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  1. What about summoners ?

    well that kitty buff is quite bad. ))).
  2. A change that could be made mid-season

    ye , it might happen , u right . Vooote for the PONY !!!. xD. U got a proppah answer over there aswell anyways so... there's already a feature when low online , but it's big online enugh for any map. Only during the morning times it's a b1t dead indeed. Till 6 am :))). i barely find ya around.
  3. A change that could be made mid-season

    don't vote it.
  4. Ghost hunter skills

    with empower and dances it surely works bettah' and it works on players aswell. I Tested it, though , it was nerfed. Blinding blow works exactly whenit tells you it does , u have a message , it's all about the message . Did you got the f....in' message? ))). Counter....mhm... i didn't even knew it worked xD.
  5. L2 OvCnomics

    pffffffff.... i like the crafting a grade thing , though the rest is.... u have no sense.
  6. What about summoners ?

    ROTFL . Lmao . ))).
  7. actually titan hits from some distance it's got a long sword. -.-'....
  8. B-Ready , Stay Steady 


  9. L2 OvCnomics

    stop breaking your items ))). and start playing more. lo0l .))).
  10. Critical Erros!!

    nvm ))). i'm done this seas .
  11. Critical Erros!!

    Votes Are Not Workin' -.-;'
  12. Buff count

    * this ,add +4 free slot for self buffs for fighters . hahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahghahahahahahahahg