes

    I Jin ))). FuJin ))).
  2. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    i don't even have a facebook anymore ))). I Stopped technology in 2008 ))). You can always vote for our server daily, at least , it won't hurt. ^^' if you really consider u belong here.
  3. Next season

    :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *laughy* u won't get rid'o'this guy he wanna be your brother from the same madar' ))).
  4. Site improvements

    Lavaly , Nais 1 , we needed that. Back in the game BABY. VVell Velcom.
  5. about dagger classes

    ROTFL> Real Funny ))). The Beast Within You )))))))))))))))))) Dagger Needs Soul ))).
  6. about dagger classes

    ye-ye ...elfs....-.-'...That's why we took the Dark Way ))). Cause elf thought they're the best , we had to reinvent ourselves to show ya that some1 is or it can be more powerful :D.
  7. Next season

    oi I'm Commin' ))). Get The Bong Ready ))).
  8. about dagger classes

    TH->AW Always. TH = Lineage . TH = Best PVP Char. It's initial built was made for that. I'm not a fan of it either , i'm main AW , i mean ... main BDthen AW Then PR.But I'm Just Sayin' .
  9. clan de romani ?

    neah , i got Crimsons. -.-' ... numai ca.... ai nostrii de acasa nu mai joaca lineage ))). so....avem 2-3 romani prin clan cred
  10. Next season

    U Ready *Laughy* ? to kill those haters? ))).
  11. about dagger classes

    and mneh. daggers were not nerfed . just balanced.
  12. [Event] Advertising Lottery!

    thank you , thank you , keep up the good work. Iwon the lottery already ))). If i start with this 1 i'll get your prizes certainly , i don't wanna ....i'm a good story teller so i stay on the side , but thanks again for supporting peepz. ))).I pray though for our serverin the Spirit's Realm , can i get a prize for that ? :))))))))))))))))