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  1. Finally +16 S weapon!

    lo0l , it wasn't an serious intend ))). , i was jokin' ))). i forgot to mention that ^.^.
  2. Finally +16 S weapon!

    i wanna fuck his mom' --,-.
  3. wts am +12 db +10 am +13

    Enchant Comes From Within' ))).
  4. L2.exe not launching

    Okay....I ain't got no more internet anymore :(((. Contract finished and they closed my fking acc. without askin' me if i want to or not , now it takes me ages to get a new 1 :((( hope i see you soon ovc . Dang just after i finished fixin' the lineage and got a new power lead so i can pew pew your asses God kicked in for your salvation ))). I'll Be Back.
  5. L2.exe not launching

    if not , check again if your antivirus might've gone mad about smthg. and it bypassed your exclude file types , than , put the l2exe and folder again to the exception settings.
  6. L2.exe not launching

    das bad , restart the game with closed internet conn.or close it form task manager logg off and try again.
  7. New Clan+Ally Crests

    EmBody 1 from within' and den' u can say u been.
  8. My Suggestions about Classes/Skills

    the point is not to remove classes lo0l ))). rather add andmake'em all playable and decent. for a wider variety of styles.
  9. My Suggestions about Classes/Skills

    now gettin' back to this .... We all know how unfair NCSoft was from the beginning of this chronicle with the balance between these classes mages and fighters, is it ? ( that's off the topic somehow . but i'm raisin' smthg else here if still ) My suggestion is that ... fighters should have considerably more buff slots than mages or at least yes some of these self buffs of the specified classes . like , even th with the dash skill ( this is another story about NCSoft woaming around' in which they made this kind of'a thingpossible with buffs , cause they were afraid of this specific Dagger class to overwhelm theirasses even IGR [IN GAME REALITY], as it might've been doing it long time in the history of this earth ago;ye , lineage is a sort of 'a "story " told or untold and as IRL[IN REAL LIFE]the assasins gav'em some trouble along ages and they thought they might've bring down to somewhere if they create a virtual advantage in their story ... well ... it seems this class troubled dem' even so anyways...)and lots and lots many other classes which they somehow have forbid to use their full potential without being possible of usage of skills or lack of advantage. Now , let's see , what u guys thinkin' , leave your thoughts with us and point o,r not point if i'm mentioning anything wrong in here. heh... this is a story older than us anyways , this battle ))). but i think on this server of ours , these extra buff slots in fighter class could help a lil bit' to be more fun. and not making it astruggl'of'a'game . Oh and another thing everything that's here ,it's because ya'll; and u nerfed and unnerfed each fkin char along time with rushed missuninterpreted ideas and points of view which led to it , rather than looking on a bigger ansambl'pic. in which this game as a program , was made up in a way in which it leaves the battle between mages and fighters a REAL DEAL to have to balance. And ya'll programers might've noticed a few gaps which makes ya question non-understandable facts on how it was created and why theirselves' would've wanted to Raise in Slaves this class of it. I have a guess in which their themself believing being some kind'of'a mages ))). magis' ))). which gained wealth thru' ocult interpretations and association of whatever they "might've thought" it have been revealed to them as a company . from what i red and interested MySelf along ages about NCSoft.
  10. My Suggestions about Classes/Skills

    i don't think they want me to Go BD ))))))))))))))))))))))))) u're fked i'm raising some BD / sWS matters since..... a Long time .... ye they deserve lot more cause like ... ye... they;re the main powa' from lineage , but ... huh.. u've got npcs for that ....anyways GL
  11. How old are you guys?

    ))). not necessarly but ye,,,,i'm still around , not going anywhere ))). i know that for sure .
  12. How old are you guys?

    Oi .... Idon't even remember ))).
  13. L2.exe not launching

    And ye , don't forget to always put the l2 onto the AV exclude process list or even the whole folder-.-. I forgot about that be4 u start it again ))).
  14. L2.exe not launching

    well it takes about 2 hours , but ye i fixed it today .... but i had to clean pretty much everything after i uninstalled the game, i cleared "all that"*i installed the game again (oh btw keep that internet shut don't keep it on when u do all these) i copied all the files from the installed folder to another 1 ; i uninstalled the lineage2 again ; at this pointclear *"all that" again *your caches and everything , logs , temps , if u don't know how to do it manually ,you have like a pc tuneup app or smthg like that*.Run a windeep annalys thru' after(don't foking stop the power while it does that it takes a while like ages.) , there u go...; download the patch again (the server 1 ) from the website i recomm 4shared 1;put it on the new folder with l2 that u have made be4 (u don't necessary have to usethe interlude patch from there if you have your own good client) extract the rar , copy all that it gives u a separate folder with all the stuff in it copy and replace all. ; Now when u go again and u open the game u open it from the system folder i hope (don't be a twank and use the updater 1 from the original game) well there u will find the L2 exe; well right click on it , pop into those propriets give it full control ,make sure it runs in full compatibility mode if not unblock it's blocked by any firewall admin. , in security aswell tick the box run as admin. aswell. It takes a bit longer than just installing a new wind.... but ye....worths the sh0t. Idk though why in the name of GOD it needs so many permissions but ye.Thanks very much anyways ))).
  15. L2.exe not launching

    well mate , idk how it fixed itself like that in half an hour' , cause i'm stuck in this sh1t for weeks already )))and strugglin' from half to half n'our. and i'm actually trying to do smthg about it ))). but ain't that a b1tch it leaves me dead pit.whenever i put the patch on it , it will certainly not start again , even if i..... somehow manage to get it onto the main pop up screen as in with ... original client n'stuff t.( neither there i can't start this sh1t at all it doesn't pass the AGP Warning info box).Now .... the thing is that i can't start this sh1t neitherhow so ye i think i'm just gunna wipe thesh1t outta' it. Sh1t x.x.x.x. -.-