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  1. Hello i just wanna know about Overlord, Using debuff will generate me money? healing HP CP too? or i just have to be a drainspammer?
  2. New Season

    I hope it will be H5
  3. Smaller maps for PVP?

    You can vote before event starts, just dont vote siege maps
  4. about the "nerfs"

    That is cuz interlude sucks, in H5 u have more usefull classes to counter others and the variety generates a "balance" i use " cuz in L2 balance didnt exist ever, but when classes are better u will get possibilitys
  5. vicious stance

    I had the same feeling with my skills too Shakle +10 same rate and Shield Stun +10 reconvery is the same cd But skills that can scale in "power" enchant u will see a good difference
  6. about the "nerfs"

    with dance of aquaguard an SPS hit me 2k base 8.5k crit and crits besides what ppl said are so ofen.
  7. Why we dont see Titans?

    what would be right buff? i know pre setups from npc are bad, for my main i made my own and it works very well, but titan it will be hard to balance damage and resist, also i realise that Resist buff like Resist Water/etc element are worthless cuz surrender take them out so only dance/song work for resist.
  8. Why we dont see Titans?

    why cap damage?? im a tank and nobody hits me 40% of my hp, but some mages hit me so fucking hard, 1 or 2 daggers too, and i saw in my party those classes raping HP up to 80% of their hp in 1 single hit, so i dont see the point of capping titan, maybe when they did that it was op, now i dont see the point if u are correct guys, i just was thinking why there was no titans on server and i get my aswer, its sad =(
  9. Why we dont see Titans?

    Just that, they are nerf as fuck or what? i remember it wasa strong class in interlude. Looking for opinions
  10. A GRD and donations

    yea me too, its sad cuz server was cool, but when u finish ur A grade setup and they throw your effort for free its not cool, bad choises there, but they think is good for population so, good call emerald
  11. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    You are wrong, im mad because they waste my adena the time i played and the effort i put in my character and im not one shotting newbies cuz i play TANK so i support people to kill stuff. Now even a private is hitting me SO hard and its not even funny playing, I love faction servers and its cool to help news, they did with B grande instead of C, bot now its a lot, Just think... server has 6 DAYS !!!! its not needed and its not fair
  12. A-Grade is free in less than a week

    it took me time to farm FULL A, now its free and worth nothing, im same geared as someone who start today nice server, maybe in 3 days S will be free (?)
  13. about the "nerfs"

    Where isthe "nerf" changelist?
  14. dagger nerf ?

    Today i was using agression and he cancels me the target, its madness men, its not right how it works, u cant do shit without clicking him in intervals between actions, Skill must work ONLY with damage.
  15. Tanks

    How do you guys win adena playing as tank? does agro generate money? or your only way is just hit ppl and pray u get the kill ? PD: if the messege isnt correct here sorry Emerald