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  1. Ring of Goddess (Nobless)

    You can always buy it from Donation Manager for Festival Adena price, 2000FA is required.
  2. Classic season inc. Mark my words, it`s an amazing chronicle for ALL
  3. Bishop per side cap/balance

    Hi, I think it would be nice to cut bishops out of this ELO crap, because when you reach the maximum 5K Elo as Bp, getting into events is almost impossible. Opposite side has two Bishops when in the meantime i'm the only one that wishes to join my side and balance event a bit. Waiting in queue for 15mins is discouraging, make it either 1:1 count depending or some gear system. This class should also have some kind of lock if there are 10 or less players inside event. It is made for mass pvp so I dont see any point in picking it until population is high( Like 15-30 vs 15-30).
  4. Is this legal?

    The only thing i see there is a Skype link, maybe he recruits to clan?
  5. Hi, Since server is alive for longer than 1 month already I think lowering rank requirements wouldn't hurt anyone. Newbies would catch up faster and feel more motivated when they see how fast they can rank up after some time has passed and most veterans are rank 8+. You could also add some NPC close to the portal with daily missions based on rank in order to avoid abuse, for example : Rank 1-3: Missions for 1-3 bewb/beab/book lvl 1-2/ etc. 1) Kill 25 players or assist 150 times. 2) Win as faction event 3 times. Rank 4-6: Missions for 1-2 bewa/beaa/book lv3/ etc. 1) Kill 75 players or assist 400 times. 2) Win as faction 6 times. Rank 7-10: Missions for 1 bews/beas/ls/book lv4/ etc. 1) Kill 150 players or assist 550 times. 2) Win as faction 9 times. I could even make a bigger list of suggested missions (so people can choose the most convenient one for them) for all of these rank sections.
  6. Weird bug

    After recent update with QA, another bug appeared. It seems like you tried to fix the attack move bug, but it's even worse now. When you are waaaaay to close to your target(No matter if it's event/oly/duel) you can't cast any close-combat skill, more than that it says "Incorrect target." and you end up running after your target before he is in some range like 2 steps or 1 ahead of you, then the skills are starting to work properly. Same bug seems to happen to shops when you try to click on them to close, you have to take back a few steps to open it. It should be fixed asap because right now playing any dagger/glad/tyrant class is annoying and discouraging. Regards
  7. Ant Queen spawn bug

    Hello could you check the Ant Queen spawn? It shows that it`s "Alive", more than that it even comes to event list, but when we entered the zone we start to fight for Ant Queen larvas not QA himself:
  8. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    Okey, its equal now, im honestly fine with it. Let's hear other players opinion. @Emeraldchange also the topic to: Nerf Celestial/Cancel because now we balancing two pretty powerful skills. I think if people see a "Cancel" topic the post will be more taken into account since a lot of players been talking about Cancel. I would leave FoI locked till next season after this changes, organized clans would start using it, including mine which could lead to a disbalance + for this changes now tho
  9. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    As a Duelist main this season I would look forward to this trade, but i said no since its missing one crucial point. @Emeraldyou forgot to mention 1 more change that should be made if u decide to reduce Celestial's time. Mage's cancel should be reduced to 3-4 seconds too then or made unstackable, since u gonna lose 50-70% of your buffs before u will enter a crowded arena, it is not fair to lose buffs longer than celestial lasts, dont you think? Those 3 seconds gap we had after receiving an stacked cancel for 7 seconds with celestial that lasts 10s was crucial in order to actually deal damage asignificant damage. And its not only about duelist/tyrants, any class would feel sad if u receive a 5 sec immortality and lose buffs for 7 seconds. To sum up, nerfing cancel, nefing celestials and boosting a bit damage seems fair.
  10. Enchanting system improvements

    Anyway, the current season is for me a big success and progress towards something we all wanted.I don't intend to criticize GM or the staff, Im enjoying the current season and I'm thankful for bringing back that bit of GvE faction servers experience. Those are only my suggestions and ideas as a big fan of faction servers and OvC Greetings!
  11. Enchanting system improvements

    From my point of view,, I think that this whole gearing up with current system is just too easy and fast. S grades should cost x2 more and mats requirements should be doubled too. Epics hmm easy too get also but i would add some kind of extra materials required to craft one and drive server economy to next level like idk for example "Epic Coin". Adena required to craft one should also be raised to prolong seasons. Also that grand rb full s grades drop is nice but should be locked for 1-2 weeks or drop armor parts only instead both weapons and armors. A grades price can stay the same, so there won't be any s grade geared player fast after season starts. The longer we stay in a grades, the easier it will be for newbies to catch up and not get one shoted or two.Also the harder the grind will be, the longer the season and playerbase will stay because they wont get bored. It would also encourage ppl to buy more runes so i think its a win/win situation for ALL. Starting from C grades again would be nice too. It was soo enjoyable 2 seasons ago.

    Get used to it people always abuse one class each season they consider more rewarding for adena or buffed . Past seasons it was tank/wl/ol if u survived them then some summoners ain't a real problem
  13. Progressive gameplay for newbies

    I mentioned that "adena rune" are abusable indeed but could u explain to me what are the cons of giving newbies an even higher chanceto catch up LvL in short time? There are many "impolite" players that are going toslay those newbies over and over again in the xp zone. Mages aim for 78 lvl arcana, archers for 78 lvl extra range. I wonder if somebody would sacrifice his main-ranked and leveled account in order to create new one and level up faster on some classes, he is loosing even more after adding new subs for 500a. Academy was a great idea. It should work and make newbie life easier ^^
  14. Progressive gameplay for newbies

    Hello, Server will have 2 weeks in just a few hours and because of that I would like to suggest some kind of different progressive gameplay version u had once made @Emerald. (Yeah, i know the topic sounds like a bait and draws attention.) When everybody hear's "progressive gameplay" they have mixed feelings but i suggest a TOTALLY different version which won't affect economy of the server and newbies will be given a hand in their "grind journey" and season will prolong even more. Here are some of my suggestions to improve the current seasons: 1) First of all, expert books and class level. Those are very helpful in reaching character potential, I suggest to give each newbie player an XP 6-hour rune in order to reach this potential way faster and become closer to mid-geared players. I would also suggest to put a message after each level up or rank when u get expertise book. It should contain a specific and short message like "Hey, an expertise book in your inventory is waiting for being spent on some cool passive skills! Head to .....bla bla bla in order to make use of it!". 2) Secondly, adena rune but hmm im not sure if u would like to put the 100% one, but a different version like 50% adena rune for 6-hours wouldn't be so bad. U should also consider putting a gear cap on it so people don't start to make new accounts and put their main gear on it. 3) How about giving every newcomer some small bonus like a free to choose b grade weapon+6, after picking their main class. Noone cares right now about b grades(weapons at least), so i think it could help and encourage them to "feel" that they are actually doing some damage. 4) Summoners, hmm i don't mind them honestly but people seemed to complain a lot about them( I was also a witness of a party which was sending 3 summons directly at 1 bishop). I know this might not be related to topic but if newbies see a summon criting for 5k they are like "omfg, summoner server bla bla" My solution to make everybody happy is to make: - summoners cap per party, 1 is more than enough with a dagger/archer locked on 1 target. -putting cap to the number of summoners that can enter the event 1:1 per side just like u did it with Bishops. There are several, summoners that love this class and play it constantly so I believe it won't hurt them, but at the same time there are people that play it because they see it as some kind of "adena generator" on specific maps and then the abuse comes true! Topic is open, community is free to express their opinions and suggest their own ideas under this toopic. P.S Respect each other and don't make it another flame-trashtalk battle, I would like moderators to delete any not related to the topic comments in order to avoid mess.
  15. Clan shop / Aden Castle

    LF siege competition!