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  1. Clan Limit slots

    work your asses and do your clans you'll have enough ppl , u got an ally if you don't have enough room u can make another clan there u go u have 60 people , even more. ))).
  2. What are your thoughts on this?

    try bringin' summ' love ))). next time . Whaaaaaaaaat's love got to do with ))).
  3. What are your thoughts on this?

    same i'lld do with you , i'll just throw you out on the window ))). and still what use for. xD.
  4. Estimated time in queue

    For Me1 , there's ... not a time when i don't wait for joining since the beginn. of time xD. so i kinda' got used to it. Wha' you should do though. is joining the event asap the registration is up.... like..you remember the time. when there wasn't even a waiting list? u had to spam like a cu nt the atk and than click or frkin\' ........i. was using autoclick lo0l.
  5. Estimated time in queue

    ye... and that timer is not really tellin' the truth ))). But Like ye...you don't always wait like 10 minutes. If you patient you'll go in meanwhile.... the longest i think it took me 7-8 minutes. Still if you don't go even then on your side in , you'll certainly be able to change the sides....after a few minutes if it's not working str8 on.
  6. ban this trash

    i could've guessed that ))).
  7. Aden Siege

    It's good to still have hope ))).
  8. ban this trash

    Chuck it in a bucket ))).
  9. Bp lf Duo

    Rooooooooooooooooooooooses are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed MY LOOOOOOVE , Violets are bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' . SSSSSSSugah' is sweeeeeeeeeet MY LOOOOVE but not as sweet aaaaas yooou ))).
  10. Vote: Ranks

    As hard as they come as fast as they go. Let them .
  11. Vote: Ranks

    don't answer to a question with another question.
  12. Login

    hmz... nope no windows barrier dang -.-' like ... if it worked be4 like... Okay here's what i do usually : I install the game okay that's it not runnin' it not updating it no nothing I copy the whole game than somewhere else I add it to my AV protection , or i even keep my AV off the whole time And than i unzip the patch etc i copy it.

    It's just a period trust me it'll pass , and this too shall pass ))).

    Roooooooootfl Lmao I love my fans