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  1. :))))))))))))))). Princess Peppa. When i was typing keyboards u were having your first 286. :)))))) If u ever had 1
  2. i used to donate so you c unts have the best server in za world. :)))/ That's why. Never gave a sh1t about adena in l2 xD ))) or items etc. I;m only here to show ya how it's made and to enchant :X :)))))))))).
  3. GG EEENEEEAAAAA !!!> ^^"
  4. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom.

  5. it's fair , suck it up , buy a new laptop :))))))))))) or be bad wiith or without it. "It's how you game not what u gaming 😉 " this 1 might be a b1t hard fo' ya :P soz. Should I go Realness This Season? :)))))) U wanna Th ? :P
  6. get a dress for *laughy he'll use it xD xD :))) :P
  7. Zirconium


    just start it xD. lewl. I've been waiting for your asses 2 weeks already on an empty server. )))))))))))) I Walk Alone I Walk Alone Rotfl Lmao. I'm Never Alone >.< '
  8. market is fked anyways by ppl that don't know how to keep up an economy anylongah. ^^" Selling And Buying At OutRageous Different Gap Of Prices + let's not forget about all the scam BEST PRICES Shop. Either The PPL that plays want to develop an economy of theirs which will always fail , either they're retards .
  9. Shot00000.bmp Shot00001.bmp Shot00002.bmp Shot00003.bmp Shot00004.bmp Shot00005.bmp Shot00006.bmp Shot00007.bmp Shot00008.bmp Shot00009.bmp Shot00010.bmp Shot00011.bmp Shot00012.bmp Shot00013.bmp Shot00014.bmp Shot00015.bmp Shot00016.bmp Shot00017.bmp Shot00018.bmp Shot00019.bmp Shot00020.bmp Shot00021.bmp Shot00022.bmp Shot00023.bmp Shot00024.bmp Shot00025.bmp Shot00026.bmp Shot00027.bmp Shot00028.bmp Shot00029.bmp Shot00030.bmp Shot00031.bmp Shot00032.bmp Shot00033.bmp Shot00034.bmp Shot00035.bmp Shot00036.bmp Shot00037.bmp Shot00038.bmp Shot00039.bmp Shot00040.bmp
  10. ooooooooooooooo mojo jojo , very ok , very ok ,i haven't got a pc unfortu', i got a sh1t laptop that barely keeps any frames, but pray to God i don't get main working so i can destroy yo asses. Soon . ))).
  11. Zirconium


    Make The Switch To Interlude than , and transform it 😄
  12. F Finished This Season? xD We Just Started