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  1. @Rhaegar coming in 1 hour I logged yesterday but was gk bugged. Now heading home to play. See you
  2. If you have duo players / group play healer. If you alone play Dagger or mage and xp Mob PVE Zone to 79lvl. Play tank, OL if you think some party will get you and earn adena that way.
  3. Selling FA just want some fast buyer thanks see in game. Gladeheal
  4. @Lesley same, login problems
  5. I didn't say to fix cats, I just share my stats. U OK not every newbie wants to play pet class btw...
  6. HEaler with COv 1.6k pdef.. (and dc+6 set) Feline King hits for 3k critical and erase 1/10 works check attachment
  7. GladeHeal

    Emerald read

    Another option make it that if healers are in party max party limit changes to 1 DD to invite. Without healer 4 max same like now.
  8. GladeHeal

    Emerald read

    If you remove healers I will find one way or another to support friends I know here. You will keep coming here say why I m always doing that this blaBla
  9. GladeHeal

    Emerald read

    I think healer is not the problem, but they can be removed sure. We need to keep the game play more classic enchanting now is overpowered. I think the max should be changed to under 6-8 for weapons. Armor 6. Now a new player comes in and gets hit a lot more.. but back when people had a grade and s grade +0-6 they didn’t get as much damage. I remember the first few s grade how did about 500 damage more on my healer. Then when they made bows +8-12 or more I was getting 1.5k more damage.
  10. Player giving bad influence at server and pushing new players away... Name: vends He is rank 1 maybe alt char. check attachment.
  11. I like the multi teams.. would like to see some more events. Maybe full event. BETA / DELTA etc ...
  12. Change class and join. Queue is perfectly build. At least you have options; take a break / change class / pve and many more... Adrenaline is never used on l2ovc of what I know they have protection. Not on events. I don’t know what class you play because healer or damage dealer with 50-80kills per events can’t happen with adrenaline. We have real people / friends behind screens and enjoy the game play, with less complaining.
  13. I think mages are good. Every class has its own advantages. Nerfing skills will not help game play, will just make clan parties get high sprees and never die. I’m glad cancel exists and dagger lethal. I’m cardinal and I wouldn’t be dead without cancel. Also, I’m happy pet classes are powerful. Brings the balance around.