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  1. i will make SR next season , i hope u nubz wont ask to nerf my Legolas class
  2. after so many seasons ppl still complaining about classes on interludu 🤣 i hope Emerald is rdy for the h5 cause its just the beggining there
  3. re malakies, many dont disable animation from .menu i saw twitchers, no matter what patch u put also disable animations or u cant play still . Let animations who target u only,is the best option. i still have some bad fps when are many nubz especially in small maps like towns or epics . i still see the mass heals and cant target but on these maps i use "delete" and bb all animations, so use it and no problemos after
  4. BOG


    the only balance u can do is start making WLs 😄
  5. u can try with my patch http://www.mediafire.com/file/whae7po84w45evt/4OVC.rar/file it will look like in the video and if u want to disable all the animations u can press "delete" from ur keyboard but u wont need it and I dont recomment it cause without shots or some skills effect it will look like u dont play l2. Just disable animations from server's commands menu and use this patch and u should be fine, that madafaka @Rhaegar is using also a patch mby he can share it here too. Cya on the battleground!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-JaNYzZTow add "Media" and "Streams" sections re mlk @Emerald 😎 I don't participate in the event BTW just posting cause I can't find Media I had to do a video about OVC cause is one of my favs but interludu only ! 🥰
  7. open interlude again. Problem solved
  8. simple, u dont do a clan till u are full items, items are more important and then u make ez adenu
  9. i made clan 8 full skils and royals etc alone, not a big deal if u are in full S grade and epics
  10. BOG

    donate shop

    @Emerald you better listen to the YaKuZa man cause if not he will be like:
  11. BOG


    and C grade instead of B grade items
  12. BOG

    Zaken bugged

    and will stay bugged till server RR cause is stucked in that pylon since yday :, need to fix it (move it to another loc.[map] )
  13. BOG

    Stream reward.

    write the channel name only . for example not twitch.tv/ifymTV but only ifymTV
  14. top MA EU @Emerald add Media section re mlk
  15. I suggest you give them the opportunity to change their title as they want (to those who reached max rank)