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  1. Gonna play this season, most people are away, looking for a few people to join English speaking, relatively active, has discord If you're interested let me know
  2. @Emerald now that is a change that has all the pros, and no cons : )
  3. > 200 people on AQ -> insane loot spread ;DDDDDD
  4. Hi, as I've been told RayLeigh was banned a few days ago and he was the leader of MostWanted V2; once you ban a character surely it's almost like deleting it so it requries you to be without a clan - if he is the clan leader and gets perma banned, it means all those players that invested in making the clan levels and skills are all wasted now because no one can be invited, the clan cant be managed, and nothing can be improved... Please remove him from Clan Leader so we can at least move forward and employ someone?
  5. imo u cant truly speak on the subject unless this has really happened to you, only then will you know how it feels and what it's like
  6. it really brings out the best of this community, i think
  7. Because he has 3 agrgros, he has hate, aggro, and challenge of fate, he just rotates till the other comes off cooldown Yes, I have tried zaken + anth also from a friend; yet to no avail
  8. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. Again, thank you for the kind words! I am quite new to this game, this is the only server I play; however I won't try to justify anything, since I know I don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to this game. Either way, have a good one
  10. Yeah, It would save directly half the money since you would just invest all your resources in one clan. It happened before, but I guess Emerald would say it's been removed for a reason. Maybe increase the prices but still let us make a bigger clan? It would be a huge QoL increase and easier to organize - perhaps it would encourage more bigger clans to come in the server, and also encourage the existing solo players to group up together in larger numbers, making the whole scene more competitive? Thoughts..
  11. Okay sure yeah, If Emerald will agree with it, I don't mind
  12. @PrayForMercy thank you for the kind words, I will try it however I have the feeling it won't work