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    of course! no problem, we will continue to conquer this server, as I said at the next opening, we have prepared a surprise for everyone! we will continue to have fun and laugh over people. p.s MY LOVE L2OVC

    easy server just relax, we'll be back! and repeat the destruction of the server p.sjust don't cry everything will be fine

    1 elQ 11552 RoadToTheDream TOP!! HELLO NEWBIES , I look forward to the next opening, to laugh again at you, we have prepared for you a big surprise !!! I love all p.s @SMS and @elQ "I will again occupy the 1st place in this top"beware of us
  4. hahaha, is there evidence that we are bots ??? and what do we use programs?I just looked at what you wrote. I,together with SMS, laughed !! : D so you know that we are just ordinary players, we just have a lot of experienceand we play very neat and beautifulwe will not be difficult to get into 2 against 10-15 people, believe us, we went through many servers, and everywhere they also wrote and were angry with us, this is just an experience of the game!the administrator can contact you, you can check us, we are just players with experience! Why do we need any programs if I'm in the top list for 1 pvp site, and in general I appeal to the creator of the topic, maybe someone loves us, and someone doesn't love, this is everyone's choice, well, at the moment we are playing 2, and the whole server is against us !!! we didn't set it up like this, you made this game for yourself =) we noticed that the whole server has some negative in our direction, we just laugh at all this, because this is not the first server and definitely not the last, and you are not the only ones who do such nonsense! In conclusion, I can say that you play calmly and do not get angry when you like spamming in chat rooms! we play and rejoice
  5. Necromancer bug

    everything works perfect!
  6. Delay server!!!!!!

    Seriously why then do people write that they have a delay and that this is not a problem with the Internet but with a server, just give it a restar, you haven't done it for a long time!!!!!!

    admin welcome, need restart urgently !! the server has a delay for everyone !!

  8. admin restart, everyone on the server has a delay of 2-3 seconds !!
  9. What about summoners ?

    @iCitrus ,hmm, I didn’t see that you would kill me 1 on 1 and even more so many times !! the only thing you can kill me with a large number or clan .... and in general, if anger has come to that only from your side of the clan, you have more words than deeds !! you have just empty words, in one word you are paper ... GOOD LUCK !! And we will continue to have fun and laugh at you
  10. What about summoners ?

    ahahaha, " iCitrus "you're funny, my God you're anyone who kills, you run immediately cry administration, stop it!! Let's start with the fact that Summoner is not so strong and kill the cat without his master will not be difficult !! so don't jump to conclusions if you finishes cat at low HP when you have next to no help , it's called tactics!! P.S. YOU're the best tell me how you are a clan of 4-6 people for two run your clan is very baby steps and playing angry you make yourself worse dear guys , WE have FUN GOOD FUN!!
  11. L2 OvCnomics

    hmm, at the expense of the shmot I support it is not necessary to unblock it in 2-3 you can really do it for 1-2 weeks so there will be more people and it will be possible to have time to farm, But I can say about rb jewels, I think it should be removed server that would not focus on this and the balance in the game between classes will grow in 100-150% I assure you ADMIN REMOVE IN THE NEXT SEASON RB JEWELS!!!
  12. Wow, are you a serious S + 16 weapon? admin do something with this urgent !!!!!!!! and at once I say no need to write, stop crying, no one is crying because of such people with such weapons, the noobs coming to this server or those who already find will not play !! otherwise it is a complete imbalance, admin look into your own eyes !! what will make a bow with a +16 bow with rings and all sorts of things to attack, crit 10k ?? and then 15? in a fight robe? I urgently ask you to take action, do something about it !! because every second donater can afford it and then why play? mm? I for example do not see the point in putting a lot of money into the game, for drawing and pixel !! admin is not a joke !! try it yourself with a magician with an average body weight to go against a man with S +16 weapon is not realistic, but you will catch up with him for a long time with a body kit, I never see that noobs are crying from this in the chat and they are not going to play because of these, decide problem !!! ADMINISTRATION I ASK TO TAKE URGENT MEASURES AND DO NOT SLOWLY CUT TO THE POINT CHANCE, VERY ASK !!
  13. I can say briefly, in principle, by the name of the topic, it is even clear that we need to urgently make a balance, okay already with classes, well, the ratios of factions and the balance so that there would not be such a strong dominance that should be done, anyway.
  14. mm, and what the man does not suit you? If I used Google as a translator, he himself translated so what was my problem, was the emphasis on important points? was! I am writing what is on the server not dorobotanno to mind and I will continue to write and if something does not suit you here and no one is holding or forcing you to sit and write go your way
  15. "I welcome everyone as everyone understood by the name of the topic, the conversation will be about setting up a balance and checking which classes!" So, let's start : 1.I will start from a more important point, I ask you to pay attention to the aspect ratio of the factions, I think not everyone likes it when one faction dominates, because you want to see that the opposing side would also lead, you ask why and where such domination comes from, if you go deep and look !!! then you will see that before flying to fan, that is, there is such a magic button <> "temporary change of your faction", that is, people see that their opposite faction well dominates with good by margin, they begin to massively jump over another Thracian, after which the battle begins for life and death, I can cite many of my examples; suppose such a zone as an antharas lair, a point is captured, at the beginning there is an equal on - well, you don’t think about 2-3 minutes for a long time, after which complete chaos begins, 15-20 people with 3-4 heels stand at the point, but the opposing faction has 5-8 man and 1 healer, and even without him at all !! it is very stupid and stupidly I want to address this topic with someone who does this and convey to people what if you play for one faction then you will be worthy and help yours, and if you don’t like something, there is a function of switching to another faction 750 adena what's the problem go and play, "NOW PRESENTATION TO ADMINISTRATION" - I ask you to note this yourself, or remove this function - temporary modified factions, or ask for goodset up an automatic selection of the balance of fractions, it will be much better than a person seeing the domination will not go anywhere, and if the game system considers it necessary, she will throw it on temporarily! "Please take action Administration" 2.And so a very important class in this game depends on his game in class <Bishop> , I can say that this class is very much in the way of the gameplay, no, do not think, I am not saying to remove it! since it is not realistic to realize this - but in fact it’s bad, from the principle it was created in this game to help in survival, well, again, let's return to the fact that we take a fan, one fraction has very good dominance than the anti-malignant fraction, but why does she have such domination because there is a bishop and not 1 and not 2, but as many as 4-5 people playing this class, people see what and how the bishop is configured on the server and take it every second from beginner to good player, but by the same he has a good defense, a magical defense and the rollback of skills is not bad except that no horse skill, that is, a well-dressed person under a bishop will cut everything and everyone because bish stands in the background and the one that cuts well is not very badly dressed and it’s not realistic to kill him, but now imagine if she is under two bishopes ?? will be very strong !!! “Proposing to the administration,” I, from my personal experience, would have complained about cutting the cd chila well, not much well, so that the healer's skill rollback would be felt, or the second option can be applied for mana. so that mana would be faster! My opinion is that this class is very disturbing to the gameplay, because without a healer the game is much better and much more fun, “Please, take the administration seriously” 3.Class mouse - and that is, you guessed about what class in question, these are knives such as Adventura, Abuss Walker, Wind Rider, I want to see these classes because after 7 days from opening the server there are a lot of them and why? This class is very dominant, in all respects, and especially in critics of skills, it doesn’t feel bad, and I’ll tell you without rings, I’ll tell you by my own example that in a dark robe + 8 with a tattu and a clan with a skill to defend it They hit me with crit from 4k to 6k. I’m telling you so I didn’t see more than one server that the daguer would do so much damage, a very high crit power, more than x4-x5 rate crit, not slow it’s time to fix this problem at least to do x2-x3 rate crit as usualis available on all servers, specifically refers to the dagger to the proof I can provide a screen !! and you will kill yourself !! , and I'm more than sure that I'm not the only one who gets such good crit from our favorite daggers, again spoils the balance in the game that the daguer can go out in a good body kit and calmly kill 3-4 mage in solo without any difficulties, 1 per 1 is still okay, well, what would a 3-4 mage with a normal body kit Dager 1 kill everything and everything I can not believe I have no words “Please, take the administration seriously” Well, it seems to be all for now !! although in fact I still have a lot of any suggestions and problems on the basis of the balance, so I think this is enough for now, we will see what will happen next and how everything will flourish as they say !!! "The theme was created for the sake of people enjoying playing in pleasure and convenience and not suffering from all sorts of garbage, I neither wanted nor want anyone to offend" all the players in their own way, well, the balance in the game is important and it's time to put an end to it configure it specifically universally " The administration is asking to take this all under the attention and control, I give the floor to people immediately reach out !!