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  1. At least the skill does something, I can't say the same about lightning strike 😄
  2. Damn, so much A grade already, how is this happening in the first hours?
  3. OK, I guess the skill will continue out of the skills bar. It's cool.
  4. I heard Mayhem won't join, so I guess I'll join chaos this time
  5. @Emerald it's ok if the skill will continue useless for the rest of the seasons, I just need a quick answer about it. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yeah, it's not even worth. I mean, it takes forever to cast, the CD is huge, and it deals like 200 dmg.
  7. I'd like to know if this skill will continue the same, like all the previous seasons, or if theres anything that could be changed. ATM it can't b used due to the chance rate , damage, CD and Casting Speed. It totally suck. Never landed a Para since I play here. It's ok if it won't get changed, I'm already used, I would just be glad to get a answer or the opportunity to discuss this issue
  8. Never

    New Season

    Understood. To finish all my doubts, what about donations? Can ppl donate right in the first day, or we'll have to wait a few days to cash in?
  9. Never

    New Season

    I was asking cuz there was a season where S grade took like a week or maybe more to b unlocked, and that was the best season for me, and there was another season that I felt like S grade was unlocked super early.
  10. Never

    New Season

    Still, I couldn't find any info about the server's progress in terms of A Grade and S Grade, how will it be? One week to unlock A grade and another week to unlock S grade? Or like 2 days to unlock A Grade?
  11. Never

    New Season

    Ooooook thanks buddy, I rly tryed to look out for that, my bad
  12. Id like to know if the new season will start with B grade or A grade. Also, id like to know if the higher equip Grades will b unlocked in the shop within a few days, or a week or something Thanks!
  13. Good night gentleman. Since I start playing OvC seasons I noticed that this skill doesn't seem very looked at. Don't know if its on purpose or what. Soooo, the skill CD is rly long, but I don't know if that's normal, soo it's fine for me dunno, the damage well, I'm not sure if it's made to deal damage, I played on some servers where it did cool dmg, dunno if here the skill power is added to m atck or p atck. Casting speed is rly long, even with +4wit, but again, dunno if its suposted. Now the real deal, the chance. Well, theres nothing to say here, the skill doesn't land at all. Like, never since I start playing here. It never landed in 3 or 4 seasons. Hex almost doesn't land as well, but I remember like once or twice when it did, but lightning strike seems a problem. Once again, I'm not sure how it's supposed to be, but one thing I'm sure, it should land a bit. Thank you