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  1. LOGUIN problem

    well tests r' online 1 step forward, seems to work on, closer to the Real *pew pew* time. Ima' kick your asses outta' yo Astral Form.
  2. LOGUIN problem

    oi lemme' in , lemme' hav'em ))). Bring the MDFukinRuckus ))). Pfff i downloaded last night the game aswell i was about to go on it :(( thought it's workin' xD. Dang and i deleted 50 gigs of movies foking idiot'.
  3. Helios - Rank System

    U forgot Dacian ))). , fokin' idiots xD.
  4. Video (Interlude season)

    when i was a kid , u didn't even realized the first path of life thru' your journey ^.^' , and i don't do drugs nor drink , only water ))). and summ coffee indeed xD. But ye as about the mentally ill thing, well u might be right', i never said i'm not but idk which 1 of us is more minded to pay attention to every single sh1t a single man can do or say. I must be sincere and must strongly recommend , tointeract notwith mentally ill persons ))). As in...you're not on the same lvl ))). Detro...Ithink IInhabited in you somehow , sry for that .mate. "Yo momma didn't smack yo asses"
  5. Helios - Rank System

    Emerald i hope u bring your backpack with you ))). Cause this sh1t is gettin' Real ))).
  6. Helios - Rank System

    theeeeee fock' are all those skillz' . I'mgunna' get lost in this game xD.
  7. Crimson Noble

  8. Video (Interlude season)

    I use another language ))). A universal 1 , who gets it , it gets it.It's not supposed to be understood by every1 btw. , i didn't really have that intention ))). I don't make new friends , i know ppl , and ppl know me ))). So.... Don't worry , the message is going anyways where it has 2 ))).
  9. Video (Interlude season)

    man go to anadar' table.
  10. Video (Interlude season)

    i'm gunna' miss this old school ol' pal' "the gaad ole' dayz":') ))). AAAnyways i gotta buy a new laptop now or? any1 tried to lowest performance requirements of runnin' this new game on?I hope this helios ain't eating the life outta' this 1 , it might do though ))). It's RIPped in pieces anyways ))). I'm wondering' what happens with this project , but i certainly have no doubts ,and i think i'll..... sustain this 1 this time ))). impossible is for pussies , you don't find any in this community or...not too many ))) Very Nice Video Btw. P.S OH and i'll bring surprises aswell once with this new surprise we gettin' from our Game Master , CrimsonNobles will be Whole and accomplished in it's Full Power again bringing in it's Alliance a new iron fist. Thanks to great people that exists or/norbecame in our community, Crimson Spirit can move forward, bringin' more power in it'saddition , summoning a new baby order of the Wolves which will look for new recruits. Thanks everybody for being and believing with , within , Crimson. You are the Nobles and u belong only to the Truth , The Only Thing That Is or ItCan Be. Could've never done it without all your synchronicities I don't believe in coincidence so My Wolves , from All around the world , that remember or recogn' themselves amongst us , that have been with us in the Past Old Times Get Ready and come back to your place ,Prepare and Look For Us.
  11. Video (Interlude season)

    well God knows what happen with yo ass that time ))).
  12. miss that ))).i'm waiting for a while xD. Fkin' sh1t haven't got internet for ages already, it's , gotta' pay 10 bucks a day , foking idiots .... still don't know how to install a new line in my [place -.-.
  13. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    and i'm here to pick you outta'f'da' ))).
  14. The Best Faction Server BY FAR !

    star i think u've just fallen ))).
  15. Finally +16 S weapon!

    lo0l , it wasn't an serious intend ))). , i was jokin' ))). i forgot to mention that ^.^.