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  1. crit error

    happened during teleport
  2. crit error

    what about this error?
  3. Looking for healer duo

  4. Interlude

  5. Hi

    These pics are meaningless. You are a healer, of course you will have good K/D ratio??
  6. Hi

    missed ovc drama ;o
  7. Hi

    I for one would be down for this 100%. I feel like we should credit Emerald 100% for trying to make a GoD season; it's something very innovative and certainly one of a kind. I just feel like there are too many problems with it (good on paper, difficult in reality). H5 was one of my favourite seasons on OvC and I would definitely put a lot of effort into trying to make a very good G.Final/H5 season. It's just a matter of what plans the admins have; I would recommend a poll which asks the question of what season should be next. However, I have a feeling the admins are still very determined to make GoD work, so I am not sure.
  8. Hi

    This too is a good point. If you think about it; part of the reason GoD was made was because official was losing players since private servers were becoming more popular, so they had to make something new to keep players on the official servers. With this in mind, I think they may have purposefully made the following clients hard to manipulate and change in order to be made into good and worth-while-to-play private servers - in this case, afaction server.
  9. Hi

    This was always the case,the only situation where this isn't happening is this client; and it's because there are too many items to buy and you can snowball very easily if you get ahead. I do agree that the difference is massive atm and the snowball potential is even bigger than before, but I only think it's going to happen on GoD. Idk what to suggest, it's hard to make it easier for the newbies because most things that u will do to make it easier in general, will also make it easier for those ahead.
  10. Hi

    ''Equal in pvp'' bro you are not making much sense here; I don't get how you can be complaining that people who 1) know how to play the system and 2) have time on their hands who play to win & have fun at the same time, should be limited and held back simply because of people who don't want to put in as much effort as they do. And yes, in my opinion it is a CHOICE to play or not to play - even if you have work and other dedications, it's all a matter of priority. I just think it's not fair for those who do put in a lot of effort and time into the game to be held back purely because of those who want to get the same and play less - that's what i callLazy. If someone plays more intentionally for the reason toget aheadwhy should he have to suffer?
  11. HI5/Gracia

    Ok, thank you
  12. HI5/Gracia

    Just wondering if there are any plans or possibilities that there may be another High Five or any Gracia Client season? Thanks in advance P.S - Asking this out of pure curiosity; by no means am I trying to influence people not playing GoD in the future
  13. Hi

    Would wait till next season if I was you.

    if you can see that this season was a somewhat failure, or at least not as successful as others prior, then you would agree that wiping would not be the solution here - not yet, at least. There are some problems which caused the season to not be very successful, and thus it is more important to take care of these issues and then wipe, so that the next season will not be the same as this one.
  15. Too slow

    I'm hurt man, I'd like to think I have a life at this age