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  1. Balance

    This one. ANd thats true about healers. Last time i fight with 2 guys and from nowhere they got heales. I look around and there was nothing. It was in dion town so i guess healer was in one of the house and healing them even if he dont see anything. And yes. Im xNo1 from game. If you play you see how often i just rush zerg, In 100% even if there is only me vs 10+ players they always use cancel's like there is no chance to fked me up without it lol And again like i said sometimes these rushes ended with me having 4 buffs on my bar. TRUE. My friends told me they cant shot to mage while they hit back ;d like wtf? Mostly on flat like orc village when we push horse i saw ridiculous mage range and what i remember from l2, they shoting far away than normally archers do. Strange thing. Im probly ended with this too.
  2. Balance

    When i say BP i mean healers. Imagine being melee vs full archer pt with BP+SE. Its my first season here on l2ovc but already i can tell you i will choose ranged class on next season. And yes, there was soo many times where 3 vs 1 healers in our side i even cant count. There was so many times i saw like 3 healers in 1 place res each other and healing thats fked up. Maybe change to 1 healer in party, no matter if BP/SE? Sometimes on map i just make soe to town and wait till next map with hope they going sleep coz i have nothing to do there. EDIT: and about cancels. There was few times i got so many cancels when i get to enemy i have like 4 buffs on me... make it more reus or lower chance or maybe not stackable?
  3. Balance

    Hello. how balance work? Its so F stupid when one side have 1 bp and other side have like 4. There is NO chance to win thing like this. Admin you need to do something coz it make this game boring as hell when you cant kill anyone and just let other side farm your ass. Second thing... cancel. WHat the hell is wrong with this? 100% chance? As melee i need to get range to get anyone. My enchanted stun work like shit with maybe 30% chance and cancel work always... pretty annoying. I know MOST of you play ranged f1 class and probly dont give a shit about it but there must be some changes or it always gona be like this = range class server.
  4. Questions

    Thank you
  5. Questions

    How to get clan rep on this server? Do i need to declare war to opposite side clans?
  6. is it to late to start?

    Not to late coz you get adena very fast, not only from killing.
  7. since all chars are nerfed

    Daggers are too tanky. Without healer he can move to zerg, kill one player and run away while 5+ players hit him...
  8. Questions

    Thanks Thats gona be some improve to my char ;D
  9. Questions

    Hello. I have some questions about game mechanics: 1. Focus buff= crit rate work with glad/tyr skills or normal attacks? 2. Epic jewels that increase crit dmg work with glad/tyr skills or normal attacks?
  10. Hello. Just used my LS and get skill that is disabled... Can you just remove skills like this from the pool list? Why is it even exist if its disabled?
  11. About CC`s

    Archers and Mages crying? Cool story. Tyrant here.
  12. Deleting clan

    Hello. Do I realy need to wait 7 days to delete clan? Its not retail server so maybe we can change this? 24 hours should be enough i think. By mistake i made wrong clan name and im stuck...