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  1. You just copied all the stuff L2GvE.net had. And Emerald shot down that idea long ago cuz.... I really don't know...
  2. Should this thread be deleted cuz it's stupid as all hell ? FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON : Order vs Chaos : The Drama Show
  3. Now when it "finally" works ( 0.001 % chance...) it hits its master once and just stays there... dead skill... and healer's erase lands like 80 % of the time
  4. Biostorm

    PVE/PVP system

    Last season everything got cheaper and it ruined the server economy.
  5. When I send my pet to attack someone it goes to the location that the target was when I ordered the attack. If the player moves the servitor still goes to the position the player was when I attacked and THEN goes to chase the player. And another issue - if the player is running the servitor just chases without attacking EVEN when it's faster than the player chased. The first problem appeared after those updates you did.
  6. Weird... cuz on my elf archer I can take both mystic muse and archmage as subclasses.
  7. For some unknown reason I can't pick Archmage as a subclass on my Storm Screamer. It's not on the list.
  8. Define "later" cuz its super annoying.
  9. Update. I can interact with them but it seems that they are not in the place they show to be. If I target a shop from afar and double click to go to the shop and interact I'm able to open it. But if I try to interact with the shop upclose it wont open.
  10. I logged in like 20 minutes ago. There was no restart that i'm aware of.
  11. As of today I can't interact with like 50 % of the people's private shops. I keep clicking on them and no window opens up. Tried restarting , other characters and it's still the same.
  12. Biostorm


    I'm happy with just Hellbound. I miss playing as the one-winged chicken.
  13. The only thing I see here worth fixing is lowering the success rate of Cancel to something bellow 100%.
  14. Biostorm


    The server needs an open world pvp option. It gets boring cuz everything is scripted. Stand in the red/green marker zone , escort the stupid horse, carry a flag for 25 minutes...