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  1. They also dont require SA crystal 🙂 Just OE to +4 which is like paying nothing. Why you so worried about the Duals? The fists also dont have Health SA which is a crucial bonus for Olympiad, just like Gladiator will prefer Tallum * Dark Legion over Dynasty.
  2. But Dynasty duals give also 10% max HP, can you read the description correctly? It's not an useless bonus compared to the bonus P.atk it gives you.
  3. Cool! I have another question then, will you enable some test-server for people to try it just like you did the fast paced Interlude right now? Some might not know the chronicle and some are just curious of an Classic OvC
  4. Will the pendants on Classic be enchantable or you will disable this feature and allow just the Stage Feature which isn't that much broken? It's a tricky and dangerous game 🙂
  5. To be honest it`s a faction PvP oriented server, not retail low-rate so.... Its true ELO is broken and problematic on this kind of game but anyway. If you wanna farm Olympiads go mid-high rates and fight all day on normal periods not 2-3h weekends. Main thing should be Events with mass PvP not some Sieges/Olympiads or other quit-drama making factors 🙂
  6. Silence

    sqrt damage

    More beneficial solution than Nerfing Everything One By One, season after season would be watching map pool. Have you seen Warlords/Glads on open maps? - No. Have you seen mages in Elven Fortress Escort? - Maybe some, but they would only push if they have celestial on which is like they dont exist. Switching map pool before next map by adding some algorithm like Ranged map and then Close-combat, also maybe something in the middle like MoBa map is already balancing the whole *NerfNerfNerf sector. Because not all maps are good for all classes. Different classes needs different maps in order to maximize their income, which you call "abuse", mages/archers will make more adena on open map, tyrants/glads/warlords/daggers will make more adena on close map. It's that simple, isn't it? If you think that this is not an PROPER solution then I really dont know, its like selling a product you've never touched in your life. This is why i guess some players try to bring solutions here for free, your own personal STACK OVERFLOW.
  7. Silence

    sqrt damage

    I will try to explain you how future OvC's will work guys. You will have class X that will be outstanding compared to others which are more nerfed. That class will be cool for the X season, after X season ends it will receive a nerf to the ground and we going to have it for next seasons all the same, something will be better then other thing, it will get nerfed to the point people will roll something else. Instead balancing the server, the server is becoming some kind of PLAY THIS, because its "less nerf" or gives more money by aoe/single-target kill/assist/healing/aggroing. 7 seasons ago there was season on which you could almost see every class *playable*, we had summoners/daggers/tyrants/tanks/warlords/overlords/mages/gladies/mana rechargers on the battlefield. Olympiad Period lasted for 6 periods, not 1-2 like it is now. I dont understand why OvC instead of going this way decided to like shot an arrow in the project and make it a 2-3 class project per season. Go back to seasons that worked before, you have them in logs/database, also going back to old things is supposed to be easier than forcing new-risky solutions/adjustments, past 6 seasons are proof of it. Players will eventually get tired of the current motto "maybe this one will be better".
  8. Silence

    sqrt damage

    Mass PvP without Mass PvP is the intention of this i guess. Archer assist gonna be the way of incoming season.
  9. Silence


    Why mixing chronicles? Starting with C-grades and locking a-s grades is the solution you've already implemented once. for example fighters receive their top tier Plated Leather and mages get Karmians at start, later its the same, gladiators/tyrants/titans go for Tallum tier and mages for Dark Crystal robe, Interlude has been like this for ages..... Major is good for some classss but not all, so does Imperial Crusader. Stop adding new solutions, use old ones that were proven to work, since you start doing it and also added that ELO system crap on an MMORPG thats not DoTa or League of Legends you made waaaaay too big beer which you cant drink right now.
  10. H5 was the most balanced season! But interlude won`t be altho i think nothing has changed after all those years in Order, at least for me 🙂
  11. Silence

    No Bishop

    Psst, After reading all those restrictions in changelist on classes you can basically say that this is already a new game. I've never seen an H5 with 80% of content cut. Bishops can be deleted too then 😄 it's L2 Solo anyway.
  12. Silence

    Chronicle choice

    But you know what it has 0 playerbase this time, people mention plenty of things that required fix/rework and caused it to be like this. Anyway its a closed topic. Looking forward to it then ^^ Hopefully there will be some improvements season after season so we will have the same population as on Interlude.
  13. Silence

    Chronicle choice

    I dont mind H5, I love the chronicle actually on lowrate-mid rate servers, but I think you should let your community decide Chronicle before launching server in the future. It makes way more sense than doing some dictator decision. At least some strawpoll before each season, so you know what works/community wants to play. People that played past 2 H5 Seasons know what i mean. Just suggestion. No offense.