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  1. This is exactly what we mean. We decided to not report anything till the end of season(or the stage he is in right now) in order to not make drama before next season or simply destroy other people fun. I also think that people got discouraged by the way they were treated on Forum. I know that it`s been X seasons and you are used to it. But making after each post response with simple "Make a proper post/report/proof" would help, you could also make some FAQ on forum about how to "make a post/report" correctly. I tried my best to do it in the most neutral, correct and gentle manner. After seeing the whole interest and responses i have still some things to mention in part 2 of the post.
  2. As you said "im suggesting", i dont have data to make the delay appropriate to the server progress, you have, so im just asking for any kind of delay, duration is up to you. People buy materials for 5-10a and some newbies are selling it towards those shops because they dont know the prices, in the end making s grade weapon and gathering materials for it becomes extremely cheap at the first days, when newbies see A grades, veterans go for S grade. Amount of materials should also be increased, not just the price of Mithrill Alloy/DMP or other important ones. People will take advantage over it and buy a lot cheaper, because the amount required to craft one S grade is still the same. The point about death boost is that it gives fair advantage for newbie DD if its an DD, im not butthurted by dying from one, but what if u see a tank with bishop that died 5 times and is sticking to Unicorn on Escort or Domination? He just stays, he is getting extra +1.5k p.def/m.def and then you see him wearing B grade heavy armor and getting penalty bonus reward for it. Warlord are getting assists time to time ofc, they can`t get lots of it from Death Boost, but people were making constantly new characters, and they weren`t giving a f*ck about how many times they die. They were dying, they were getting the buff bonus and heal for backup. The circle of abusement and reward goes on again. That was my point of it, my bad, I should have describe it more precisely. Its about the hole you can`t see we are talking about.
  3. Hello! First of all, i`d like to say "Thank you" to the whole OvC crew for another amazing Faction PvP experience. Those few weeks very really amazing, I`ve had a good time with my friends through this season and I just wanted to show my gratitude for keeping the whole Faction Project. Good job! I really wanted to show my appreciation for what you are doing despite the avalanche of complaints and crying, there should always be topics like this one to remind all the good things you are doing. I have played on a lot of faction servers in the old days, which were back then named "Red vs Blue" or "Good vs Evil", but the thing is they are not even close to the point of development that OvC is right now. Those servers were really good and had quite a lot of players in the community, but they were lacking the way of improvement that offers OvC season after season which makes the game even more enjoyable and exciting. I have played here several seasons and i would like to put some Player Point-of-View about the current state of the server and the way things are going. 1.Gear Penalty/Rank Penalty/Level Penalty/Adena system I remember @Lesley suggesting the Gear Penalty system, few seasons ago because we saw it on other PvP server and it was keeping the whole newbie/veterans stuff almost equal. The thing is that on OvC this system offers way too big penalty for both ungeared player and player with gear. Also several support classes are draining way too much from it like Warlords/Overlords/Tanks and when you reach the state of server on which you have better gear than most of the server, progressing is becoming really painfully. This is exactly why we could see people abusing it by making new characters or playing WL in B grades constantly, because it was offering way too big reward if you compare it to your main character. Adena Scrolls and Scavenger lvl 3 is also raising the penalty to the next LEVEL. Simple Example: Overlord event farm, all about spamming Pa`agario CP regen and Heal over time to achieve this kind of numbers constantly in a party with 2-3 DD. You end map with 30k income when your main DD`s that were sweating are getting like 1/7 of it. Warlord/Tank does the same in party with DD and Stun+Earthquake spam or mass Provoke, things are getting even better if its an Domination map: In the end you forcing players that played a lot and want to keep progressing even a bit by PvP to play supports like Warlord/Overlord/Tank, its just this much rewarding for them. PvP on Faction server suddenly became kind of pointless. I would suggest to keep the gear penatly at max 200% bonus at the first week and make it progressive the way @Emerald will see, the penalty for killing somebody that is geared worse than us shouldnt reach lower than 0% this way focusing on WL/Tanks wont be pointless anymore for DD`s, the rest is up to GM so lets say that he raises the bonus penalty for gear week after week for newbies, I dont own the server database to make such statistics approximately. Anyway, a rework and test is pretty much required and needed here, in this sector, otherwise we wont have balance between fast/normal/slow peaced season. 2. Server Advertisement Amazing move for this season was buying that Banner on Hopzone, for some time OvC was even in top10-11 of the list, opening was the biggest one i`ve ever seen so far here. But stopping the advertise after 1 week wasn`t really good/healthy for the overall longevity of the server. Im not criticising the decision of putting the banner off, I just want to make a note here, that it was really an excellent move and if we would have our own banner for future seasons it will in 99% raise up the population and increase the fandom of the OvC community. There are still many people that haven`t this project! 3. Epic Grand Bosses This is a MUST HAVE change for the next season. An even greater idea would be to actually make some specific time on which the epics will respawn, you could use the Tablet of Information, so after even 1st week people will know when to log on, raise the online and have some amazing mass PvP for Valakas/Antharas and other useful ones. Big ones like Valakas/Antharas/Baium/Frintezza should also be delayed for first 4-5 days. But the rework is up to GM. The drop should also we reworked a bit, I would suggest to make it like A grade drop for first 1-2 weeks of the server then changing it to S grades. People that see Arcana Maces on first day tend to make drama about it, wouldnt it be more fun to have longer A grades? 4. Merchant item prices compared to the current penalty system Four words: too easy, too fast. AoE classes are able to farm the whole A grades in less than 6 good maps. The prices should also be adjusted to the grades low-mid-top A grade. Not the equal way for all. C`mon grade matters too in Lineage 2 not just the B-S rush. Also S grades seems way too easy to gather, you raised the prices of adena by x10, okay seems fair, but how about Materials? They are still the same cheap stuff to gather. In past 6 seasons, making s grade weapon or one epic was more time consuming than it is right now. Make material boxes/or materials themself harder to gather or raise the requirement for S grade Gear. Because we will see the rat race for it since start otherwise. People in B grade going straight for S grade shouldn`t be the point. 5. God motivation/Death Luck buff boost My friend @Advol has already mentioned it, but I`d like to also discuss it in this post. God motivation is another abusable factor, because if one Faction decides to go just for the kills, they will get kills and then buff for doing it, which provides bonus Stats? I understand that the buff itself was made for the Newbie purpose, but from my point of view the bonus should be cut in half/nerfed/reworked or just provide extra Defensive Stats, not Offensive. We will reach the archer domination stuff and then they will get +600 p.atk because they are killing instead going for Flags, of course they will, you are encouraging them to do it 😄 Right now, the buff is just too OP, if u add an PvP player with experienced hands to it, bang, you have an Spellhowler/Archer/Gladiator rolling 90 kills on maps because he is getting rewarded for it 😛 for killing and ignoring objective. 6. Possibility to change the Meta after each season This one is more of an suggestion rather than statement. MOBA Arena map made me think that OvC Staff is familiar with games like DoTa 2 or League of Legends. The idea of implementing an meta to Faction Server sounds cool to me. Small changes season after season, so players have to again play/check what works, whats this season good PvP Class or what is not. I think that by creating some kind of meta each season would be something different and even more enjoyable to play. You doing it already anyway, by changing some classes, maybe you are aware of it, maybe you are unconsciously doing it, anyway it would be a great feature and i would look forward to see more of it. Okay, lets say this is one part of some idea`s i`ve discussed and consulted with OvC Players/my clan mates and friends that play the server. After i see community/staff response im prepared to put some extras/more solutions. All of the above mentioned points and suggestions are meant to show Players POV of the server, so both players and OvC Staff could get to some kind of understanding, solution and conclusion. I hope i did my best to explain in a gentle and polite way. It`s just a group opinion to improve the future season experience and gameplay. I`m looking forward to any kind of cooperation. With best regards, Ajeel
  4. Because people don`t want them in the middle of on-going season.
  5. Silence


    Just too much hypocrisy in one answer. Weren`t you one of those people? 😂
  6. 7 seasons of crying? Feels bad, no wonder noone listens to you.
  7. its just a poem bro, they will cry about anything. Dice Roll was perfect proof 😄
  8. Nerf Mafia. Nerf Kat. You guys really can't be, That bad?
  9. End of vacation for archers i guess, the champion is back!
  10. Silence

    Heal abuse?

    Top tank score, any more complains to talk about?:)
  11. It`s too much, i think summoner Pet should have 16 buff slots to make it balanced. PePero suddenly defending class you play? Sad....
  12. Silence

    Heal abuse?

    I wanted you to show me YOU ON HEALER not Overlord in 5 people party, doing same score 🙂 But i see that even on Overlord you were 3rd when Kat was first with just 1 DD. Congratulations. You were talking about Bishop, not Overlord, why suddenly you change subject of your topic? For example you see a guy with nickname "KeP" under her? 49-1 , he is with Kat in party, both of them have almost equal score 🙂 Yeah you totally right he died only once per map and she was mindlessly spamming 1 heal 24/7. Learn the game, before making post about thing you cant understand. People are different, not everyone makes top 10, guess why?
  13. Silence

    Heal abuse?

    I literally love how people like this guy, want to nerf every single thing, but the Tyrant AoE which is higher than Geared Glad is fine, right? The x5 faster Force Barrier reuse is fine too i guess, right PePero? Stop freaking judging other classes when you dont want yours to be nerfed 🙂 Maybe buff summoners again so you can hide in corner and throw unicorns/cat because they "have no dmg".
  14. Silence

    Heal abuse?

    I haven`t seen any Healer doing Top Score on this server except BlackJesus or Kat. So wtf you talking about? Do you really think they are making TOP score based by pressing 1 mass heal or button? Oh boy, you are so wrong. They are both getting rewarded for what they are doing well, which is keeping party alive(4 members) and you have probably never played healer on their level to rate their actions. Healer requires much more reaction and experience in an 5 people group, especially if u are the only one, because you cant have 2 right now 🙂 If u think it`s so easy, go on make TOP score by pressing 1 button on Bishop and show some screenshot of how unfair the score system is. Your disappointment is based on pure jealousy.
  15. I mean who can take guy like PePer seriously, one guy made post about Dice Roll and 30% of people is banned. @maze was talking about balance with lots of other players and ELO things and nothing has changed?] Where are screenshots and proofs? That Dice gives you something extra? Like wtf? I`m not trying to provoke any GM, just want to prevent further Drama about such reckless thing. Can`t we all chill and see on which direction this is going?