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  1. Well done Emerald

    I checked both Magnus and Powater, dunno how much it took maybe around 1-2 min. Guess u know better ^^ Maybe math lessons will be needed too.
  2. Well done Emerald

    Have you ever play SPS on server to make such statements? I mean, damn i knew you wouldn't say anything smart at all even if writing more than 2 sentences but this crap you wrote is just disgusting. Thats the difference, this people are talking about, its called "BALANCE" if this thing is so hard to understand im leaving this great link to all people or Greeks without basic english knowledge to help you understand what are these people talking about: I dunno how you built those SPS you talk about but well im not using WM active or passive to achieve such M.Crits you talk about. Normally on Retail-like servers ( which are far from being "balanced") that SPS would have 1/1 m.crit probably ^^ Want more tests or maybe SS with build and guide?
  3. Rework the Elo system

    Proofs of how broken this current ELO system is : 2 greens vs 9 reds is the same as 40%:60% in counts? I don't think so.... And you trying to tell me that i tell lies about the numbers?
  4. Rework the Elo system

    This screenshot was taken not to "show" that i missjudged the numbers and counts of players, its about showing how bullshit it is, it says 60% right? But i bet, whatever u want that its not counting people that joined and/or quit in past minutes. Anyway, i know what kind of person you are, you like proofs indeed, i will give you some, I havent throw any idea about how to IMPROVE this ELO system because im not creator of it, i believe that you know how system works and you know the best way to make it work better. If u are out of ideas for it then just say and i bet many people will suggest some ideas. I wanted to describe the problem as good as possible, i dont know any formulas/mechanics/algorithms of how this works, so who am I to throw ideas and fixes? If you will tell me that you are actually interested in this Gear System we would make, i can fully describe a way of how it would work fair and square with all pros/cons I see in it, more than that i will even compare it to ELO system if you`d like to. @Emerald
  5. Rework the Elo system

    @Emerald I think you should consider making some biiiig update towards the elo system and number of players on map. Some people make new chars or are fully geared and they can join events with 2000-3000 ELO on their characters. When people with 5k struggle a lot to join events(no matter what class DD/TANK/BP) and more than that, it seems like u madee some weird changes that make 5k ELO player worth x4 2k ELO players. In the current state of server its uncomfortable to see events like TvT with 5-6 order players with 5k ELO vs 30 chaos players with 2k ( and even S grades with such low elo). The numbers are really off charts. Check that ELO system on events, delete it or make Gear System instead ELO one.
  6. Insane lag issue

    Since yesterday`s night server gets some random lag spikes which lasts for 2-3 events or longer. Take a closer look at the issue, we don`t know if its another DDOS attempt or services issue.
  7. Small update

    Nah, I actually like the server and enjoy it, since it`s faction one it should stay casual with healthy competition like past season. Can`t understand your suggestion though, how is it topic related? Try maybe some OFF classic servers with mass pvp`s if u want to dominate or idk prove (?) something. Anyway, this topic is a suggestion, not flame section, but hate is real here lmao, no matter what topic. Making any counter argument against it ("go to PvE server" is not quite a good one) seems to be hard for you, so please keep your mouth shut if u don`t have to say anything smart, thanks mate.
  8. Small update

    Hi, Since season is running for 2 weeks, people are geared and some newcomers are keep coming I`d like to encourage them to stay for longer. That`s why i suggest some small update that would make them stay with us: - Adding maximum DMG cap you can deal on players with rank 1-3 (like 33% - 40%) to avoid archer`s one-shoting on avadon robe users, if an archer can kite well he will find the target anyway and newbies wont feel demotivated by seeing like 5-6k GS arrows on chat. - Keeping some motivation buff lvl1 or like death charm lvl1 buff for player with rank 1-3 (Adena gear depended system is fine and high right now for newcomers anyway so i don`t think it requires update unless Emerald thinks it does, i will leave this feature up to Admin`s mind.) My suggestion is only for those two things, which are little update to the current gear difference we can see on server ^^
  9. Worst OVC

    If you dunno how to position and approach enemy then you are as good as your insults are - brainless.
  10. Worst OVC

    They won't heal anyone if they are stunned by WL. Learn game basics and counters for each classes, it's really old game yet not many people have mass pvp experience which is shown on Shout Chat. Spamming all day "bp bots/ol/wl/" etc. won't make you better player, more like pathetic without own brain and ideas. Search on YT some mass clan wars pvp's and learn something new already instead of being a "Forum Warriors" that know everything that's "wrong". You got options, you just don't see them or have enough knowledge to use them, season after season...
  11. max number / party

    Just have fun and be good, nothing more and less to say. GL, Ajeel
  12. Ring of Goddess (Nobless)

    You can always buy it from Donation Manager for Festival Adena price, 2000FA is required.
  13. Classic season inc. Mark my words, it`s an amazing chronicle for ALL
  14. Bishop per side cap/balance

    Hi, I think it would be nice to cut bishops out of this ELO crap, because when you reach the maximum 5K Elo as Bp, getting into events is almost impossible. Opposite side has two Bishops when in the meantime i'm the only one that wishes to join my side and balance event a bit. Waiting in queue for 15mins is discouraging, make it either 1:1 count depending or some gear system. This class should also have some kind of lock if there are 10 or less players inside event. It is made for mass pvp so I dont see any point in picking it until population is high( Like 15-30 vs 15-30).
  15. Is this legal?

    The only thing i see there is a Skype link, maybe he recruits to clan?