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  1. Honest Suggestions

    I will be quit honest with you: Your server is too expensive - people cannot test characters and equipment on your heavily modified server and with regards to crafting items & donations (I have never seen such expensive donations on any server - yeah now I will hear you people should not that should not this - look at your server population ok?) No Dual box - I made this suggestion before I make it again - you gave xyz reason your decision (i know what kind of person you are for thinking like this) - people cannot test bufss, trade (cough people with 2 pc's have unfair advantage but you dont care - donations it is - I may have been best donator on your server and tbh I have never donated that much on any server before (I have to hold myself not to curse). There are lots of other things, but let me tell you - people arent dumb. They came to play high rate server and seeing such a huge drop from 450 to 150 in just 2 weeks.. your server isnt appealing, doesnt have it.
  2. "Players will get 1 Expert Book each rank they get (9 books).Players will get 1 Expert Book for reaching levels 78, 79, 80(3 books)." I have my main and all my subs level 80 and I am rank 5, but I only got 7 instead 8 expert books....
  3. Increase Subclasses

    Can you increase the number of subclasses? Perhaps make them unlimited. Thank you.
  4. min 5 Dual Box

  5. min 5 Dual Box

    Please allow for a 5 min dual box that automatically shuts down after 5 min or so. I would like to transfer items between characters and the box restriction is killing me.