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  1. Adena per event

    my 60 kills were worth 500 adena now are worth 170. soon i will be giving robes 1600 backstab with full equiped dagger. CC bots spamming take all adena and the killer gets nothing, how can you possibly think the adena system is the same dont you ever play the game? goodbye i had enough
  2. Adena per event

    killing people giving no adena is not a change? having mages with +16 after 2 weeks and +10 sets is specific enough?
  3. Adena per event

    Because i really feel mythread is going south. Bring back the old files,old maps,old kill system etc etc etc.keep new expertise system (w/o rebirths), keep exp zone and noblesse, have normal(old) enchant system and add golems only until+8 wep and +6 armor max, keep new clan system, make cc and heal give 1 or 2 adena at most, the rest they will get for party. Its ok to admit some bad calls.
  4. Adena per event

    First of all, you can never blame the players. Be mature, approve that the players play what is best for them, what the server makes the best to be. It is very simple the dd must be the one whomakes the money, and OFC he will need bishop and warlord or tank or SE, and because of party they will share his adena, according to damage he dealt. Its good that cc give adena but it should be very limited. Also, having to pass through 2 newbie polers and 1 newbie sps(because they are worth 0 adena), in order to go hit someone who is geared and will give 8-10 adena is really bad, because guess what they still hit you
  5. Adena per event

    Just want to give some facts, which im sure everyone knows, and none cares. 58 kills in event with dagger gave me 170 adena (24minutes event). And then you get 100 adena for free . My standard income of adena per event is 200 max , and dont start burning my brain about me hitting low targets, i am a dagger i hit whatever is closer to me, i dont really choose weak targets, every target is almost the same for me. It is just no reward for killing anymore.
  6. Events Vote

    I usually play from 19:00 to 00:00 gmt+2 . 70% or more of the maps i have played are the same concept, regardless of the map type (koth,domi,fort etc). The concept is a very small area of interest where what you have to do is bring polers gladis and tanks to be successful (and i approve the people who do this, its a solid strategy), and give a massive headache to everyone who plays. It makes me so tired and it is nothing near fun
  7. Assists/Kills count on score

    Ok Ok Ok. It is bad as it is thats all im saying
  8. Assists/Kills count on score

    I agree on that , but no achievement = no next rank = no reward. And its stupid to sub a healer to get top player in a TvT common
  9. Assists/Kills count on score

    I think its impossible to score top player playing dmg dealer on TvT since my healer will always outscore me. Can there be a nerf on assists or a boost on kills count on score?
  10. Sad Fact

    If you even come close to my existence you will burn mortal
  11. Sad Fact

    Thriller Clan will not exist on this season although some of us might play. But just a reminder:
  12. Interlude

    Its better with 3 keys for you
  13. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    Although i dont speak spanish, i liked this song thx Lesley
  14. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    Send me a song fury
  15. L2 OvC movie clan Thriller

    watch in 1080p video speed x1.0 leave your comments not your tears.