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  1. Ench rate

    yup.and than if you want again.U start again....But i don't advice you to do this at home ))). I'lld say u rather get classic till' u can.
  2. L2OvC And Their Seasons

    certainly not like on a random server it won't be.
  3. Paladin

    Heh... yea...that's a DA maybe.
  4. Ench rate

    yes grade to grade .
  5. Ench rate

    well after u do it once , u need to sacrifice again another douzin of them to get it the 2nd time . -.-'
  6. Unbalanced events nb 2

    u can't really u gotta soe actually , restart maybe i think and than try again maybe the Odds' r' for ya xD.
  7. Paladin

    Does any1 knows the right set of buffs and setup for a pali on ovc? I never have enough buffs slots for anything on this char whatever tactics i'm trying , tanker , dd , healer etc. An Decent setup for buffs and dyes any1 ?
  8. Unbalanced events nb 2

    ye it happens who the Fok wakes up at 8 am ? Me ))). At 6 xD.
  9. Server RR

    EEEEEwwww stay softy Ely. ))).
  10. Unbalanced events nb 2

    Stop hiding around , running away , stay with the group , and u will notice the events are exactly as they need to be. If you spread yourself all around the map and run away. ofc u will always be alone and u will eventually get zergged. Stay with your party , join your side group and don't foking get too far from that if you wanna make summ' statistics about balanced and unbalanced. And i don't foking understand this running circle thing u all doing on a openfield event'..... Baaaaaa , Beeeeee , Meeeeeee.???.
  11. Golem's - Newbies

    What's your problem with all that soe? ))). I don't get it , Foking Haters . Every Body And Mind Does Whatever The Fok It Wants. You Do It Aswell and stfu.
  12. Thief Keys

    There's no keys of thief at the shop? should we add summ' ? i got an aug for that and so on , but is it suitable for the servah ?
  13. LAL pvp video

    well cause he kinda had some trouble with good unforgettable players))). Why would we see that in a video ? ^^'
  14. Server offline still

    Don't Worry , I have It 2 , used to have it a few times a day actually , i think it's about time for us to get on additional sources of power ))). It's about to get down with electricity soon enough xD. I wanna play l2 even when the World Ends. ))).
  15. Server offline still

    for you , it might be time to look for another 1 ))).