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  1. TatteO Ring Failing to +2

    Oh nvm, my bad . can u just del this
  2. So i just bought that ring but it seems broken, it failed to +2..
  3. A GRD and donations

    YE i quit myself too as soon as i saw it, i got rly frustrated.. i was like ok i finished with A gear, and a few mins later ppl were talking in all chat about items being free aah..
  4. A GRD and donations

    dude i made a post if i could refund a heavy main that i bought by mistake or exchange it, and they were like no its ur bad, but 12 hours later all A gear was free and I was a dumass to farm those items twice.
  5. Armor exchange/refund

    So i made a missclick (cuz i was tired) and i bought a NM heavy full armor instead of light, is there an exchange to light possibility or refund pls? Oh man i should have gone to bed, i unsealed the heavy boots aswell by mistake pls do smth