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  1. Warlord skills

    Warlord should be a priority target as it gets easily in range so you can kill him from a safe spot. Many people prefer not to hit him though, that's why I made it my job. People on this server should think a bit more about strategy instead of playing plain simple.

    I don't see a problem here, not that much lag.
  3. no reason to bann

    Good behaviour could have been the reason to eventually lift the ban along with a warning, but it didn't happen. Too bad for that kind of people.
  4. Warlord skills

    There's nothing wrong with Warlords or Tanks, they're not a problem if you know how to deal with them. When I use dagger, I help to kill them fast and I go away and return to avoid stun.
  5. Safe enchant through PvP

    We unlucky people don't like any kind of things based on luck .
  6. is it to late to start?

    I play BP, SE, Tank, Warlord and Dagger because they're pretty useful and they don't need much gear. Being BP and SE you can make the greatest parties where you can get a very big adena income.

    There are less summoners nowadays. I can agree that they need a boost, but maybe they were given more power than necessary. I could be wrong, though.
  8. since all chars are nerfed

    * Blow damage bonus reduced from x2 to x1.6 * Removed full lethal. People make archers and mages because those classes kill much more with less effort. Daggers are quite good to defend against other daggers. They are mostly useful when rushing, that's their role. Advantages and disadvantages, I see it balanced, we just need more daggers in chaos.
  9. People like better quantity over quality in PVP.
  10. Not enough daggers, in my opinion. Too many archers/mages in comparison.
  11. SK's Lightning Strike

    It's sad that many debuff skills are useless and unused because of the land rate in L2.
  12. Client mod hack's

    There was someone today to whom I used Aggression over him multiple times and it didn't work not even once. It was a mage.
  13. HK, WL, SE and Dominator are quite some useful classes already, people just don't like to play the support.

    Ban this man... Just kidding, let him be.