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  1. State of the Server, my opinion!

    summoners tactic was create to prevent xxxxx healers tactic
  2. why not broooo

    Yeah and they nerf cats fucking bullshit
  3. Summoner's Pet radius

    Go and play it if its so easy as you think shit player. Dont talk to me with your braindamage. Go and kill b grades with your 3 support trash.
  4. Summoner's Pet radius

    Yes, nerf my class when i invest tons of adena in it. If its become unplayable i will quit thisarcher/mage server. Those crying bitches premade 3 support 1 dd party clan can play with bots every season. im done with this forum. Let them doing this shit and watch how ppl left every season.
  5. Feline King pet Damage on healer with cov

    guy who said healers is not the problem on the server crying about cat... pls admin ban every shit like this, cant hold this
  6. Summoner's Pet radius

    Yeah and when BP, OL heal you hiding behind wall or being downstair tower in fort there is no complains? What the crybabies nation are you guys?
  7. why not broooo

    So also stop crying about summoners. This topic can be close now.
  8. why not broooo

    Yes, nerf pet dmg coz our f1 chars guild cant pew pew pew QQ GFYS
  9. Worst OVC

    Yeah. BP, SE, OL and 1 DD moving together and its GG. Solution? Healing outside party blocked, only 1 support in party and then we can talk about balance.
  10. Summoner questions

    Thinking about major arcana set... if its realy boost dmg to cat its probly better than BW light. Also, binding cubic is SHIT. 0% land rate. There is any option to boost succes chance? I know its always was pretty bad but here is totaly 0%. @Emerald
  11. Summoner questions

    Better mean higher grade? So its doesnt matter if its baium ring or tateosian ring, boost will be the same? Stats from epic affect only summoner and not the summon?
  12. Summoner questions

    What about epic jewelery? Boosting cat dmg?
  13. Summoner questions

    What affect summon power? 1. Dye? 2. Gear grade on summoner? 3. Weapon type? The last summons can be enchanted?
  14. QUEUE events

    WTF IS THIS? Im in chaos, I insta click "REGISTER" and waiting 10 min in queue till i can join! Is this joke? Its starting to be boring already coz i more waiting than play.
  15. Yo Mojo. After your tips i think i get more FPS but... also i dont see tags on players. Its pretty low distance that show nickname and also faction. You know how to increase this?