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  1. I'm back, are you ready, girls? It will be hot, good luck to everyone !! P.S. elQ
  2. maybe a screenshot of the top 1 pvp needed ? p.s elQ
  3. who am I? you'll see, just don't leave the server in a week. We're the ones who killed that server. You'll see. p.s love everybody
  4. elQ 1st TOP , GOOD NEXT SEASON ,We're coming for you guys.it will be hot .... p.s elQ and SMS
  5. complete shit H5 , most people will not play this client information 100%
  6. admin go start server interlude client
  7. of course! no problem, we will continue to conquer this server, as I said at the next opening, we have prepared a surprise for everyone! we will continue to have fun and laugh over people. p.s MY LOVE L2OVC
  8. easy server just relax, we'll be back! and repeat the destruction of the server p.s just don't cry everything will be fine
  9. 1 elQ 11552 RoadToTheDream TOP!! HELLO NEWBIES , I look forward to the next opening, to laugh again at you, we have prepared for you a big surprise !!! I love all p.s @SMS and @elQ "I will again occupy the 1st place in this top"beware of us
  10. hahaha, is there evidence that we are bots ??? and what do we use programs? I just looked at what you wrote. I, together with SMS, laughed !! : D so you know that we are just ordinary players, we just have a lot of experience and we play very neat and beautiful we will not be difficult to get into 2 against 10-15 people, believe us, we went through many servers, and everywhere they also wrote and were angry with us, this is just an experience of the game! the administrator can contact you, you can check us, we are just players with experience! Why do we need any programs if I'm in the top list for 1 pvp site, and in general I appeal to the creator of the topic, maybe someone loves us, and someone doesn't love, this is everyone's choice, well, at the moment we are playing 2, and the whole server is against us !!! we didn't set it up like this, you made this game for yourself =) we noticed that the whole server has some negative in our direction, we just laugh at all this, because this is not the first server and definitely not the last, and you are not the only ones who do such nonsense! In conclusion, I can say that you play calmly and do not get angry when you like spamming in chat rooms! we play and rejoice
  11. everything works perfect!
  12. Seriously why then do people write that they have a delay and that this is not a problem with the Internet but with a server, just give it a restar, you haven't done it for a long time!!!!!!

    admin welcome, need restart urgently !! the server has a delay for everyone !!

  14. admin restart, everyone on the server has a delay of 2-3 seconds !!
  15. @iCitrus , hmm, I didn’t see that you would kill me 1 on 1 and even more so many times !! the only thing you can kill me with a large number or clan .... and in general, if anger has come to that only from your side of the clan, you have more words than deeds !! you have just empty words, in one word you are paper ... GOOD LUCK !! And we will continue to have fun and laugh at you