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  1. Connection to server from UK

    Really? I'm in the UK and don't really have a problem
  2. stream buff

    The error I had 2 days ago and yesterday was "couldn't obtain channel data" or something like that, me and @Sponzrealised it's because Twitch's API system was down, therefore OVC couldn't read ur twitch stream as the program to do it was down, so always check thehttps://twitchstatus.com/website, as sometimes there are problems from the company rather than from the server

    btw feel free to add my discord - Rhaegar#2053

    Just a few frag clips that I edited, from last season and the current one, enjoy, feedback appreciated! P.S. If u are a Game of Thrones fan I hope u find the intro theme
  5. Clan Skills

    @Soulka ty
  6. Clan Skills

    @PePeRof course, but I just feel like that's unecessary given the circumstances
  7. Clan Skills

    I understand you have this idealistic theme to keep your server as close to retail as possible, and whilst that has its benefits, one thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is the fact that you've made clan skills such as Empower available for only 3 people at a time (Leader + 2 Royal Captains), why is this? The clan is capped at 15 anyway, which is a non-retail feature, so thus why keep this restriction on clan skills especially when Empower is a) one of the most important skills and b) one of the most expensive to make, and thus in terms of organised play for a clan, the fairest and most common way that clans build up level and skills is through having everyone donate an equal amount to achieve these things; how can 15 people play together but essentially be donating for a skill that only 3 people can use? Just makes no sense in my eyes, perhaps you can share your reasoning and it might have been something I missed. My suggestion is to make all clan skills available to every single person in the clan, because at the end of the day they're all playing together and playing under the same crest - it's a faction server, pvp servers are the same, why not for this particular feature change it for the better rather than sticking to a retail feature that isn't suited to faction servers? Cheers
  8. God's motivation

    ye thats fine tbh
  9. God's motivation

  10. God's motivation

    Who loses objectives ON PURPOSE toget overwpoered buffs? who loses objective ON PURPOSE at all? i'll tell you the reason, because as a mage / archer what the fuck should i do against warlords/daggers in fort for example? of course im going to play on the exterior rather than inside? or what, should i join the bandwagon and make that class too just so i can show ppl that i want to win maps? i have never once cried about anything to do with classes or balancing in this server, not once. we did start off playing warlords, and it was for the first week, i have nothing against them, but how am i going to even attempt to win a WL / tank / dagger based map as a ranged?
  11. God's motivation

    perma crying community nothing new after legit every nerf you will always have another nerf planned until this server wont be worth playing at all you're trying to turn a ranged chronicle by default into a melee one why not just play h5? warlods and daggers are very good, archers and mages are not broken streamer reward is completely fine, why dont you try it? takes 5 minutes to setup instead of crying just try it god motivation isnt broken, i make the same amount of kills with and without, it helps newbies more than fully geared ppl u win objectives, so u get score and money through that, we get money through kills seems u want to win at completely everything so you even complain further about us getting money some kind of way unless the solo players will be 100% happy and this server will be directly suited for them, seems like they will stop at nothing to nerf team play or any bonuses reply and say whatever you want about me personally, but the points i made are about no one in particular and they are just objective opinions, if u want a "constructive" thread, then continue it by making it so cheers

    I have always been the main assister who takes targets ever since I started playing here, so therefore I physically cannot even take advantage of the auto assist feature because I’m the one taking targets as for those in my party? They don’t use it either, most of them don’t even play with interfaces, and btw it’s not hard to have a macro to target and assist me, it’s literally almost the same thing as the auto assist feature. The fact that people think me or others in my party auto assist, is retarded, because I broadcast every time I play, I have all my streams saved, literally from day 1 of playing this server, you can see what I’m doing. As for my party, I explained how easy and straightforward it is to set up a macro to assist me, and if you tried it in your game youtoo would understand its simplicity
  13. @Emerald we were at AQ, I have video proof, i will provide timestamps both of them are using the fact that they are married for QWRA to spawn PREVY's dead body next to him and then res him from anywhere, using .gotolove clear proof can be seen right from the beginning where prevy dies in front of me and later dissapears, only to reappear again next to QWRA on the outside of the pit. an even clearer proof can be seen of how the process actually works at the very end where i literally walk past PREVY's dead body and then QWRA proceeds to run to the corner of the map and summon him, and then res him. TIMESTAMPS = 00:00:41 = HE DIES IN FRONT OF US 00:01:08 = HE IS GONE NOW FROM THAT SPOT 00:02:56 = AS YOU CAN SEE, I TARGET HIM AND HE APPEARS NEXT TO QWRA ON CHAOS SIDE 00:13:41 = I WALK PAST PREVY, HE IS DEAD, ON THE RIGHT SIDE WATCH HOW QWRA WALKS FROM THIS TIMESTAMP TO THE CORNER CLOSELY 00:13:58 = QWRA THEN PERFORMS THE EXPLOIT AGAIN, SHOWING EXACTLY HOW ITS DONE https://www.twitch.tv/videos/468205678
  14. no reason to bann

    i've had my stream on from day 1, and saving all broadcasts, u can clearly see no1 is using anything