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  1. Make Server Great Again

    Though. i don't really like how this progression evolves too fast , loads of money lost on the way 2 it , a b1t unattract1ve for the 1's who rushed into dem', but you can learn though ^^' .
  2. Make Server Great Again

    The Server Was Always Great ))). It doesn't need to be made great again ))). But Ye I Got your point . How much adena u wanna farm in a map 1 k? u farm enough to get s grade even as a newcomer in a couple of days u can get your s's and look nice ))). , 1k adena and sh1t mats for an s weapon. Even if you farm as u say 200 a per map in 5 maps u have the money for s grade , so . What is the inquiry again? ))).
  3. Tank Classes.

    Right indeed i shouldn't , but this foca started it with me when he named himself 'european guy' , so i took My Own rights ))). Who The F is Europe to have any rights ? ; when it's a BIG SCAM that will stop soon aswell , it wasn't even existing when I came out of the Cave ))). anyways leaving that aside ,i did say nothing but truth though if you didn't know, now you know. ^^' Greece's Legends/history comes out from Walachia -Transilvania and The Balkans. ))).
  4. Tank Classes.

    "you was writing" ? foking hell , stop writing , u are a disgrace for human race , i made a dagger that made you run everywhere , you can't face me even in 1 thousand years from now on.Anotherthing ,i can't be trash on any class , cause i can make your game anytime even with +0 items , i am not a gypsy foking idiot I am the 1 from whom , you , foking greeks, learned everything in your culture and your habits. I teach you about life and knowledge for more than 2000 years ago , and u still didn't learn anything not even today , cause i had to burn your foking race down. U wanna disappear for good from this world? If you continue this with me , i'll find you , i'll take , you , your mom, your dadand your whole Greek familyand fok you all in the ass. P.S i won't feel anything for you.
  5. Tank Classes.

    U don't know how to speak english , you're a swamp fish , you don't know how to play th if you fail so many skills and u , european guy , cause i forgot to mention last time , can suck my B1GBalkan . ... i stop here ))). I consider you a spit from My DNA .
  6. Tank Classes.

    i'm both. I live good with my sickness it can't be healed. It's in the membrane ))).
  7. Tank Classes.

    Learn English.
  8. C'est Finir _)_)_?).


  9. Trouble opening the game

    erase lineage , byeh. ))).
  10. CANCEL

    Cancel has to be fcked up ))). It's cancer !!!. Even though i struggle on any fighter class with buff slots they still have all the buffslots they would need included but heh... Lineage , u have the pleasure of killing them even so .
  11. Couple thoughts.

    And We Still Rollin' With The Times. ))).
  12. NPC mobs

    mage have always been a better xp'er thanany other class , it always killed mobs faster then any other class , it always had mobs which had weaker m atk. than pdef. leaving aside the 1's that have different resists and increased m.def as a stat. And NPC's are the 1's in town xD.
  13. TatteO Ring Failing to +2

    it was +3 u broke it , it went +2. Or u tried it +2 and it broke? it shouldn't break , it should just go +0 xD. Ou And If you need any help in the future with any kind of stuff like this , You Need A ScreenShot.
  14. vicious stance

    you're funny ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) , in moonlight sent at least xD. Try Double Shot Next Time See If Anything Happens xD.

    playing with next target is another lvl. A b1t too hard innit? )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) though , most of them , don't even have it on the skill bar , when it should be the main skill u using , in pretty much any class xD.