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  1. Attribute Test

    My point wasnt referring that Attirbutes themselves are strong. its about how TOO-WELL they scale, you did the in test 50% i would say, theres also PvP duel might aug, both passive and active, we have belts with passive PvP skill attack and finally, final secret which provides another 30%, i believe if u would scale them all with skills+30, tyrant would one-Hurricane any mage without Mana Shield. Glads/daggers have enchant Duel which is even more ridiculous dmg. Anyway, Im more than happy with that conclusion Great job @Chevignon
  2. Few suggestions about H5 season

    Order probably, but we dont mind to swap (if needed) to the "weaker" side if it will be necessary
  3. Few suggestions about H5 season

    @Emerald I mean it's 2019 and you dont know what i mean about damage attribute with stones? I thought H5 is equal to Interlude by chronicle popularity and most people played it even once or more. It will be a deadly blow to server and to those that have lesser knowledge about H5 than Interlude(which is like comparing 21 century to medieval). All right, i will gather all SS and proofs needed to make this cause a win because if u join any H5 server PvP oriented where newbies start with gear and 0 attributes they are usually a one shot to Tricketers with 150-300 dark attribute till they farm their stones which might be a bit time draining, but here we dont have spots and from what i've checked 3-5 stones in PvE zone arent quite enough so if u going to make their drop rate mostly by PvP then peoole that played first day will show you an enournous gap between those that are new Anyway my point is to make things more easie for some peopler and allowing all at start to remain with those attributes then if somebody reach the 300 element he wont hurt that hard on a 60 element armor, unlike a 0 element armor. @Chevignonwill do his job as well, i know he will find it, because he is such a community open guy and great tester. I'm just giving solutions, which u were searching because people always "talk" as you said but they dont give you any ideas, proof side and test should be done by peoole that include OvC crew but i don't mind bringing them myself. Regards
  4. Few suggestions about H5 season

    1) Make attribute stones free for all to balance damage and crystals buyable for adena. It would prevent people being one shot when others know how to make proper setup with Skills++ and attributtes, also add elements to starting armors lv4 instesd 1-2. 2) How will the thing with talismans go?You could lock them inside events except Grand RB/Raidbosses, they shouldnt be only obtainable through donation because all classes need them for Olympiad to have equal chances.(On most servers they are free and open, or buyable for very little price) 3) Add an ALL attribute stones enchant option that instantly puts all the stones u have in your inventory into weapon/armor when holding ALT key or CTRL. Putting stones one by one is really boring. 4) Maybe its about time that other countries in L2 than Russian show some Phase based server, that prevents no-lifiers getting sick lead and prolongs server/season life. Just like on an RU IL one. For example, you make season in few Phases: 1) 1st lasts 1-2 Weeks, max lvl is 82-83, S-S80 weapons and armors are unlocked, epics like QA/Orfen/Core/Beleth are obtainable through shop/Grand Rb, other grand Rb/epics are locked, sieges are locked, max enchant +10 2) 2nd phase lasts 1-2 weeks, max lvl is 84, low-mid S84 are unlocked, all epics and grand rb are unlocked, sieges are unlocked, max enchant+12 3) 3rd phase 1-2 weeks, top s84 unlocked, max lvl 85, max enchant +16, future updates etc.. I believe its a healthy and new way of playing L2 and equalizes a bit the difference between people that play all day and the ones that work, it also makes server look still fine/easy to catch when new people keep joining even after 4-6 days after opening. H5 is a really nice and well-made end-game chronicle so theres always something to farm and those phases should keep still good PvP with lots of new-people.
  5. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

    Can @Emerald start to ban people for "Spam" topics or this guy will become another Zirconium on forum with even worse attitude..... Trying to put ban into anyone that knows more than him ( its not a really hard task to do).
  6. Kat x3 celestial .. -1 min

  7. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    U missing my point, And it`s not really targeting you, Idc honestly about this mana thing, Kat will have to turn on Arcane Wisdom time to time, thats the only difference I see, I just find it funny how sometimes people are "soooooo objective" and want to touch/change things because they couldn`t notice them or learn by themselves, but they wouldn`t like to change things that would affect actually THEIR gameplay and things they know/learned in past seasons, right? They rather keep it themselves as secret till somebody "notice" and report it on forum:D Anyway good players, stay good, they will eventually adapt and play without further complains on forum, daggers and melee skill/attack movement was great example of showing how few people can actually fight adversity and play classes they like although they know how hard it is actually to play them with this attack/skill movement thing. Now it`s not the time, but i can just announce a big summary about not maybe only this season, but past 3 seasons i`ve played so far, maybe it will force the authorities to change the"meta", maybe not, who knows HF!
  8. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    Now it`s OverPowered because it`s in good hands, funny thing is that Luffy+ Thouaz if i remember correctly, were using same thing in past 2-3 seasons and noone was reporting it Guess back then, there weren`t streamers and jealous players that were watching the streams. Starts to feel like being smart on server will be bannable soon because community is like this
  9. Minor request - Leaderboard changes

    +1 Great idea, would make some things a bit more transparent
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there were some changes done with the server?After update or i dont know what could cause the trouble. Because latest week is terrible for people that are playing the server from UK. Insane lags, random disconnects, delays etc. I have friends with the same situation from UK that are playing since 1st week and it was amazing, we had no lags or delays even when there were 300+ online players. Everything was running smooth and clean. Now it became a nightmare, we are getting constant DC`s and play on 3-5s delays till our chars move sometimes. I`ve checked other servers and my connection, it was perfectly fine and smooth, ping is 5-10ms, internet providor also is not the cause of the problem, I had called him, so it has to be something else. Maybe restart server or i dunno. I tried it all, even proxies. I know u doing the updates and stuff so i thought that maybe it should be checked as well, because its weird that it only targets UK people. Please hear our small request because so far the season is amazing and well-made Would be nice to enjoy it till the end without delays/disconnects like this. Regards!
  11. Banned? unbanned? bug abusers roam free

    L2 Bans vs Drama, new season incoming Stay tuned.
  12. Well done Emerald

    I checked both Magnus and Powater, dunno how much it took maybe around 1-2 min. Guess u know better ^^ Maybe math lessons will be needed too.
  13. Well done Emerald

    Have you ever play SPS on server to make such statements? I mean, damn i knew you wouldn't say anything smart at all even if writing more than 2 sentences but this crap you wrote is just disgusting. Thats the difference, this people are talking about, its called "BALANCE" if this thing is so hard to understand im leaving this great link to all people or Greeks without basic english knowledge to help you understand what are these people talking about: I dunno how you built those SPS you talk about but well im not using WM active or passive to achieve such M.Crits you talk about. Normally on Retail-like servers ( which are far from being "balanced") that SPS would have 1/1 m.crit probably ^^ Want more tests or maybe SS with build and guide?
  14. Rework the Elo system

    Proofs of how broken this current ELO system is : 2 greens vs 9 reds is the same as 40%:60% in counts? I don't think so.... And you trying to tell me that i tell lies about the numbers?
  15. Rework the Elo system

    This screenshot was taken not to "show" that i missjudged the numbers and counts of players, its about showing how bullshit it is, it says 60% right? But i bet, whatever u want that its not counting people that joined and/or quit in past minutes. Anyway, i know what kind of person you are, you like proofs indeed, i will give you some, I havent throw any idea about how to IMPROVE this ELO system because im not creator of it, i believe that you know how system works and you know the best way to make it work better. If u are out of ideas for it then just say and i bet many people will suggest some ideas. I wanted to describe the problem as good as possible, i dont know any formulas/mechanics/algorithms of how this works, so who am I to throw ideas and fixes? If you will tell me that you are actually interested in this Gear System we would make, i can fully describe a way of how it would work fair and square with all pros/cons I see in it, more than that i will even compare it to ELO system if you`d like to. @Emerald