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  1. Wild Magic passive augment

    Reduced by 75% (not to 75%). But you guys get the idea.
  2. Wild Magic passive augment

    The bonus is pretty low because the base M.crit rate of mages is reduced to 75%, which mean that any buffs that up the M.crit are also highly impacted by this (since M.crit buffs add x% from the base stat and not a static value)
  3. Weird bug

    It was like this before, I remember on my dagger I was in range to stab a running target but my character would just stop and not cast the blow over and over and over, annoying AF. About the incorrect target thing , I've not idea '-'
  4. It is all about main class. If you main class is archer, you can't sub any other archer class and it is the same for mage/dagger/etc... There are also some restrictions for elf/darkelf and orc class (white elf cannot sub a dark elf class). It was like this on Teon so I guess here is the same
  5. Expert passive : Inspiration

    (miss click)
  6. Hey @Emerald, Could you light us up on the Expert : Inspiration passive ? What is the resistance bonus - is it elemental or physical/mental de-buff resistance? Both? Thanks
  7. Mages

    Well I'm maxed out on M.crit so there you go (no WM augment), as you can see double MC isn't willing to happen pretty often, meanwhile archers have 50% crit. rate and hit for 3/4k - not to mention my surrender to fire +14 landrate is around 25% due to this (7.4k M.atk since I made this topic). With Magnus : With PoW :
  8. Make Olympiad great again!

    Perfect thanks !
  9. Make Olympiad great again!

    Thanks for your feedback. The problem is that right now everyone is standing near the Olympiad manager for 3H doing absolutly nothing, they dont want to register against the top tier classes and because of this : sometimes it can take up to 20min to find a match just to end up against one of them (really frustating) - not to mention that fighting his way back isn't an option for low tier classes. Actually I'm not worried about game triggering since I'm pretty sure that, if those classes from the top tier weren't camping the Olympiad a lot more matches would occur (and maybe more people would be willing to play it? - I know a few that just ignore the Olympiad due to his state right now). About the option #2, like you said, some classes (healer/necro mainly) are on the edge of both trench depending on their gear/augments - even tho, to me, it sound like the "best option" it wouldn't be fair to them and that's why Emerald isn't willing to pick it.
  10. Make Olympiad great again!

    You dont make any sense whatsoever and you are completly out of the topic. About necromencer as far as I recall they never stand à chance against my dagger but its just a suggestion, if Emerald accept it and put necro in the top tier I don't really care.
  11. Make Olympiad great again!

    Not really sure about that, giving more buffs doesn't sound like a good idea to me - mainly talking about glads, tyrant, destroyers (maybe I'm wrong). Not to mention that Gracia Final has skills and attributes which aren't in interlude.
  12. Make Olympiad great again!

    Basically the idea is to make olympiad a better place. I'll suggest 2 options that can be applied to make it happen because as it is right now, if you don't play a top tier class it is just "unfun and retarded", out of my 37 matches played this week-end around 80% where against a top tier class and at the end I didn't even bother fighting because there are no points in trying. The 1st option is to put a limit number of matches that one can play (12/15), this way top tier classes will stop camping the olympiad (or less) and give the opportunity to low tier classes to have some fun too. The 2nd option is to separate the olympiad queue into 2 trenchs as the following : -Top tier : Orcs, summoners, healers/buffers, glads (12 classes) - they wanna be the gods of the Olympiad, let them fight each others. -Low tier : archers, daggers, mages/necro, tanks/sws/bd/warlords, dwarfs (18 classes) - much fun incoming. Overall it will create a more competitive and balanced place since the strongs classes will not play the weaks and vice versa. PS : A 3rd option is to give every members of a clan access to all his clan skills, this way low tier classes wont bother playing Olympiad - it will reduce the content of the server and the point of being a Hero.
  13. Sorcerors and Fire resistance

    I've never ask Emerald to remove elemental clan skills but insteadto balance things out for Sorcerors to have an equal chance of being something. Back on Teon in interlude only few to none player had a Valakas (I don't remember one ever having it) but here every player will get one eventually. Also Tezza isonly good for Bishops and olympiad games, I doubt any mages or archers would use it instead of a Valakas - but removing the dark resist from it would be a good idea too since those jewels aren't meant to be owned by every players but only a few. The 3 suggestions I made are from "the most logic and important to the irrevelant" I didn't ask Emerald to accept them all together its just the things that make Sorcerors a low tier class for no reason compared to his counter parts. Thanks for your post and tips, my expertise are currently scavenger lv 3 and critical lv 1,my surrender to fire is +12 chance and is barely landing - also vortex will never land if my target isn't surrended due to the facts i've explained in my 1st post. To the players that say they dont buffs song of fire it's their own choice but as I sorceror myself I can garantee you that most of the notable players do, and if I'm wrong it would mean that the situation is even worst than Ithought - because dealing 700ish damage with a prominence +12 while having 6.2k M.atk is just a joke. Meanwhile PR are dealing 3/4k damage with a critical rate of 500 and a DB+6 but everything is fine here.
  14. Sorcerors and Fire resistance

    The discussion is over since you denied it, I gave you facts but to me, with your answer, it sounds like you didn't even read them and I'm not gonna waste my time going further.
  15. Well, we all know that sorceros are probably the worst mage here on OvC, they master only one element and has only one vortex unliked their counter parts (sps/sph). On top of that, sorcerer are facing most elemental resistance than any other mages : Elemental Protection gives +30 fire resist against +20 water/wind and of course the Valakas necklace that everyone his getting (+15 or 15% fire resist). This is getting even worst as the server progress and this class is getting completly useless, most of us have 24 buffs, elemental clan skills and getting those sweet RB jewels. My character is currently sitting on 6.2k M.atk ( screenshots below) and most of my hits on other DD are around 400-700ish damage (prominence +12). Overall, against a player with proper buffs and Valakas Sorcerors have to face +25 more elemental resistance than any other mages which make surrender (+12) and vortex landrate non-existant (just like my crit rate '-') - not to mention most of the mage players are Spellsingers and that surrender to water also increase fire resistance of the target by an other +10. So here are 3 suggestions to make the sorcerors on the same level as his counter parts : -Remove Valakas fire resistance -Make Elemental Protection match the water/wind resist value -Remove fire resistance from surrender to water /discuss