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  1. mister, pmfun is ~interlude. if you think that you see gracia content there then you are idiot. Apart from some skills, all database in pmfun is still extremely close to interlude. Also if you check other sites, they give same values. anyway augments, all of them needs nerf. just chance augments should get buff actually. they are not. besides few skills everything else is around interlude. this is why we use for gracia+ content.
  2. i guess up. since i see no reaction from anyone with proof how cancel is bugged...
  3. You should be ashamed. Even cave man reads better than you 3249 Item Skill: Focus 10 +20% Crit rate 3250 Item Skill: Wild Magic 10 +4 Magic Crit rate 3241 Item Skill: Empower 10 +55 mAtk Where do you see 1k matk bonus from fking augment? I see only bonus 55.
  4. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    this voting is fuked up. question was changed, but we can't now edit our vote. for exmaple i believe barrier is fine but cancel need to be fixed first of all, so i cant change vote.
  5. active and pasive WM augments were not giving huge % bonuses. Many c6 servers had always bugged augments where WM/CRitical pasive skills were giving like much more bonus stats than they supposed to get. For example max crit chance from augment is ~40-44, but you must get is not from pasive skill, but instead from double crit bonuses x2 +20/22 crit stats pure. So current WM augments are not bugged at all and surprisingly working as intended. How ever active/pasive m.atk augment gives like 1k M.atk pure which doesn't sound right.
  6. Here is quote from official c4 patch notes: Since then, neither in c5 or c6 cancel land rate was not changed. What was changes just that they added more skills which can be removed Also all mental like buffs must effect cancel land rate too since cancel is debuff/curse like spell. Anyway. Currently cancel has 100% land rate when in reality it should be maybe 30% at best (I am guessing the number, since having cancel already will 50% land rate would be OP, and NCSOFT specifically nerfed its land rate). So @Emerald CANCEL DO NOT NEED NERF. IT NEEDS A DAMN BUGFIX AND YOU REFUSE TO FIX IT EVEN THO I REPORTED THIS LIKE MONTH AGO. Also magic debuffs seems to completely ignore any mental like buffs, that destroyer can receive get debuffed by any mage spell with mental+lionheart+zealot on top of it. So once again. FIX MAGES!
  7. Real money achievements system

    Ifinitel2 had achievement system which gave some extra loot: - double/tripple/4/5/6 kills in 5seconds (between kills, not from 1st kill to last); - killing sprees (5/10/15/20/25/ ect...); - killjoy (killing person who has spree: - killing x amount of people; and so on... i think we should have those too.
  8. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    wait. once again emerald ignores how cancel is op/bugged and do nothing and then suggest nerf other classes which barely playable unless map favorites close range (which we have little of them).
  9. Can we talk about those few things. Any you going to fix/address to some things which may be need to be changed to make more classes viable in next seasons? Character side selection. We should be free to choose any side for our character. Being forced to specific side is extremely annoying. The side Order or Evil itself doesn't change anything since in events to going to play for both sides. I am very confident that there are many players who playing under faction they did not want to play simply because of unbalanced events effecting "side recruitment". Maybe we should even throw away character side options and simply sit under one "faction". Siting under one faction would make clans even more important. Or have "soft side selection". We sit under same faction in town, but when we want join events, out side selection has small priority to what we selected (like when even population is 50/50 our side option kicks in where we play). Geodata Geodata is terrible on many maps. When you press run forwards character decided to run in circles or make strange turns like there is invisible object which leads looking like an idiot when you try kill someone... Together with location bug (when your character is in other place compared what you see on screen and can't hit enemy even if you sit on top of his head) makes melee extremely hard to play. Unit collision Another "feature" which make playing any melee class is extremely difficult since any player can literally block your movement. In some cases you can get even stuck. And let's not forget that many maps has 1 or 2 choke point where 2 players can completely block the way to pass through. Even in open maps when mages/archers makes a "frontline". Any melee can easily get stuck behind/in front of them which leads into deaths. This is extremely annoying when you running with flags and 10 people are killing you. Any second wasted while stuck is crucial here. Event side selection I strongly believe that we should not have any queue to play in events. Characters should simply be put in the side which need more people. Exceptions should be only for healers, healer is being put in the side with less healers). I know that this throws your "elo system" out of window basically, but elo system will not work once server is 2-3 weeks old. Elo thing should simply have some kind achievements/bonuses, but not impact event placements itself.
  10. Balance

    but best thing is, in retail c6 noone mostly used cancel since c4 nerfs. It was barely landing if you have mental buff. Cancel eventually was buffed in Gracia where revived "cancel party" setup. but emerald refuses to acknowledge that this is an issue. I am officially done with this. I stop playing here. I will wait next season. The damage OP mages/DDOS has done is obvious. When during prime time you getting bonus xp in PVE area it shows how hard population dropped. You literally can't play melee classes almost because of 100% cancel and geodata issues (when you pres go forward but character decided to move left right let right for no reason). Wanted to make video about this, but I though it is way too much work for no reward at all. Best places to reproduce those bugs are DELF vilage map and HS. Especially delf map in the middle. No matter where you press character refuses to go straight line...
  11. Balance

    mister. Archers post 78 sits on 950 range, mages on 900, but it doesnt work here. mages often hit before archers can do for unknown reason... duelist/tyrant on 600. and everything else 40 (pole 80).
  12. Epics are too cheap and to easy to get.

    core/orfen should be reworked a bit to make useful more. maybe they should be made for tanking like playstyle. since we have offensive epics already more than enough.
  13. It is way to easy to get full epic set on current season. Epics should be prestige thing and harder to get. My suggestion for next season is simple. - increases epics price by x2; - you must participated at least 1 time in the epic boss fights in order to buy the epic; - everyone who participates in epic fight (doesn't matter if win or lose) receive epic shard (winning side get additional shard if kill boss in time); - epic shards are cannot be sold/traded/dropped and bla bla... How it works? When you participate in mini event for epic, everyone who participated receives that epic shard which is needed to buy epic accessory. For example. You want to buy Ant Queen's ring. AQ price is 30k + x1 Epic shard. So you must have participated in at least 1 epic fight in order to buy it. And of course the "bigger" epic the more shards needed. Core/AQ/Orfen - x1 shard; Baium/Zaken - x2 shards; Antharas/valakas/tezza - x3 shards.
  14. Balance

    Bishops are not problem. Problem is that everything who can deal with X amount of bishops on one side is nerfed, bugged or not viable option to play: - Not enough tanks who can sustain mage/archer damage while teammates try kill their bishops; - No destroyers in server who can burst down 1-3 people with their bishop; - 100% cancel (which is a bug, cancel land rate was nerfed since c4 according official patch notes) means no one can provoke longer than 2 seconds fights; - Daggers in c6 has no shadowstep which means as long there is no structure who can allow daggers to close the game to bishop, he is safe; - Healers can heal their teammates through walls which means once again bishop is safe from any danger. What this means in the end? People taking long range classes mages/archers. If map is not fortress or city map, a good positioning bishop will never die which leads into unbalanced events. The side with more long range people will dominate since 1 bishop can take at least 3 people to heal.