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  1. Unban Me

    Well, the good news is, you certainly sound apologetic. You are off to a great start.
  2. About bews and top ls

    Why exactly can't you buy them, they are available in the shop?
  3. Ghost hunter skills

    Hex landratehas always sucked, and to be fair it should as it is quite an effective debuff that sticks for a decent amount of time. With no enchanted gear and no expert skills directly relevant my GH can make 4K stabs all day. I assume if hex worked better daggers would be a common complaint.
  4. Stunshot broken when enchanted

    I have noticed that happening too, I just sort of assumed it was a shortcut-spammingissue.
  5. Tested in town with Vers and Rayuga. Vers is rank 7 or so with full drac and +12 stunshot, Rayuga was rank 1 with +0 stunshot. Vers landed 1 in 10, Rayuga 5 in 10. Ten shotsis not a great data pool, but its certainly enough to warrant suspicion.
  6. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    @LesleyI have always longed for an open-world faction server, in fact, I have a significant amount of the underlyingmechanics written out in one of my design books lying around here somewhere. However, we have to be fair here, and asking Emerald to redesign the server from the ground up could take a year or more, and even then it's an untested theory. Perhaps if some of us set some cash aside and created a fund to motivate him, this discussion might continue. Btw, @Scaretacticis really still around here somewhere? Does anyone have any opinions on my position to temporarily remove territory/siegesystem until the event system can be addressed in full? I just feel that adding layers on top of a struggling system only compounds problems. We can easily come back to this later and bring it back in a more inclusive way.
  7. What about summoners ?

    It seems to me that this issue is really only prevalent at extremely low population times. With a big zerg on either side, a summons usually doesn'tlast long enough to kill anyone other than a weak target. You are absolutely right that at low pop this can be very easily abused, and in a particularly frustrating way too. However, any proposed changes to summoners based on their performance during off-times would almost certainly ruin them for everyday play when populations are normalized. Furthermore, the "hide and send the cat" strategy is really all they have. Why would a summoner run into the thick of a fight when they can't do anythingbut throw a debuff or two? It would be no different than saying Tanks need more defense because in a high population they can never close the distance before the die. If you give them that boost, at low population tanks, would be unstoppable. Understanding when a problem is based in a class, an event or the population dynamic is crucial to preventing flame wars like this post. Don't forget retail suffered these issues, and we were given that garbage High-Five update as a response. Treat the illness not a symptom.
  8. What about summoners ?

    @iCitrus , how exactly have you managed to use the Hellbound UI? I can't stand the old interlude interface......
  9. Circlet of Aden

    Retail worked this way back in the era. As long as you didn't take the circlet off you still kept the benefit. Once removed, however, it could obviously not be re-equipped.
  10. Siege, Castle Events and Territories

    I had been putting some thought into this as well. First I want to say well done on all the information presented, you clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. Now, my own thoughts were more perception based. The system itself is one thing to be determined but how new players perceive it goes a long way into both how much it gets utilized, and balance concerns about organized clans. To be clear, this is not "CLANS R OP PLZ NERF!!" however, that mindset is prevalent and must be dealt with appropriately. When I first looked at the bonuses available to the clans that hold the castle I was floored. It wasn't until I realized there is a background process to controlling those territories that I started to see it isn'treally a big concern. I still do not totally understand how the territory control system works, but at least it clearly explains which territory bonuses are active. Also, there are not currently enough members in any one clan to cause a clear concern of over-benefit. The system @Canou put together here is brilliant, but how can the purpose be easily conveyed in-game? Think about some of the mini-games that play where most players have no idea what is actually happening (the ruins flags event comes to mind, or the water one with the pumps). I would have honestly said scrap the entire non-event castle system, but I know not many people would agree with me. I am not in favor of heavy-handed modifications, but this simply is not a game mode based on long-term organized groups. I would argue at least 40% of players almost NEVER play in consistentgroups and are simply content to auto-party or go solo. Again, I am not saying scrap the Clan system either, but it's a delicate road to tread when it primarily serves a minority populous.
  11. An adjustment to healer benching

    I noticed the balancing that prevents too many healers on one side vs the other. Could I suggest a tweak so that a 1:1 healer ratio from the start? The end result would be that the first healer to register would have to wait until a healer on the other side also registers in order to enter. The goal here is preventing low pop scenarios where one side has a healer and the other doesn't. Comment and counter-opinion welcome.
  12. Client Issues

    @Emerald As a follow-up, this apparently only works once so get your settings right the first time. For some backstory, all I wanted to do was run a second box for a moment to easily transfer some Adenaand mats to some sales dwarves. Obviously, I now know you can't do that and this whole exercise is moot. However, upon discovery of this, I went to change everything back to proper full-screen at high resolution and the issue began all over again. I did the whole process over again, and I am back to 1080 resolution with anti-aliasing enabled on full-screen mode. I am even able to alt-tab successfully for now. I will update this post if any other issues directly related to this sequenceoccur.
  13. Client Issues

    You did it! Thank you so much, that was driving me crazy. I also know there are a few other players with this issue, so here's hoping they make it here to see this too.
  14. Client Issues

    I'll start over just to be absolutely sure.
  15. Client Issues

    ignore my failed use of PHPbb tags, I'm old