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  1. MuDDy

    Warlord class!

    i dont care about story bro..i care about my class..i want to play warlord..its lot of fun for me..but u cant farm here with warlord bcs sooooo low damage
  2. MuDDy

    Warlord class!

    Hello.Warlord skills does really very low damage..u have to boost a bit this class! right now i am the only warlord on the server
  3. I bought one icarus bow pvp..and I cant change it to icarus shooter(kamael weap) bcs it is pvp..fix it please...
  4. Admin u must fix the mages/duelists and tyrants..ifu dont fix them..srv will die soon..also doombringer with x2 bers +5 weap hit very low dmg..
  5. MuDDy

    LF SE

    Lf a good se..send me a message