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  1. snipe

    dunno if is my fps or client issue, but i can calculate it sometimes though. i suppose its my fps problem cause my pc sux ^^.
  2. snipe

    i have also noticed that since long time ago. daggers used to hit me from 100+ range. but i have very bad fps
  3. Lower rank requirements/Daily missions

    or a gathering with giveaways and a special map (army of the dead vs all server together :D)
  4. Real money achievements system

    you could add a clan war as achievement. with options as surrender with less penaldies for the losers or total defeat and greater penaldies the base idea is that the more strategy used versus harder enemies (based on elo for example) will give +% reward for the winners or the opposite if won versus easier players (based on elo) also, going on war with easier enemies will expertise the easier so they will lose periodicaly their advantange and they will seem easier but produce higher reward due to their 10:0 (on a long worthless abuse since winning already won enemy clans give you less rewards) *ps you can add some staff like <<dishonor>> when killing non war competing members on that period and a lot staff to make it even moreharder depending on the clans elo
  5. Some thoughts for new people

    @MojoXDD eto petyhi ? @Emeraldi think i found the topic you said, yeap its reasonable keeping unique the chronicles.
  6. Wild Magic passive augment

    xdd anyway <3
  7. Some thoughts for new people

    What about creating some shadow or limited time items for new people ? as a starting pack ? i thought of a single ring for archers and some m crit rate for mages for example which will last for 10 days for example or with mana points (like if you log out the item doesnt disapear) dunno i think is a fair boost for newbies to cover the gap, i think its acceptable by old ppl too and i think its not a bad idea. what do you think ?
  8. Nerf Celestial/Cancel

    celestial : you can add a greater cooldown i think but only if someone (gladi) has 3/3 and abuse it. foi : agree that vs randoms is OP cancel : partly agree on lowering the per cancel buff ammount (from max 5 to max 3 for example) making it non stackable at all will lose its value vs tanks... if 3 or more mages decide that someone from the other team must remain unbuffed (for 5 or 6 second !) and waste so many cancel vs 1 target then its balanced already i think
  9. Wild Magic passive augment

    this is for freya 2nd throne i think.
  10. nice conclusion but cancel is still cancel not debuff. if you insist that cancel is a debuff and MEN should ressist it then you shouldnt wait any response...
  11. Balance

    still, cancel's range is 600.
  12. Balance

    i dont think daggers have the same speed with bishops. also a good bishop has to mana burn a lot. archers have the advantange on 900+ range and mages on 600. other classes (meele) are -600. some of them aoe and other single target. so its all about the map and the tactic of each team.if we agree on that i dont think there is an actual "problem" since on official patches there is a lot more unbalanceand thats for sure. talking for the server now, the sidewhich has a bishop has an noticable advantage (i mean while i was playing i saw such examples) even bigger when its a party versus common players. the res skill is a pushing advantage on the side which has it. having it x3 makes it even greater. i dont think that GM team isn't aware of that and doesn't work on that.. but i also cant imagine l2 w/o unbalance... but thats my personal oppinion anyway. i saw a lot of times a big quene due to all this balance staff and i think that is better lose a fight rather than wait in quene and never play one. i wont comment a situation in which i am a healer and im forced to leave an event because the other team doesnt have one
  13. Random Formula > Democracy

    if you add this formula on 1st and 2th most voted and only if 2nd has at least 50% of the 1st votes seems ok i mean vote will still matter
  14. through floor ? ^^
  15. New Season

    in case you will , a full cc party will be waiting for you with macros <3