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  1. This should be done a long time ago

    i think its funny how ever since every season i've played here you always come to the forum trying to be Emerald's little helper, but with everything u suggest and talk about u always get shut down, it's kinda funny really
  2. This should be done a long time ago

    I never considered myself a pro... you're the one who started crying on forums and in game, and no one is zerging anyone atm
  3. This should be done a long time ago

    dw Agent has plenty of experience playing this server guys!!!!!! Since spoiler got removed I see he is adjusting very well
  4. why not broooo

    Yes I realized that, in hindsight, from now on, my clan will always be on the empty side.
  5. Summoners

    So now that people stopped crying about clans, can we focus on the big picture and talk about Summoners?? You're all complaining that we are the reason why people quit and the server dies, but if we have trouble killing them, wtf are newbies in avadons doing against feline kings? I'm making this thread so that people can put all their constructive comments regarding Summoners here
  6. why not broooo

    All I can see here is you solo players crying cause we dominated the whole server, and as long as it's not bannable, you can cry as much as you want, every season is gonna be like this from now on and you can't do anything about it
  7. Where is the pride ?

    As for the "backbone and pride", I did it all over again with no ally, what are you gonna complain about now? It's always gonna be something I guess
  8. Worst OVC

    I'm not abusing any advantages, and that doesn't affect my integrity. I have been respectable to everyone b4 they started trash talking me like I said before, and with regards to zergs, I don't know how many times I have to tell you that we just killed each other in maps and only teamed up for the siege last week (which doesn't apply anymore at all btw, since we just took the Castle alone).What advantages have we exploited? The fact that we play together in groups with classes that are very much allowed in order to be effective? That's just playing smart, and playing well, nothing to do with "abusing advantages". As for "delaying how fast the organised clans snowball and overtake the server", I can honestly tell you (yes, you might think it comess accross as a BIAS opinion, but i'm really trying to be impartial) that the abundance of FA is such a small added benefit that it is not single-handedly the most important factor in clans having more resources that can allow them to gear up faster. Yes, the adena scrolls are probably the most important items in the game in terms of progression but there are more factors to it than that! I've gathered that it takes around just under 5-6 hours of constant play to reach 1,250 FA - the price of the adena scroll, meaning that if you control the castle, you can have a permanent adena scroll boost so-to-speak if you were to play constantly. Whilst this is true, I don't think however that it's not fair.Yes, when there were 2 castles it was easier to take the Castle, and therefore it did seem OP. But now that there's only 1 Castle to siege for the ENTIRE server, and no ALLIES are made, surely it is a fair reward for capturing it successfully? The siege should become something that people want to take, an objective that justifies their effort in terms of the reward. If you were to nerf the FA boost, for example, it may not become so important to solo-players, and discourage them even further of looking to make an organised party/clan. Oh, and as for "progress twice as fast", it's an exaggeration and you know it, it's more of a 20-25% increase in total resources, so in no way does it DOUBLE your progress in the big picture. I've been using adena scrolls constantly for 2 seasons now ever since it got released, and I can tell you in no way do you get a DOUBLE return on your investment - for example, you won't make 2,500 FA in 6 hours. Maybe if you bought the adena scroll with 1,250 adena (But highly unlikely), you would be able to make this amount back in the first 1-2-2.5 hours, in which case you would have 4 hours of profit, but in no waydoes that "pay itself back more than two times". The endless stream of "free money" (that nobody really buys/sells anyway so you should just consider FA being used for what you can actually buy things with, not adena) is a benefit, but I don't think it's so drastic that it makes all other factors insignificant and that this is the single biggest thing that makes organised clans steamroll after taking the first siege. There are far more factors like I explained above which lead to people snowballing, and the FA boost is like 1/5 out of those factors. I beg to differ about your point of gear penalty being irrelevant, ever since I got 2 epics and DB, even with plated leather I'd still get a -77% (capped I think) penalty when killing people in avadon, and then later on with draco set equipped the SAME penalty but killing people in full A grade. You may say that I shouldn't care about the penalty at that point since I already have a lot of gear, but having S grade is far from being end-game ready, and the penalty really does take a toll on progression after that, since with or without scavenger + adena boost, your adena drops become significantly low. One other thing I noticed is the falsely perceived importance of Scavenger - I took it off some days ago and I really can't notice the difference - the adena scroll is far more important than the expert skill and even if you were to combine both, you wouldn't notice much of a difference. TLDR; I'm not entirely against the adena scroll boost nerf; just don't cut it in half, a 25% nerf will certainly do the job. At the end of the day, I am more than happy to have a decent, respectable, mature and constructive conversation with anyone that actually cares about the development of this project, (not saying this is you) but complaining about things constantly on the basis of "they are too strong, they must be stopped because they're killing the server" is a little unfair to those who have put a lot of time and effort to progressing faster than anyone else. Being dedicated, and even being skilled, should not be punished; it should most definitely be encouraged by both the server content and the players, only then will it be a true competitive environment.
  9. why not broooo

    It's not my problem people can't get organised / don't want to get organised by themselves, I have the right to play in a structured manner with friends If I choose to. So whether or not people leave the server, it's not necessarily a consequence of my action, but the absence of them not stepping their game up.
  10. Where is the pride ?

    Never trash talked u btw, I just told u I found it ironic how u made 999 posts before server opened saying u are an ORGANISED AND WELL KNOWN PVP CLAN but when u joined i didnt see anyone, just a bit of banter that's all, if you decide to take it to heart it's your problem

    2 simple minded people, nothing more
  12. Where is the pride ?

    I legit have no idea what u are talking about, I never trashtalked anyone?? IALWAYS just kept to myself and minded my own business, now that i'm dominating you all start compaining? Not gonna lie i expected more from you guys i actually had legit respect for you, but when things aren't going your way instead of growing up and doing smth about it you just open your mouth on forums, it's dissapointing really. And what the actual fuck is with this "pet" trend that i'm seeing? You never saw a mutually beneficial deal in your life? I don't owe Luffy anything and he doesn't owe me anything, we only joined up to secure both sieges, other than that we kill each other and behave like 2 individual clans, why does a crest matter when the actions don't reflect a real alliance? Stop complaining for once in your life, you were once against the people crying on forums, now you joined them.
  13. why not broooo

    Btw fighting each other is what we have been doing ever since the start of the server, even between clannies and allies, legit everyone pvps everyone. So I don't see why being permanently on order would make a difference, since most of us go there anyway to prevent waiting so long

    Yeah, unfortunately I stick to keeping animations off so i can have at least 60 Fps