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  1. Waiting times...

    Guess I'll be playing the next one , if I'm lucky
  2. Waiting times...

    Come on just put us on the other team or something...
  3. L2 exe

    it is not the windows 10. I have w10 and I can get to the server list. have you tried adding l2 to exceptions in your AV?
  4. Grand Crusade - Rank System

    Oh man I can't wait ! Good work ! No ETA on openingtho I suppose?
  5. Clan Division Invite Problem

    ok I found the problem. I changed Clan leader , I left the clan and re-joined. When I re-joined I was in the Order of knights division(the only one I could invite). even tho the leader was trasnfered back to me I was still in that division. so I changed leader again , moved to main clan and now it works fine .
  6. Hello. I have 2 Royal Guard units in my clan at the moment and 1 Order of the Knights. I have room for other members in my Royal Guards and Order is full but for some reason when I try to invite someone in my clan, I cannot select the Royal Guard division (it doesn't appear) . I have only the Order Knights division to select and that one is full. Is it bugged or am I doing something wrong ? Thanks
  7. warrior helmet

    I did not call you scammer, are you okay?
  8. warrior helmet

    True, I bought it and I can't see it !