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  1. Suggestions for keeping people!

    well i think a really good idea about those +16 pvp farmers is making them something like the cursed weapon akamanah or zariche xdddd so anyone could kill them and make them a new feature in event the best we can do is this we already doing seeing what gone bad and try to avoid it for next time i must have told this already about having strong clans but i will say it once more clans have the power to control server's proggression on some parts having a strong clan with a good recruiting system will help making new players feel valuable also its the only thing that can close the gap between older and new players i try make suggestions based on unity direction so if someone things im wrong feel free to tell me spending 30 -40 min on a new player which is on your side (faction) once per week is more than enough to help him catch up servers routine and feel like he is in a side.. informing him about current balance enemys most playable classes and its counters on server because what admin can do on that ? advertise server ? ok he did. make information panels ? ok he did. this way wont be build a true ingame connection among players... this way everything will be automatized xdd thats what i see
  2. Make Server Great Again

    xdd love is in the air ^^
  3. Suggestions for keeping people!

    i dont think all these you refered are the big problem me and some other people made a clan so we can play together atm we have 1-2-3 ppl online all day on the other hand order has not any clan so we are alone and we also cant do anything instead of farm instances i think its time for hard core make some clans and focus on that instead of focusing on +16 weapons which are in the end worthless against a +6 full clan also atm server has 10-20-30 or more people they just dont play at the same time so this is making things even worst having a clan with members wich share the same hours of gameplay would help a lot also recruiting is another basic l2 is not a solo game. dont forget that thats what i see
  4. Set according to the number of people!

    more like deathmatch i think
  5. about population / future steps

    h5 is a very interesting chronicle but on late game i think cant be controled.... freya the 1st throne on the other hand is more suitable for fractions cause of non rush / multi shots. still kamaels have the advantage though i will agree that you dont have to farm 8+ hours to be top (openings can be an exception or raid farming /sieges) you can be a part of a team and have more benefits in less time gracia final is also a very best cronicle for a large ammount of people as i know idk if the chronicle option is on the table im just telling my oppinion im here for the project not for the chronicle
  6. in summary reconsidering

    i spend some time to review some of older posts so im able to see what allready was here before me ill give this post x2 time before i make ay new one because i saw people responing and people not i cant make a suggestion with only 5 peoples which will affect a very larger ammount of people most of posts discuissed i think it is in our hand to solve them if they are considered as problems also i saw a vote pole so lets all give it some time to work and see its benefits (i fucked up misspressed enter somehow xdd)
  7. in summary reconsidering

    thank you all who spent some time to discuss some ideas / infos / general oppinions so most people posted about: 1) Sieges 2) The normaly big difference between old and new players and our awarness of how to cacththem up ( 3) How we could make seasons longer lasting 4) New and larger variety of accessories (hats formal wears etc) ok guys and girls this was mostly posted and discuissed in my topic
  8. Next seasson - Enchant weapon system

    i dont think that this idea is bad i am just thinking how could people react when they are used to play with scrolls i mean most of us
  9. Prophecy of water and mp reg

    also Boxer The Unicorn can recharge a quite big amount of mp
  10. about population / future steps

    im taking my time so i get read all till sunday xdd
  11. about population / future steps

    *ps i am not trying to save this season or focus on that not because it cant but because i dont know if it worths it as i already said i like this project and i am trying to put a small stone to make the next better one i hope this topic will be a plust to that and i will be on next season maybe not on start but i would like to see more things of this project
  12. about population / future steps

    i totally agree in the fact that a new player on +0 has no chance against a +16 veteran also about the classes experiments with a non profecy npc buff you will meet more ee/ol/pp/wc/se for sure (ee/wc mostly) to protect and make their experience better ,im refairing to newcomers, either you have to build a system (will be hard and i dont know if it really worths to give some time to that direction) on which pvp fields have true generalds and commanders to lead this masses on pvp with strategical moves because as we all see in game there are not too many clans which can lead an attack and get either advantage / disadvantage of enemy team +/-'s as for +0 peoples i will agree in 2 facts the 1 is that it is possitive to have new peoples in a server that will stay and support it and the other is that you cant avoid that they cant do much even you give them such an advantage like a free s grade or anything like that most people i saw starting here (i mean newcomers) they chose a saggitarius and go straight on 3 hero's which means that u really cant do anything to have them in server. either they will stay either not im trying to get the best approach to this phenomen which i think is the communication any team should have in any game because on lineage2 even if it is a 20 years old game u still see people wondering why a clan leader has a +16 or why clans get really fast geared.. making a better communication system like emerald allready has auto party creations etc is the thing IN MY Oppinion which can avoid people having a 1st pvp "bad" experience. i dont know guys i aint here at server start i judge what i see atm on server. you should correct me or even tell me if i am thinking right
  13. about population / future steps

    making max enchant +6 (for both weapons/armors) will make daggers/tanks have the advantage in any occasion also we all need to know that there are clans which their main purpose on server openings is to farm and make this kind of weapons (+16) in order to make olympiad characters... we can suggest either make them harder or either make them easier in both ways we will have people with different oppinions we can keep telling ideas about enchanting system but i think there is not a golden line/system could be followed and be enjoyable by all simply because someone could be unlucky and start a whole domino with other unlucky people about that. on the other hand is the part of characters which dont really need a +16 weapon to make you high dmg (im refering to daggers) or tanks on full defensive buffing (+6 on them enough to abuse a big number of oppopnents) maybe (?) and i say maybe because i am a new member and i have not played enough this chronicle (c6) a reconsideration of profecies could be talked as an idea but dont forget this need a lot of convertation. in my oppinion profecies is something special so should be more rare tommorow is sunday and i will make a summary new topic with ideas liked more and discuesed more on this topic *sorry for my bad-average english
  14. about population / future steps

    +16 weapons +10 armor but i think it is something like that allready
  15. about population / future steps

    a battlefield chat on the other hand could help teams have better communication could be used for higher level ranks such as generals or coould be used for every rank for a couple of times every day depenting on your rank