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  1. Banned ?

    He don't answer ..
  2. Banned ?

    Why I get banned ? Char name -Seif ..
  3. CYA IN.

    Same here mate 🙂
  4. CYA IN.

    Order or Chaos depends the day
  5. CYA IN.

    Cya brother let's have some fun. 😎
  6. +1 a Classic season would be nice I think ..
  7. BadHombres

  8. Buff destroyers

    That true I was trying to do it on last seasons but it was kinda bored waiting 10min or more for 1frenzy.
  9. Twitch Streamers

    , maybe sometimes on olys I will be playing "maybe"
  10. Twitch Streamers

    my pc crashed on the last server I been playing ajajajaj
  11. Twitch Streamers

    Sadly I won't be on that season
  12. Twitch Streamers

    I'm fine my friend what about you everything okey? I'm on the desert searching for snakes..