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  1. Anyone gonna answer about hex? the landrate is awfull +10 with empower buff and never lands on people with no debuff resistance buffs. Its the key spell that makes the difference on dark elfs compared to human and elves
  2. Im also willing to play Warlord or tank in a decent party , cya in game
  3. Hello im looking for an english or greek speaking clan in Chaos faction !(ghost hunter,Cardinal,Saggitarius) Looking for some decent people to play with main assist in pvps and chase objectives pm me here or in game (Javel) thanks
  4. Hello , im a 79 lvl Ghost hunter and i have enchanted hex to +9 and it barely lands on players, maybe 1/10 I also tried it on the Training doll NPC and the land rate was very low also (i tried with empower buffs and it was the same) Blinding blow turn back effect never works, same for evasion counter passive