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  1. error when changing resolution

    Worked! Made a few trys and found the option on user.ini Have to make this "PlayerPawnMoveTo" as right mouse click and the camera option as left and now it works! Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. error when changing resolution

    L2.ini is encrypted and there is no line for option.ini for this, can u help me? I really need this to play cuz I use the mouse with the left hand, so it's really hard to play using inverted buttons.
  3. error when changing resolution

    up any1 knows at least how can I change mouse buttons? Cuz I did change it on PC/Razer Synapse, but it dont affect in game.
  4. error when changing resolution

    I have the same problem, I deleted Option.ini but I dont have L2CompiledShader.bin. I did changed the rez but I wanna play the game on windowed screen and it's not working. The error I have is I also would like to change my mouse main button and I cant do it, can you help me please?