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  1. SK's Lightning Strike

    Good night gentleman. Since I start playing OvC seasons I noticed that this skill doesn't seem very looked at. Don't know if its on purpose or what. Soooo, the skill CD is rly long, but I don't know if that's normal, soo it's fine for me dunno, the damage well, I'm not sure if it's made to deal damage, I played on some servers where it did cool dmg, dunno if here the skill power is added to m atck or p atck. Casting speed is rly long, even with +4wit, but again, dunno if its suposted. Now the real deal, the chance. Well, theres nothing to say here, the skill doesn't land at all. Like, never since I start playing here. It never landed in 3 or 4 seasons. Hex almost doesn't land as well, but I remember like once or twice when it did, but lightning strike seems a problem. Once again, I'm not sure how it's supposed to be, but one thing I'm sure, it should land a bit. Thank you
  2. Buff count

    You can get a max of 25 buffs with the expert skills.
  3. Two or three hours before would be perfect tho.
  4. Donations

    Thank you
  5. Donations

    Hello ! Ive been tryin to remember the bonus that we get once we donate, but i cant remember. How much euros must we donate to be able to get the exp bonus ? What about the rest of the bonus ? Thanks in advance !
  6. about population / future steps

    Idea: what if PPL would start LVL 62-65 ? B grade at start, ir even C grade, then after a weej PPL would b like 75 or 76 and would start buyin A grade, then when start to arrive LVL 80 S grade would b unlocked ! After the first week, new players would start LVL 70, and new players that would join after 2 or 3 weeks woukd start lvl 76. Maybe with such a simple change the server would last longer.
  7. about population / future steps

    Actually ur right, daggers and tanks would have advantage. Maybe it was a bad idea.
  8. about population / future steps

    If the idea is to allow everyone to have a weapon +16 after some time of farming the server will look all the same. Everyone with the same max stats. If everyone will b havin max stats it might rather be +6. There is no need for a ++++ weapon, that was and always will b a problem in L2.
  9. about population / future steps

    +6 max enchant is a great idea, with extreme rare enchant scrools. This ideas look rly cool, and the server looks rly good, i wonder if a wipe is nearby.
  10. about population / future steps

    Lesley had a nice point, locking certain things for some weeks might give the server more time. Lets pretend that the first week all the players r restricted to B grade. After that most of the players will b rdy to upgrade into A grade, soooo during the second week A grade will b added to the shop. Ppl will buy A grade after that. Then, after a month S grade will b available. This might result into a longer server time. Also another thing, everyone wants a +16 red weapon, and most of the players will quit after they see some with AMs +16. What if max enchant stops at +10 ? There is no need to have huge weapons, with low enchanted weapons PvP will even get better, longer and more interesting.
  11. Lagg

    Same here.
  12. OvC Seasons

    I see. How many seasons were up till now ?
  13. OvC Seasons

    Hello ! I used to play OvC some years ago, and i recently started again ! Thing is, ive been reading the forum and i noticed that this server usually ends and starts, in other words, it ends an actual season and tends to start a new one after a while. Its a great idea, dont get me wrong here, but theres a thing i wanna know: - Whats the expected time a season stays around and whats the time it usually stays off untill a new season starts ? - Will it be always Interlude ? Or is it possible to see some kamaels in the future ? Regards and thanks in advance !!