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  1. Im playing on midrate server atm...dunno i cant quit the midrate to join ovc to fap you one more time.Choose whatever side you want!!Who are you random? @Justsomeguy
  2. xV3iLSid3


    dont forget and disease please
  3. xV3iLSid3


    can i have one faction only for me?
  4. Hello...after the new update we have Chant of protection+song of wind storm+eye of pagrio+counter critical...so archers hit max dmg 1.5k-2k vs archer...so archers vs dagger,mage,tyrant,gladi max 1k-1,5k...and we test it with archers on full gear...so the next season it will be mages,gladis,tyrants,daggers,but my problem isnt the simple auto attacks of archers!!my problem is that archers on high five they used to kill with their skills but their skills are nerfed here...so a buff on skills of archers it will be a pretty good action..cause i played trickster 2 seasons here and thats my opinion!!ty in advance!!i would like to here your opinions about that since you all keep a drama about mc..dmgs...etc etc but as i see most of you...you luck of knowledge in this game!!
  5. mby this kamael arch had soul barrier on him or pranah...and where is your powind if you want to mc...you dont take magnus hehe @matis
  6. what about to nerf god motivations and death boost % on tyrant...i dont think that tyrant need nerf on def general...cause ogre is working in %...same as your buffs
  7. Its team events idiot!!! wake up
  8. Since u want to learn so much. With much love ❤️
  9. Do you care so much my boy??i can tell you if you pm😘😘
  10. xV3iLSid3


    Maybe tricksters are op in whole gaming of L2 but maybe you just luck of gameplay like the most people inside here...the only think you do is just drama nothing more...maybe i hve to start saying how all of you abusing the heavy armor and keep abusing since day 2 but there isnt a problem there right??the problem is my trickster or soulhound(which disease playing excellent but you guys cant press 3 buttons)not the heavy armor problem right...im streaming and ppl keep complining for idiot things..let me tell you that previous seasin the max plyers tricksters was exist on staticks were about 20-30...in this season are like 300 so dont speak about op class etc etc...you just cant deal with people who are better than you and you typing annoying things..so if you dont get it what did i just said dont get in trouble to even type..Bye
  11. @Emerald omg how you can be so sure???i tho you want ppl in your srv..how you just emoquit them like this :3 dunno
  12. Hi..alloz...etc etc...without offense!!!Why you quit guys..its just a game...you get rekt its okey...you have zerg as a faction and you quit...why you dont stand your ground and deal with it?Oeo????Before season start they told me that you dominate the last seasons...where is your domination right now???Whole clan get rekt and cant defend the crown?I tho you are pvpers not emoquiters...i tho you were the best in this server where are you bois??JOOOEL SKYPE...my side lost more than 50% of epics maps etc and a lot of guys from chaos still crying about unbalance shiiit and dont make kills!HAPPY HIPPO OEO...btw gratz that you leave it was a good action...you made the srv poorest...comeback pls???OEO??
  13. emerald. your login is offline.. can u fix it? thanks

  14. @Emerald can we play today??
  15. i actually dominate when ellyn,urekmazino,jackdempsey,banks,setence,gas,narziel were playing and they cry cause of clan space!!!did i say smt wrong?!?!?! BUSCO CLAN LATINO