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  1. after i got dc i try to get in the map again and it appear this!!!
  2. this is qlex pro sps hero

    how you can make a post like this when you dont even know how to buff yourself (no concetration on mage/no magnus)))??so you gonna take the hero so???still 20 kills per map is good??hahahha wtf kiddos everywhere just flaming and think that they are good!!CHEERS NAB

    My bois...my friends...my clannies :))) <3 no hate...peace!! Shot00013.bmp Shot00020.bmp Shot00029.bmp Shot00032.bmp
  4. well

    ty..its solved
  5. well

    no..can i have a link?
  6. well

    i have problem with gameguard...i turn off firewall etc...i try all the possible ways to solve it but i launch l2 and i get gameguard 360!!!any help?
  7. Specials pricelist

    do we need vesper armors to make vorpal or elegia or only adena??
  8. trickster skills

    What class you play?
  9. trickster skills

    Im main trickster....and im worry about some skills like real target and soul barrier!!!how its possible with +27 real target soon +30 and my dmg is still the same and thedmg i take from others archers goingup(full attr lvl4 armor)!!What about soul barrier??Its like never exist in this srv for trickster many mages can still one shot me and i see that soul barrier doesnt work cause it doesnt give the 100% of mdef as the skill says and the damage of archers stay the same even with Ressistance to bows/crossbows!!