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  1. Sad Fact

    If you even come close to my existence you will burn mortal
  2. Sad Fact

    Thriller Clan will not exist on this season although some of us might play. But just a reminder:
  3. Interlude

    Its better with 3 keys for you
  4. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    Although i dont speak spanish, i liked this song thx Lesley
  5. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    Send me a song fury
  6. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    watch in 1080p video speed x1.0 leave your comments not your tears.
  7. this is qlex pro sps hero

    YE YE YE YE YE YE YE YE (Nacho come online wtf)
  8. I think i found a Dagger Server

    Im dealing exactly the same dmg i have been dealing since the first 7-8 days of the server's opening because the dmg on a dagger cannot be improved after 2 epics and lets say AS (good augments here are rly few i guess). If i saw this post like 3 weeks ago it would make some sence to me because ppl would stil be on their dc+3 ,w/o rebirth pdefs etc and the dmg was rly big back then but now mages + archers got their +12 and its pretty balanced. Please start playing daggers if you think they are such OP, and it will surely be fun for us.
  9. infinity rod joke

    Thank you and congrats for this server.
  10. infinity rod joke

    Infinity rod: 3% chance to full heal target's HP when "good" magic is cast. Feels more like 30% than 3%. having OL spam cp restore getting the same person full hp again and again is totally against what this server is about. Can you check the chance and lower it?
  11. Suggestion now

    maybe remove the retarded hero weapon that restores full hp every 2 seconds? Other than that we <<randoms>> roll you just fine
  12. My char name is Climax and we are looking for making melee mobile parties with a preference for close map events. We are greek but we are recruiting ppl ofany nationality as long as our hours of playing match. Note that every member is supposed to own at least 1 dmg dealer and 1 support-tank class (healer-ol-tank-poler). Pm me in game im happy to answer any questions and give info about our clan.
  13. Event Balance

    then i guess you will let the server die in a week instead. Let the 24/7 guys with a massive item lead get in the same team and Chaos team 800 kills Order team 200 kills per event. But ofc the domination score is 300-290 but thats not even near balanced im done here
  14. Event Balance

    well it doesnt mix up anything you can also join clans of the other faction that is not possible atm. Anyway i know this is a drastic change but im tired of facing the same stacked parties over and over again when im randomly partied with 4 mages playing my dagger . Same 20 ppl chaos zerg running together is a fact isnt it? Late night raids is 100% chaos so far too. I strugle when im order, i cant reach the kills fast enough when im chaos
  15. Event Balance

    I suggest you cancel the perma faction style, make us all white and randomly port people into events/raids/etc( with <<port as aparty>>for those who play premade pts) so that in event you dont always play against the same 20 ppl stacked zergs and also give the rest a chance to win epic raids since if you are in Order faction there is no chance of winning as the server balance stands now. I remember old times where each faction (in event) had a balanced number of classes and there was a chart showing exactly what classes(tank,healer,melee,ranged,mage,other)and how many characters were in each faction in an event making it rly nice for new people who need strong allies to survive and play successfully. [AngelSlayer]: GF balanced