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  1. add limit to WLs

    can u add limit to WLs like tankers,healers ? is impossibol , there are 2131231 WLs with 16k+ hp doing nothing but spamming stun every 2 sec
  2. L2 Symphonies

    my fav <3 but ofc hip-hop numero uno !
  3. those interfaces ppl are using for dmg on screen , animations etc, they have included autoassist but doesnt means they use it well, bad move prevy, except prevy who else was DD on chaos side? cause I see only WLs
  4. cancel

    also a solution can be returning bufs after 2-3 sec like debuffs(fear,silence,etc) cause now is about 5sec+
  5. cancel

  6. motivate the nubz

    true, more like 0.1% is better
  7. motivate the nubz

    Many nubz play the map for pivipi only, motivate dem nubz to play for the objective , to win the map , by adding all epics on the drop list of Box of Luck but very low chance . 1%
  8. add only low lvl RBs

    hm raids lvls are by populatioon in events I guess right? when is low pop the RBs are lower lvls, gotcha
  9. add only low lvl RBs

    plx add only low lvl rbs like last season cause we cant kill big ones, no time
  10. stream buff

    i stream for like 3 years now and all i can say is that this stream reward system is the greatest idea EVER. never seen on any server something like that, i mean....automatic reward,automatic putting ur stream on the main page,this is awesome! in this way everyone gets something,the players gets stats,the server gets advertise. everyone is happy! about reward you cant be serious guys saying that those stats are OP Lebron has a point tho, archers and mages are a bit more advantaged and pdef/mdef/cp would be more fair for every class but u cant say that those stats are making any difference cause i never felt it I dont agree with removing the stats without giving another cause many will think it doesnt worth anymore and bb streamers and im not including myself in here cause i never streamed for the reward, i always do it for fun and for free . bringing more players on the server that u play is good for u too cause u have more fun!
  11. is interlude and melee chars were never a factor in pvp , its mages vs archers only, If admin wants to make to be more fair for melees he can only remove the votes for maps and let the maps to be decided randomly
  12. You cannot open a private store here

    Read all the message , I think you cannot open till u play at least 5 events
  13. Multi-TVT balance

    Make Multi-TVT auto-balance cause everyone can join in one side. For example just now we were like 10 in Blue team and the rest had 2-3 max