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  1. Newbie starting guide

    Make an sps,give him +5 wit not +4 con because noone is doing damage (archer is the worst class early) + cc is for 1 second only so be a F*cking nuker...Now, First expertise is adena,then stats (2/3 not full) , then resist + buffslot. Play like this until you have valakas,DONT SPEND ADENA TO ANYTHING except the dc set and the daimon that you allready bought the first day. The moment you have valakas change the adena expertiseto mc rate and of cource keep the other two,also change the magnus buff to pow (you will need clarity) after thatjust enjoy the domination...yes is that simple,if you have duo as you said ofc you want him to playa bish,easy 50 kill minimum per mapwith this build. P.S : GL & HF everyonethis season,Sorry for the previous. P.S2 : @Rhaegarplans changed mate,you cant count me for this season,maybe the sure you guys will stomp this server anyway,gl brotha.
  2. l2zoo

    Welcome to l2zoo,take your pet and come join us,its gonna be fun we guaranteed Emerald is likeGive me proof give me proof,im the zoo manager,you can just make a rank 1 character ender to the zooand see from yourself,see the frustration and disappoiment of red and green both about pets,is all over the chat every f*cking map literally,and if you are a rank 1 see the 8k damage on you oneshot. BTW,a guy mention the pet radius,previous zoomap was giran i was church side spawn and i saw a pet coming all the way from blacksmith i instantly knew its for me,enough said.
  3. max number / party

    @AdvolHello there,Aantaria is playing yes,i was here with Wh1t3shark previous season im solo now,if you got any slot for nuker on the package sing me up,same in-game name as in forum.