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  1. [Interlude] Future Plans

  2. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I still think the main objective of the server should be sieges. You shot down all my suggestions last time, so here we go again (with some changes) : Main objective : Capture the Fort/town/castle. Example : Goddard territory. Each faction gets spawned in random locations in Goddard territory. Objective is to capture all 3 sites : Castle, Fort and Town. When players die they get teleported to their captured territory.(if a faction hasn't capped a site they get teleported back to the place they started)And don't paint a green/red square for people to stand in. Place a statue to cast the capture spell like you had in one of your fort events. Factions should get points according to how many sites they captured. When a faction caps all 3 sites the event is over. ( add a time limit of 1 hour or something.. ). Leave Aden Siege for clan activities like you have now. As for the things you mentioned above 1. Progressive Gameplay : Just remove it. It may help new players but it hurts the old players. Why would you by an item costing 1000 + adena when it will get free in a week or 2 ? Start with B grade free and set up fixed prices for A,S and when people get full S unlock Dynasty. Remove boss jewels from the shop. Leave that to the RNG when you do raid events. 2. The coin thing is a good idea BUT disable pvp in the pve area. There are alot of assholes that kill people on sight and ruin your farming. And for the love of god make deletion of characters instant. There are some people like myself that can't decide with what to play and make 300340 characters.
  3. Server Rework

    Actually alot of people are searching for a server like that. And getting 10 enemies spawn behind you is fun ? Well now at the "later stage" you face a total of 10 people in events. Atleast make the mobs in the pve zone undead so healers can level up solo...
  4. Server Rework

    Straight to the point : Make the server something like the old GvE server that was actually fun to play. 1. Territory capture : Make all towns/castles/forts/villages ( leave 2 for faction bases) territories that can be captured for your faction. When a faction captures all territories they get access to a hidden S grade vendor for a day or something ( you choose duration and location). When a person dies they are sent to their faction town/village. To get to enemy territories you must teleport to the closest town that your faction owns and run from there. Here's the main objective of the server. 2. Less events. Make them more rare and more rewarding. 3. Enchanting system : For weapon enchants make it so you get enchant on your weapon through set amount of kills. Like 50 for +1 , 200 for +2 etc... Armor enchants drop normally through pvp. And scrap your idea behind the enchant rates of armors +16 0.95 %... One thing is hard, but this is just impossible. 4. PvE zone - gone. Just start from 80 and disable SP/Exp requirements for skill enchants. 5. Start from B grade. Also don't put materials as gear cost. Just adena. Server atm is next to dead. Max 5 people in events ( not even fighting). It needs a change.
  5. Emergency occurs!

    Decrease in large people ? They lost weight ?
  6. 自由

    Translation from google :You should make everything free and bring people back! Now there are only about ten players who had over 100 people at the time!
  7. Question

    Did my account with the character Arcanus get banned?
  8. Question

    Well... since that was the only way to get a gm/admin's attention... meh...
  9. Question

    It doesn't say "account suspended' or smt,just cant login.

    Make the Divine Intervention buff slots and the expert book one to work with pets.
  11. Suggestion how to keep New/Old ppl longer

    Don't waste your breath. Nothing will get fixed here.
  12. Player eLQ and his pet tank SMS Its getting pretty obvious that elq is using some multibox software . He/she and the other dwarf (SMS) are 24/7 together in events. Tank spams aggression to switch targets off the mage and you cant hit him. Can you check if both characters are played from the same IP ?
  13. Not a bug report but a cheater report

    I don't believe a word you said. And I'm not the only one that thinks you are botting. And by experience you mean the " run to spawn cuz I'm a pussy and bruise easly ?"
  14. Not a bug report but a cheater report

    Everyone knows that and noone does shit... That shows how much the admin cares about his server... stop donating and see changes happening...
  15. Necromancer bug

    The skill Corpse Burst doesn't work. It does the animation but no damage. It's the only AOE skill that the necro has. Please fix it.
  16. Necromancer bug

    It's supposed to do a "blazing circle" around the corpse you use it on.
  17. Summoner Bug

    Sometimes when my summon dies, when I summon a new one the left most buff it had disappears. It's not overbuffing, i have a slot free. And if it's possible make the Divine Inspiration buff slots work with summons too.
  18. Buff count

    Is it possible to increase the buff count? To like 25 or something ? 20 is not enough and class buffs remove the oldest buff.
  19. Just a question

    Can you make the character deletion not take a week but instant ?