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  1. Emerald. Can we talk a bit?

    couldn't agree more
  2. Is this still bannable?

    imo this should be bannable or at least give him a warning
  3. Make Olympiad great again!

    Coulnd't agree more with these suggestions , after all a man must not forget that its a faction server and not a low/mid/pvp server . Olympiad shouldn't even be a thing. I mean already rewards are kinda trash + heroic skills are nerfed. If you notice server is starting to die the moment heroes are out.
  4. active empower

    yes it is normal to give that much in interlude . Also x2 wildmagic is good if u dont use PoWater. if i can guess i would say there is a cap for magic critical rate maybe emerald can confirm this
  5. Enchanting system improvements

    i did not mention numbers at all and i dont care about numbers , what is said is B L E S S E D enchants are overpowered. If they make enchants harder to get then new players will struggle to make adena easily.
  6. Questions

    you can pay festival adena at donate manager or you can pay adena at your faction god
  7. is it to late to start?

    i havent mentioned performance at all. I was 24/7 with 1 dd in party who made it top 1 in kills and assists in every map. He had am/dc set/5 epic jewels and we did a test. We played 3 maps and i used different gear both of 3 maps but my DD gear was the same. so 1st map: arcana mace+6/dc robe+6/5 epic jewels+6and got 700 adena 2nd map : b weapon+0/b armor+0/b jewels+0 got 700 adena 3rd map : b weap+6/b armor+6/ b jewels+6 got 700 adena
  8. Enchanting system improvements

    Last enchant improvement this server had was golem stoneheart if i remember correctly, everyone was maxed out back then and it was not fun. The problem is that we are using blessed enchants and adena income is very easy so people just buy bews and spam enchants, imagine having to fear about your gear turn into crystals . Paired with these enchant rates people wont get past +8 easily but then more and more people will be quitting faster. You cant have everyone satisfied.
  9. since all chars are nerfed

    try to burst someone without PoWater , just impossible .
  10. is it to late to start?

    someone said bishop adena income depending on your DD gear and not yours , maybe someone who knows can clarify ?
  11. you have to understand that in this server you are not rewarded for killing someone

    dude just avoid playing the time these japanese players play and you are gucci , rest of people who play summoners here are trash just focus their pets gg ez
  13. since all chars are nerfed

    movement speed? every good player mage player is using pow this means - speed

    your clan? you mean mrteo + melancholicangel who got recruited this season? they have nothing to do with the mentality of our core group tried to attack? we did not attack we registered as defending clan what did i say for my achievements ? i just mentioned something another company did for another game
  15. hello, i dont want to be rude or anything but something doesnt feel right over here... OFFENSIVE TANK? SOLO PLAYER THAT PLAYS TANK IN GVE PVP SERVER? SOLO PLAYER THAT PLAYS TANK IN PVP SERVER? SOLO PLAYER THAT PLAYS TANK? i dont think im braindamaged or something but really for me this doesnt feel correct . First of all when you play a pvp/gve server play mage/archer/dagger (Everyone use agro-protection also mirage/trick protection). The nature of a tank is to suck damage for his group not to try and 1v1 mage/archer/dagger whatever , if you want to be a bruiser you can play grand khavatari who is very balanced in here or duelist . You need 7 buffs , 6 song , 1 dance , 1 prophecy = 15 total. You have 1 slot for majesty, 1 slot for ultimate defense= 17 Then you can get Invocation, Flame Guard,Storm Guard, Aqua Guard = 21 follow with elemental, divine and then you have 2 slots to pick shield defense buffs or go for holy , unholy . this is how a tank should be played. i feel sorry to say that but if you want to play full dps tank go to a different server