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  1. stream buff

    @Emeraldhi again dont get stream i doing something wrong?
  2. stream buff

    hi @Emerald i stream from the start of the stream buff and i got the buff,from yesterday i stream but i cant get the buff. i configured everything as described in game NPC and i dont get it .why?and i dont thing i am the only one !
  3. bug with expert books

    I found my mistake nvm 😊
  4. hi i am lvl 80,rank 6 and i must have 8 expert skills,but i have 7expert books,2 expert skills lvl3 and 1 skill i wrong or what?
  5. What interface i use? is working now and it is so cool
  6. What interface i use?

    why is that?
  7. Twitch Streamers

    i mean what client do you use?
  8. Twitch Streamers

    Mojo what interface do tou use,and from where i can get it?

    If mages dont have cansel they will be dead meat,let them’s work like supos to do(sry for my english)
  10. are the BOSS.ty for your time
  11. Sry my bad it counter but doesn”t metter how much dmg i put it counter 309.By the way it is nothing against mirage and dodge skill
  12. Ok it sais i counter attack every time but the oponent dont get any dmg from this counter attacks
  13. Ok lets be 4 sec dont mind,but let it work like your dodge.i dont QQ
  14. The skill must counter atacks like dagger skills,close range gladiator skills etc.but here dont do anuthing.i made duel with one dagger and i press the skill and guess what nothing.just test it Emerald.and ome more thing the same skill must stay for 10 seconds no 4 seconds
  15. Hi i am new on the server and i play is cool but when i get lvl 79 i get my super duper skill and guess what it doesn’t work.mirage ofthe Th works perfectly,the 79 lvl skill of wind rider works perfectly,but 79 lvl skill on ghost hunter dont work.pls check it.sorry for my english