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    I have always been the main assister who takes targets ever since I started playing here, so therefore I physically cannot even take advantage of the auto assist feature because I’m the one taking targets as for those in my party? They don’t use it either, most of them don’t even play with interfaces, and btw it’s not hard to have a macro to target and assist me, it’s literally almost the same thing as the auto assist feature. The fact that people think me or others in my party auto assist, is retarded, because I broadcast every time I play, I have all my streams saved, literally from day 1 of playing this server, you can see what I’m doing. As for my party, I explained how easy and straightforward it is to set up a macro to assist me, and if you tried it in your game youtoo would understand its simplicity
  2. @Emerald we were at AQ, I have video proof, i will provide timestamps both of them are using the fact that they are married for QWRA to spawn PREVY's dead body next to him and then res him from anywhere, using .gotolove clear proof can be seen right from the beginning where prevy dies in front of me and later dissapears, only to reappear again next to QWRA on the outside of the pit. an even clearer proof can be seen of how the process actually works at the very end where i literally walk past PREVY's dead body and then QWRA proceeds to run to the corner of the map and summon him, and then res him. TIMESTAMPS = 00:00:41 = HE DIES IN FRONT OF US 00:01:08 = HE IS GONE NOW FROM THAT SPOT 00:02:56 = AS YOU CAN SEE, I TARGET HIM AND HE APPEARS NEXT TO QWRA ON CHAOS SIDE 00:13:41 = I WALK PAST PREVY, HE IS DEAD, ON THE RIGHT SIDE WATCH HOW QWRA WALKS FROM THIS TIMESTAMP TO THE CORNER CLOSELY 00:13:58 = QWRA THEN PERFORMS THE EXPLOIT AGAIN, SHOWING EXACTLY HOW ITS DONE https://www.twitch.tv/videos/468205678
  3. no reason to bann

    i've had my stream on from day 1, and saving all broadcasts, u can clearly see no1 is using anything
  4. no reason to bann

    wait im confused u actually think me and my clan are using adrenaline? or u trolling
  5. no reason to bann

    Nope, only thing im noticing is me and my party are legit domianting everyone, so who are u talking about?
  6. no reason to bann

    @Lesleywho is doing it? just curious

    @Digicultcheers brother

    people with my nickname? what are u a snowflake SJW feminist in 2019? its nothing racist or offensive lmao kys

    and u are not a java player? u have been playing here for 3 years

    u should know your place

    u said it urself, u are twice my age is 10x more experience, but im owning u every season, its not embarrasing?

    ok Nia u want me to congragulate u on ur achievements this season?

    I titled it shitposting for a reason, if you can't see it as a bait for retards to get triggered then why are you telling me about how i'm acting

    if you actually think that +100 patk and +20 atk spd is the difference between 20 and 70 kills, then I'm dissapointed because I thought you had more IQ Of course, shitters and braindeads will always make excuses for not performing as hard, whether that's calling other ppl donators, telling them they use exploits, or just making random bs excuses like god motivation or im playing with a billion supports when its just 1, or that i'm zerging which isn't true either ;DD keep being salty mongoloids i love it

    Gj chaos is 60% tanks and WL's, ofc they are gonna win forts, why would my archer party want to play the objective on such a map. When it depends on kills I don't think Chaos has ever won