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  1. Question about clan skills

    simple, u dont do a clan till u are full items, items are more important and then u make ez adenu
  2. Question about clan skills

    i made clan 8 full skils and royals etc alone, not a big deal if u are in full S grade and epics
  3. donate shop

    @Emerald you better listen to the YaKuZa man cause if not he will be like:
  4. Spoil

    and C grade instead of B grade items
  5. Zaken bugged

    and will stay bugged till server RR cause is stucked in that pylon since yday :, need to fix it (move it to another loc.[map] )
  6. Stream reward.

    write the channel name only . for example not but only ifymTV

    top MA EU @Emerald add Media section re mlk
  8. privilege to change title

    I suggest you give them the opportunity to change their title as they want (to those who reached max rank)
  9. cancel

    cancel has no place in such server bruh...necros 's and sumoners's as well. in l2 buffs are the most important, cancel is a big advantage especially on sps where it removes 100% up to 5 bufs and lasts 10sec, in 10s he can kill ur ass 10 times
  10. add limit to WLs

    what bots u talking about playa? ofc you get ur ass wooped 3k+ when u still running in B grade or dcr +3, cause there are healers that i hit for max 2,5k with baium+aq WLs are like tankers,healers, muy importante in winning events/epics, you can't compare these classes with any other DD, partner
  11. add limit to WLs

    can u add limit to WLs like tankers,healers ? is impossibol , there are 2131231 WLs with 16k+ hp doing nothing but spamming stun every 2 sec
  12. L2 Symphonies

    my fav <3 but ofc hip-hop numero uno !
  13. those interfaces ppl are using for dmg on screen , animations etc, they have included autoassist but doesnt means they use it well, bad move prevy, except prevy who else was DD on chaos side? cause I see only WLs
  14. cancel

    also a solution can be returning bufs after 2-3 sec like debuffs(fear,silence,etc) cause now is about 5sec+
  15. Pagan Temple daily pvp