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  1. PVE/PVP system

    Problem with current system is that after 1month we loose players and new ppl that come leave cuz its to hard for them to farm(upgrade) becuse everyone is top geared allready and they get killed easily. I know you dont want PVE map becuse then there wont be many ppl on pvp maps. What i suggest is that in order ppl can go to PVE map he needs to play atleast 20min in pvp map. then he can farm like 30min in PVE map. and then again pvp map if he wants to go to PVE again. this system would keep ppl in pvp events and they can PVE if they want.

    i dont think this will keep ppl longer on server, this will just make them quit faster as 1 or 2 clans will be dominant and overpowered, if you want clan pvp go on other server not faction. alot of players played on this server when all ppl had only B grade gear becuse no1 have gear advantage, when ppl get (epics,weapons+++,armor+++) then ppl that cant no life in game quit this is a fact!!!!!!!! if you want longer server unlock a/s after longer period of time and block bishop in non raid events, they make unbalance in faction servers.
  3. Enchant system: Enchant system is to fast and it creates unbalance which makes ppl leave. suggestion: blessed scrolls should only prevent destroying weapon/armor not going -1, keep enchant system normal but yea i agree that ppl can leave if they destroy weapon so maybe we should delete normal enchants. Rank system: Is nice, maybe just lower demand for killing sprees needed for progress, becuse you can do alot of killing sprees only with big population. maybe also increase ranks, becuse some ppl reached end in 3/4 weeks but yea they played 24/7. EPICS: this random fights betwen factions makes ppl leave server becuse if some faction will start getting epics they will win almost always. suggestion: make it like mission manager to be able to join you need pt of 5ppl if one faction has better geared ppl then maybe balance system should alow1 more pt on 1 faction. This would stop ppl crying that 1 faction has alot more players and would force ppl to search for pt to be able to join epic fights. it would really be fantastic seeing fights 10vs10+ Pts also you should keep epics in shop, this is after all pvp server if you dont it would make unbalance becuse 1 side could still win alot more epics. Mission manager: This pve system is actually fantastic, especially statue of liberty its like zombies incomming i really enjoy this mission i wish it would be longer or i could do it more times a day. PVE zone farm: is boring you should make stronger mobs with bigger rewards but yea keep it only 2h per day. Conclussion: From my view why we lost ppl so fast this season is: -to fast progress system: maybe keep C/B grade for 2+ weeks then unlock A/S grade at same time becuse a grade just empower mages more then other classes -Epic fights: becuse of this random fights i think most of ppl left server becuse only 1 side was winning epics all the time, this fights should be with organized PTs or not be able to join at all. -+16 weapons in 1st week made ppl leave server becuse it creates unbalance and also when new ppl joined they saw they wont be able to make it so they left.
  4. Scammer

    So if i understand right he scamed you with saying he bought items with euros? Or you wanted to buy items?
  5. clan skills price

    Can some1 tell me how much cost to learn all clan skills
  6. What about summoners ?

    almost all mele classes have disatvantage on most maps we play cuz they need to get in range to hit. Its rare they have healers. and i mostly play archer/mage. best class to farm
  7. What about summoners ?

    from my view i never had problems with summoners. maybe they hit hard as daggers but crits are rare. summon need to run long distance to hit ppl when mages and archers attack from distance and they hit 3k+ often. go abuse that class if its so OP.
  8. this class is normal, they are not good on all maps same as daggers as you can see there are not many titans around becuse its hard to play it, just cancel/slow/debuff him and run away.
  9. colored system msg

    pls if anyone have working link to systemmsg editor send me a pm or post it here will be really apreciated, i just cant find any program when i search in google all links are old.
  10. L2 OvCnomics

    I agree with this, all you need is group and is alot more fun, now just think what will you do so ppl would play in grps together. On other old faction server which doesnt exist anymore we didnt had all buffs and ppl where lvling EE/SE/OL/WC/PP to get prophecys. so ppl had to grp with buffers and stay together. Here you just take buffs and you are rdy to pvp. We also had prophecys potions in donations so many bought them on start to help with lvling. This system really forced ppl to play together. This is first time i play on this faction server after like 3 years and what really impressed me is mission manager to bad you can only play it once per day. Really good pve experiance. For newcommers you should make something like boost accont for the time they catch up with others becuse when they see All this geared ppl with +16 weapons and epics ofc they just leave. but yea this could result in abusive play if ppl could trade gear and adena to other account.
  11. colored system msg

    Hello Can some1 pls give me link to working colored system msg. Didnt played l2 for some years and deleted those files also couldnt find it on google.