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  1. Ok , im in , bring Dances and songs on 😈😈😈. Baka: Recover yourselves .
  2. Well i like great minds , bring on more ideas .And thanks for the tip 👍
  3. it never worked for me xD especially near th's :-j
  4. Btw , how could we sort out this junk Bulk thing that happens all The Time , on any chronicle as a matter of fact , we cant just sell them and get ,at least, even 1 adena for all the junk hereby not needed ? Im asking for a friend 🤣🤣🤣
  5. idk i just observed this seas. xD. .... I'm not into this sh1t. ))))))))))) And i can't have any opinions aswell cause idk the program , Out Of My League :-j . It's mind blowing for me .
  6. Fakin'er ai', where u get all those million from ? . Dolla' , Dollah' Bill Y'All.
  7. well i'm in , i'm always in xD but never on . Even though sincerely i don't fancy this chronicle at all , it bugs my minds out , and my computer :))))) . , i'll still be in to terrorize ya ))). Raped if it can be , so you dream me at night )))))))))))))))))
  8. This Is A pvp Server Wake Up. What grindin' are we speakin' about ? and hmz... the crafting thing might sound good but u already got a dozen other things to craft already ....It's too complicated ))).
  9. nour dayZ yeah :-j we in a circle . A Big Uan' . But certainly Earth's not a circle and the whole of US is certainly not just a circle . Rather a bunch of lines ^^". )))))))))))))))
  10. u want me to build a crest fo ya'? :-j
  11. Start playing Lineage Stop Dreaming Sci Fi. Science Is A Circle ))). (LIE IS A CIRCLE)
  12. that's another question )))))) . Indeed . I ment all the old ppl can play back anytime and u can kill them aswell and farm but meh... These Egos...