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  1. Clan Reputation

    correct me if im wrong but in interlude when you learn a clan skill the points do not update , you have to have a restart
  2. snipe

    daggers + titans here got 300-350 range for their auto attacks , talking by experience im here since forever
  3. 500 IQ

    let me defend myself. First of all im taking a way a feature that drives away every casual player , is it a coincidence that every season the same tryhard people are playing till the end? I said i didnt play indeed, i was not as active as previous seasons because my character got banned early days and it was pointless for me to play , so i think i missed 1 week . But then whenever my friends needed me i was online , we own a castle since the begging and the amount of festival adena we have as a group (4 characters) is insane.
  4. 500 IQ

    clans in ovc usually have 15 people but whatever you are clearly missing my point, the server must be a lot more casual friendly
  5. why not broooo

    with archer you cant cancel a tank
  6. 500 IQ

    cant take place for this season because i did not play
  7. why not broooo

    Guys you already forgotten??? how comes??? remember year/years ago when overlords werethe thing? each clan had like 15 OLs outside of party and getting x4 adena than anyone else and got nerfed , then spoilers came then spoilers nerfed then we had warlords and they got nerfed , then we had duelist parties they got nerfed, then we had shilien elders and got nerfed , IT IS A NEVER ENDING CYCLE , now with all these nerfs you see a lot of summoners + tanks running around , summoners will not get touched because if they do japan will nuke emerald's house to the ground , lets hope tanks will get nerfed and then we will have the classic mage,archer,dagger,bp server that we all want
  8. 500 IQ

    im always playing with the same people here i dont play with randoms
  9. 500 IQ

    okay so , lets say that we keep xp/sp same rates as it is right now (for castle owners) just reduce adena/fa gain boost. clan halls will be available after 7 days of playtime , minimum bid 100k and to maintain it like 150-200k per week. the problem here is that it gets complicated to trust a clan leader your adena etc etc. there will be a lot of scamm attempts
  10. 500 IQ

    forgot to mention that clan halls are obtained byadena bid, not sieged because then we will have 2-3 clans dickholding in order to keep multiple clan halls. Also this opens space for casual clans
  11. 500 IQ

    I know this will get insta rejected without any conversation or any tries on improving this idea but whatever. We have the same problem every season, first 4-5 days server is crowded with solo/organised players and we all know how that ends, after sieges and heroes every solo player leaves server because he wanted to play a faction server not a clasic one.I'll post it just to come back in future yelling at your faces "i told ya" . Remove sieges but add all the retail contestable clan halls ( devasted castle, fortress of the dead, fortress of resistance, rainbow springs chateau, wild beast reserve, bandit stronghold ) [transfer castle bonuses to clan hallbut remove or reduce the amount of FA you get from PvP] Remove olympiad but add hero coin (7 days duration and ofc untradable) can be used only when you reach rank 8/9/10 and is obtained by valakas/antharas, festival adena, adena or at rank 8/9/10. (hero skills + weapons the same way they are now)
  12. Emerald. Can we talk a bit?

    couldn't agree more
  13. Is this still bannable?

    imo this should be bannable or at least give him a warning
  14. Make Olympiad great again!

    Coulnd't agree more with these suggestions , after all a man must not forget that its a faction server and not a low/mid/pvp server . Olympiad shouldn't even be a thing. I mean already rewards are kinda trash + heroic skills are nerfed. If you notice server is starting to die the moment heroes are out.
  15. active empower

    yes it is normal to give that much in interlude . Also x2 wildmagic is good if u dont use PoWater. if i can guess i would say there is a cap for magic critical rate maybe emerald can confirm this