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  1. l2zoo

    Welcome to l2zoo,take your pet and come join us,its gonna be fun we guaranteed Emerald is likeGive me proof give me proof,im the zoo manager,you can just make a rank 1 character ender to the zooand see from yourself,see the frustration and disappoiment of red and green both about pets,is all over the chat every f*cking map literally,and if you are a rank 1 see the 8k damage on you oneshot. BTW,a guy mention the pet radius,previous zoomap was giran i was church side spawn and i saw a pet coming all the way from blacksmith i instantly knew its for me,enough said.
  2. max number / party

    @AdvolHello there,Aantaria is playing yes,i was here with Wh1t3shark previous season im solo now,if you got any slot for nuker on the package sing me up,same in-game name as in forum.