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  1. I am 90% sure the "resists" in that expert skill is mental debuffs, like holds stuns mental attacks silence para etc. It was NEVER about elemental resists.
  2. @detro u are a fucking mongoloid im legit watching Iridescent play sps and he is critting even better than 1/4 gtfo u handless ape dont piss me off i dont wanna see ur face complaining ever again check this stream
  3. and btw if mage nerf is OK to everyone, then at the same time remove archer nerf including cat buff availability : ) since we have just proven that mages can be just as good as archers if not better provided the correct circumstances
  4. classic example - advol/kazuna top PK/ASSISTS AND KDA 2 seasons ago, playing MAGE, never once complained about archer damage, as it should be BOTTOM LINE = SHIT PLAYERS WILL ALWAYS COMPLAIN WHEN IT DOESNT SUIT THEM
  5. SINCE U LIKE CAPS SO MUCH I WILL REPLY THE SAME BACK WHAT 400 DMG BRO? EVERYTIME I'M PLAYING ARCHER I GOT AS MANY RESISTS AS I CAN (22/24 SLOTS) AND NO MATTER WHAT MAGE HITS ME, ITS NEVER 400 ITS ALWAYS 800 MINIMUM WITH SURR ON, MCRITS BEING TRIPLE OR MORE FOR THAT AMOUNT I am telling u, i played mage and mcrit rate was actually not that bad - ask all top mages like veil/eagle, they never once complained about mcrit rate and they can dominate on any mage class, legit ppl complaining about interlude changes at this rate are just dogshit players we have been top stats with both mage and archer, what are u talking about X D if u want real interlude ye remove the mcrit nerf, remove archer crit nerf and give us cat buffs, archers will still dominate long-range, whilst mages will dominate short-range - with or without the nerfs this was always the case
  6. what are u talking about bro? as u said i have played here a lot of seasons, i have played both as mage and archer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with MCRIT rate - i have played all 3 mages, and the rate is fine?? one thing you could fix is maybe have wild magic active working, we can even reduce the mcrit rate to 40 or 50%, from 75% maybe it is a bit too high of a nerf, but im telling u i have played mages and its not 1 out of 10, nor 1 out of 17, in my experience, SPS is like 1 out of 4/5 SPH/Necro is like 1 out of 7/8 this is with the fully maxed out mcrit build (X3 Perception, Valakas, POW, Max WIT)
  7. Imagine compaining about archer damage in INTERLUDE when we dont even use CAT BUFFS and we already have a 12% crit damage nerf U SHOULD BE GREATFUL U DONT GET CRIT 10K legit watch any other server whether its faction midrate lowrate whatever u want and with the proper stats archers would crit much harder than what u see here. this is the nature of the client, archers are already nerfed, and u must be legit delusional to ask for an even bigger nerf FACTS
  8. I'm not speaking because I've nothing to say No one speaks for me, only for themselves sad that this has to be explained still
  9. probably nerfed, both active passive, used to be 5% now its 1% or so.. ever since he nerfed passive/active patk matk and other stat-based augments
  10. Rhaegar

    Balance on team

    ofc not, it happens every season where 1 side has more elo than the other, nothing u can do about it tho unless u just transfer sides : )
  11. Rhaegar

    Balance on team

    Elo is predominantly calculated with KDA - the more deaths you have, the lower your ELO. 80% of the top kills every map are order, and therefore the chaos deaths are higher - less elo as a faction Winning doesn't grant you elo as far as I know, and if it does, it certainly isn't a major a factor as kills+deaths+assists Maybe it is weird because you've never experienced it before - for example last H5 season it was actually orders that were the "zergs" because chaos had too much elo About the balance system moving some orders over to chaos... I guess that's what should happen automatically but doesnt?
  12. Rhaegar

    Balance on team

    Having 10 clans all going on order brought it on themselves. If u are in an order clan and you are complaining about balance, you have the solution right in front of you - switch clan to chaos via Donation Manager. Elo system works in such a way that if order has tremendously more elo than chaos (Which it has since the very first map from the start of the server) anyone after the first day can't join order and there's a stricter cap on waiting list queues, therefore the imbalance of Elo caused the imbalance in numbers TLDR everyone prolly thought oh rhaegar is going chaos this must mean we all go order which legit led to having 10 organized parties against the only clan in chaos )
  13. yep... i just couldnt resist for some reason