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  1. I suggest you make a gve classic chronicle server. There isn't one out there in my knowledge and I think it will attract new people. That's all , have fun enjoy the game and please share your thoughts with me here. I'd like to know what you guys think.
  2. when start this server?

    me and a couple of friends are looking forward to this season Emerald,it's something different and interesting gonna join for sure just don't tease us a lot
  3. ImmOrtaLs

    you dont need to be this little bitch's white knight dude , i am pretty sure there are plenty of guys out there that are fucking him and would gladly protect him from any kind of sexual harassment , btw why are you all so fucking weird and mad at someone you have never met before , not that it makes me sad it actually makes me interested in knowing what kind of moronic dumb individuals you are or how often life spits in your faces. To end this ugly post i wanna ask you who insulted you and why the fuck are you participating in something that has absolutely nothing to do with you go ask for attention somewhere else little cocksucker
  4. ImmOrtaLs

    Idk about the other clan members of this clan hell i dont even know if you are in this clan but sounds to me like you spend too much time watchingporn your jerk off lvl is the highest i have seen you must be exping all dayyou could really use a girl tough guy i liked thegif tho amd no meed to worry you are already my putana
  5. ImmOrtaLs

    Do you happen to have room for me in clan? I am a little rusty on olympiad but I think i'll manage. Anyways pm me if you are interested.
  6. My opinion

    Give another award topeper the valid bug reporter. 10/10 would bang!
  7. Hero zerk/valor 3h ;D

    PePeR I have the feeling you are not very bright , you miss his point. He is saying that the amount of tanks in eachfaction during the events and maps should be the same which means in order to do that he has to apply the same system that he uses on healers so that the factions and the pvp arebalanced. In case you havent noticed because you just show your pet where to go , tanks make everybody's life hard , so wouldn't it be fair having the same number of cancer in both teams ? Now , regarding the berseker , do you really think that its duration should remain 3 hours because it is good and balanced or maybe just because you are a HEROhuman summoner? I understand you put a lot of "effort" getting your hero and you would like to have something more than just a cute glow but please cut the crap we can see through your hypocrisy.Anyway , what ever the case may be , heroic berseker and valor with 3 hour duration is not normal or balanced I would prefer if it was changed.