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  1. Hi..alloz...etc etc...without offense!!!Why you quit guys..its just a game...you get rekt its okey...you have zerg as a faction and you quit...why you dont stand your ground and deal with it?Oeo????Before season start they told me that you dominate the last seasons...where is your domination right now???Whole clan get rekt and cant defend the crown?I tho you are pvpers not emoquiters...i tho you were the best in this server where are you bois??JOOOEL SKYPE...my side lost more than 50% of epics maps etc and a lot of guys from chaos still crying about unbalance shiiit and dont make kills!HAPPY HIPPO OEO...btw gratz that you leave it was a good action...you made the srv poorest...comeback pls???OEO??
  2. emerald. your login is offline.. can u fix it? thanks

  3. @Emerald can we play today??
  4. i actually dominate when ellyn,urekmazino,jackdempsey,banks,setence,gas,narziel were playing and they cry cause of clan space!!!did i say smt wrong?!?!?! BUSCO CLAN LATINO
  5. @Venth so here is your balance
  6. So let me be clear!!For one more time!!im not here to fight with anybody im just playing my game!! @Lesleyyou getting too salty atm without a point what i mean is that you care about 2 clans and destroying the server but i dont see any other clan making a party of 5 members and dominate or smt like this...If @Emerald was smart he would has one castle for whole server as he did but still ally exist...why i cant have ally(in retail l2 i can) here why not??He cant balance the server or what??AND WHY I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE CASTLE RULES AND NOT THE DAMAGE OF THE PET??? WE ARE HERE CAUSE OF A TROLL POST THAT YOU GETTTING TO SERIOUS
  7. since you remove giran...can you remove the epics from the pets
  9. what about an epilogue or freya mate??
  10. OOOOO rito geeeeeeeems...its 3v3 map!!!
  11. eee @Zirconium bring your lego army boi...KAPPA