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  1. finally. true 50/50 disparity. thank you. i wish chaos didnt have to reap the benefits of being fortunate for 1 week straight, though.
  2. the way i see it elo has been used as the main balancing factor in an attempt to balance both sides; making up for the huge discrepancy in count and gear - does it not work like that?
  3. unlucky once again using elo as the balancing factor very unfortunate
  4. np guys they have 20 more ppl and better gear but elo is 50 so its balanced!
  5. again, ELO being the determining factor instead of count and gear
  6. the main balancing factors needs to stop being "elo".. how can it be considered equal when they are more in numbers, and more in gear?
  7. salty because i have more kills assists time played sprees streaks than u ? now u want others to be punished for playing more / being better? kala ok
  8. the boys are playing midrates i think
  9. those times have past unfortunately
  10. @elxdark cause im alone this season bro
  11. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  12. Rhaegar


    cause i didnt have a photo of the rest, but im sure it was the same on all stats that season