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  1. How to fix population drop

    ye , it can be 1 of the reasons , once geared players get a bishop on tale they become even more op , and u can't kill them too often. You can't delete bishop ))). you just don't make it rewardly anylonger. All Classes have rights ? Adjusted Healer ? Than i would like to have my Main Class which is BD ADjusted to play ovc aswell and get rewards for dances and etc innit ? But it ain't happening , u will never find a faction server aswell in which a bishop is so well "adjusted" atm as ovc ^^" . U get money for heals? like... lol. Atta' Buoy. Anyways ye , i was just sayin' . It's My Favorite Quote since a While , A sort of a status quote "Delete Bishops Fo' Life" :-j.
  2. How to fix population drop

    Delete Bishops !!!. xD.
  3. im crazy with a daggers

    Yes. This Is Correct ))))))))))))))))))). Very Correct. ^^" It's lineage. And Th The Legend. It's Actually a more personalized GOD ))). But with some OP Mages in it ... cause ..NCSOFT and MAGI. :-j
  4. Question about clan skills

    yup...))). that way ye.
  5. Question about clan skills

    why do you think that'll work . It's hard with the taxes Since... Lineage. ))).
  6. Question about clan skills

    :))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))) Oh Did Ya ? But 'till u are in full s grade and epics , how you do it mate? ))).
  7. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    that's just for transfering money from a char to another maybe :))).if u havent got more laptops/pc\s
  8. Scamm shop - be carrefull

    mhm , certainly more than 1 miss click loooooool
  9. Doubt for FA

    fa adena is the same price if the server is 10x more. they both are. fa adena should be around 2-3 adena
  10. cancel

    why don't we just delete the mdfukin' skill innit? ))))))))). It is cancer indeed , or it can become , but it\s like that since ncsoft and mages. *.* ....meh...S'allrite , sometimes i don't even feel it neither attacked or attacking with it.
  11. I'm very angry

    oh now i understand :)))))) i didn't even bother to google translate it xD. Money ))))))))))))... Money... iz numberZ and numberZ neva' end. If It Takes Money to be happy your pursuit ofhappiness will never end.
  12. Body of Avatar problem

    it takes the place of bb -.-' , i don't understand what is the ... ?
  13. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    I saw some guy last night on HE , playing with zerk . Learn lineage and stop using that buff ))). on every char.
  14. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    delete bishops , and u won't see op archers around anymore. Or any archers running with zerk and full p atk no ressists ))).
  15. L2 Symphonies

    :))))) u make me heart cry xD>. OLD SCHOOL RULL xD.