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  1. swears

    young boy ))). I broke more stuff in this game "Lineage2" than your mom did hoppings ))). what use of you we had that u broke idk what , when u not even around ))). You're the best at whatever u want, certainly not in here ,didn't notice ya as a threat around to claim yourself like that ^^". I don't see you around anymore btw , and lots of y'all ))). If you're the best u never quit innit ? or how is it supposed to be? Foking idiots.
  2. The purpose

    oh i understand . , so u don't have to click it.
  3. The purpose

    i ment not if you use it , only if u keep it in the inventory that's what i\m saying.
  4. The purpose

    yeey. At Last. . 1 more thing , adena scrool disappear if you don't use it asap ?
  5. That's All About l2

    Check TehFigure In Teh Screen . I meat outsiders even when i'm inside in... so don't think the world's so small ))). Jack , u might be Dempsey but i'm more Dandu Than That ^^'
  6. soe auG

    yeh , it takes your other aug off xD.
  7. Well done Emerald

    thank you i feel special ))). foking idiots.
  8. nerfing everything minus archers

    not so quick . ^^'.
  9. soe auG

    and for example single players that don't always walk with a bishop , like a th , or idk me as gladi now , it can use them as combo's
  10. soe auG

    well.... idk ... ye... we got exploiters for everything in here but like ye... you think they'lld exploit what ? When they are gettin' away from their parties and bishop ? pretty much nothing , u rather lose some time , and eventually we'll get rid of chasing Crowds that go for 1 man , if that man for example has an aug of that, he can use it and then he won't have to run half of map with half of a side after him ))). Ye it can have ups and downs , i thought aswell , but i don't see it so exploitable in the end that's why i suggested it.
  11. You cannot open a private store here

    omg )))))))))))) i'm nuts but u guys are WallNuts !!!. ))). If King Elisabeth sees this she'll deport ya from your own countries lewl. ))).
  12. Allow selfbuff in countdown

    no, not the .selfbuff command . Certainly not in here. And no , like an all events , not necessary only on buffless tvt .
  13. Allow selfbuff in countdown

  14. soe auG

    Would it be a good idea to make the soe's from augments to teleport ya inside the event when u use it just like the /unstuck cmd? That way it can be useful for smthg and it worth's even being used as combat combination , rather than teleporting you back in town and lose your slot eventually , making u to wait for the balance to get you back in.