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  1. Sometimes that emotion called frustration leads to open topics like these. Don't forget that a team is also about strategy.
  2. New Season

    I love this server <3 .
  3. Suggestions for keeping people!

    This is my second season, but I joined at late game both times. Even me can notice those changes, subclasses were all free on the previous season. I was suprised about the people playing here, aren't we adults here? We are playing for fun, not to humilliate or insult others.
  4. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Are we playing here to farm or fight? Isn't it more exciting to defeat your enemies with your ability instead of being it because of your better gear? How can a server like this be rushed? Let's amaze ourselves as we play every time better than ever before. Do we want people to play with or we just want to play alone with a +16 Draconic Bow? All weapons render useless when there's no enemy. At least, that's what I think. Everything should be explained, and complaints are no exception, otherwise it will have no weight.
  5. Suggestions for keeping people!

    Thank you, Yamada . If I'm right, each season starts with tons of players. It's been 50 days now since this season begun and players already left. Most people see launching a new season as the only solution possible having reached this state. I've seen that when all players leave there is no more farming, so new players arrive to an evironment where old players are too strong and where they will never get to obtain decent gear. There is no reason to stay this way, so as new players come, they will be leaving right away. My proposal: Make it all (or most of it) free for everyone as soon as the population starts going down. In my opinion, that would slow down population decrease and it may be able to retain new and old players making a snowball effect. Population may still decrease, but instead of going zero, maybe it would freeze in some base amount of population.
  6. Suggestions for keeping people!

    A solution may be the system preventing healers from getting into the event until there are enough players. Never delete healers, they're fun to play and gives strategy to the game.
  7. Suggestions for keeping people!

    I'd want to listen from the people who quitted playing the reason why. Is it really that when they get full gear they get bored of PVP or what? Did the season fail or was it just the end of summer? I'm happy just PVP'ing.
  8. about population / future steps

    I like the server, but I'd disable enchant system, the less difference between players in terms of power the more balance. That could even supress the farm system though.