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  1. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  2. Buffing

    NIGAZ BE LIKE , wOF wOF , but then , meowmeow))).
  3. Clan Fame

    I THINK u still buy it from your god ? :-??
  4. GM WHY BAN ME???

    nigga :LIKE
  5. GM WHY BAN ME???

    I just came here to read the memes :)))))))))))))
  6. armors

    did you ever use tallum lightset +6 ? ))).
  7. Changelist

    Meh Fail. Start Playing Lineage , Quit thinkin' you can bePlaying Science Fiction and actually work out.
  8. High five?

    Literally all these years i've been missing from lineage world , u've been playing this SF bull..... ? I feel sad fo' ya ))). And i feel glad i stay old school ))). "L2 Original 4 Evah' " Delete Bishops !!!. ))).
  9. H5 RIP mages

    You've lost your ways ))). you going "astray" with this client ))).
  10. H5 RIP mages

    so interlude server not playable anylongah? /.

    I just came here to read the comments.
  12. Enchant staff event

    *require And specifically about this event as a matter , i don't even feel it indeed , i think i take as kewl , cause u can enchant your d hunting bow , till u take the %$#$%! outta' it. xD. and still not cry too much xD.
  13. Enchant staff event

    all events are good , u just need to play them. Either u sell all event items either u play them . I think it is certainly more profitable to play dem. But it would requre more Time And Brain Innit' ? That's why i chose to sell them ))))))).
  14. Expert dexterity

    Hmz... it might be right if you say its not equal but lower tho' :-?? , i never actually thought to take that in consideration ))). Good Eye XD.
  15. twitch

    ))))))))))))))))))))))) Right in the face ))))))))))))))))))))) Fokin' rage is bad innit' ? ))). Don't worry , a "moderator"always reads it's messages .