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  1. for all top players

    calm down please Shot00037.bmp
  2. oly

    i'm so tired of famous ppl around here. i don't need hero to rip your ass, trust me can't wait to see u this weekend at olympiad games
  3. oly

    ye, i didn't lost hero this week because i didn't played, it's not true. My dad/cat/dog/cousin/neighbour played and lost all my points. stop making excuses
  4. Trouble opening the game

    same problem too i replaced files from another server and then again ovc files and now works.
  5. yep, that's true. even in olympiad don't work

    random ? you are a famoous guy and i don't know ?

    i'm gh, not th
  8. Couple thoughts.

    stop complaining about all clases. there's good balance, even with that op cancel.. everyone wants his class to be op, stop trying to change things here.

    Can u increase cancel reuse ? It's too op !
  10. NPC mobs

    make dagger, 2 skills on every mob
  11. Smaller maps for PVP?

    +1 for smaller maps.
  12. Hero Weapon

    me too..
  13. Noblesse

  14. Noblesse

    For noblesse we need rank 5 or 10 ?
  15. LF Clan

    Dagger LF clan, Order. ty