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  1. Event Registration

    Cause I have to know about computer programming.
  2. Event Registration

    You realize that the count thing doesn't work right? I was trying to change faction for a day (From Order to Chaos) with a count of Order 52% and Chaos 48% and I couldn't. When I say pictures I mean actual numbers and names of the ppl registered in the current event. These numbers don't say much. PS: Where's that 1% at?
  3. Event Registration

    Pictures mate. Your word doesn't mean much.
  4. Event registration is seriously broken. If you are Chaos, it makes you go into queue to enter and gives you the option to switch to Order even though they are WAY more people in that faction even w/o team hoppers. That makes the Order faction to get a HUGE zerk making most maps unplayable. It was fun at the beginning cause you could get more assist/kills and you could also contest for the objective but now it's out of hand, Order faction is at least twice the number of Chaos at all times. Check it out, it seriously breaks the whole point of event routine.