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    I´ve seen in a stream a weird interfaz, i dont remember the name, but it was a sorceror, I know that interfaz uses auto attacks and auto assists, she blocked the skill bars with a gif but a little of the upper side part of the bar was not covered ,there is where i recognize it. Idk why they do this kind of cheats, lineage II pvp experience and funis lost doing this shit.
  2. do something about lag

  3. do something about lag

    I understand completely there are other admins jealous, but b buddy, 5 crashes in 15 minutes.. unplayable ..
  4. Chaos

    Im in buddy pm me your discord id
  5. Sieges

    would be interesting to have more sieges and less death matches that with the time look eternals.
  6. OVC

    Perfecto colega! un saludo
  7. OVC

    Don´t you think I haven´t tried , It don´t let me edit it. Sry for making your eyes hurt
  8. OVC

    Hola, volvemos de nuevo unos amigos y yo a este modo de juego tan famoso GVE , entraremos en la faccion del orden , nuestro clan será Español, pero también multicultural sin problema, llevamos años de l2 a nuestras espaldas y estaremos contentos de teneros aquí. [EN]Hello, we´re back a group of friends and me are coming again to this famous style of l2 GVE , You will find us in the faction of the Order, our clan will be multicultural, but our main roots are spanish, we have been playing Lineage 2 from its begginings and we have years of experience, I don´t know if you know the clan Exile in official server. We will be happy to recieve you all .