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  1. Who is your boss, Part 2

    its the beginning? lel mate are u drunk? we all have left... also about you devilsown,i made 106 kills with 70ppl in map (70vs70) not with 15 ppl in map and everyone with B/A gj random bot... i ll see your ass again in new season...
  2. What do you think of L2 Order VS Chaos so far?

    h5 seasons cant last more than 1 month,interlude season can last more than 2 months,as previous seasons did. im pretty sure that emerald started this season in the middle of summer just to check how progress system will go in interlude season and how people will face/handle it,i hope september-octomber will be a new season with some more new features (i hope my 2 suggestions about clan halls/custom events will take place in server,it will really helps it last longer) i also hope emerald will reply to every single reply in this topic peace randoms!
  3. What do you think of L2 Order VS Chaos so far?

    btw i forgot to reply on you,you are doing exactly the same thing on every season Radohead...starting the season with ur amigos CP thinking that you will achieve something and when luffy and his gang rapes you in maps,in oly,in epics,in siege you start cry and you start demanding things and then you say "server sucks,gm sucks,luffy is donator,luffy is gm char,server is corrupted" and then you start selling items for euro and you leave server..But you are returning back in forums,back on every new season...tell me your fckin logic retard latino
  4. What do you think of L2 Order VS Chaos so far?

    What do u mean by " since second siege here is one side consisting of 5-6 people "? And stop saying that h5 is much better cuz it ain't. I also believe that h5 chronicle is for pro players cause in interlude all u have to do is to deal with 2-3 skills,but in l2ovc since i have tested both chronicles i have saw that h5 dies so maybe this project is successfully only in interlude since it last way more longer,since newbies will never have such a big problem against veterans,whereas in h5 newbies against veterans have no fckin chance and they must play way more time in order not to die 2-3 hits I wish Emerald will think about my suggestions before (custom events and clan halls in order to keep competition and players interest for longer time)
  5. What do you think of L2 Order VS Chaos so far?

    hahahahaha epic guy! btw this guy named "Luffy" sounds badass

    so what? this isnt any bug,better dont do such an idiot reports..
  7. What do you think of L2 Order VS Chaos so far?

    Well i didnt know that you speak english Self,also this suggestion sounds interesting.Since im one of the guys who easy reach the final rank titles and since i have reached quite enough times the last stage on rank titles i can say that its bored to have the same title for least these people should have the right to set their own title after that stage of rank-title is achieved.. So...its time to unleash all the whinners-fans-emoquiters-etc etc and speak! For me l2ovc should be only in Interlude..h5 after some seasons tested is very boring without any interesting future development(in my opinion),so you should only focus on Interlude. My suggestions: 1) add siegeable clan halls (wild beast reserve,forest of dead,bandit stronghold,forest of ressistance,devasted castle.rainbow springs chateu) i have suggested this idea previous seasons in order to increase the competition between clans and in order to force clans to be made in server. This will give the chance to the clans to fight for something more than the castle,so they wont be dissapointed when they will not take castle,something like 2nd chance(with interesting rewards too). 2)custom events by gm like (9vs9,5vs5[random teams/non random teams],clan vs clan) these scheduled events once per 1-2 weeks on a specific date would be an awesome-interesting-motivating idea in order to keep competition alive! My question: 1) Where is Ruby? i think u need one more trustfull gm in ur team emerald. I also said millions times that when ppl sees gm's online they think that server is alive that server is important that server is a serious project. My opinion so far : Well,for me is the most interesting faction server i 've ever played,all these new features that have been added,and all these alrdy existance features (sieges/olympiad) are so alive in server that i got the taste im not playing a faction server,which makes server unique (for me at least). Also, the fact that server doesnt have Custom shits like (skills,items with stats blablabla) its very nice...once u made dances/songs lvl 2 Emerald in order to make more classes playable..well this was one of the worst changes so keep server non-custom! My favourite feature: OLYMPIAD BABY! even if the rewards are nerfed by 1/4,i think u have done pretty much good work in olympiad,well done Hope to read many things in this topic and may this topic help server be more healthy without whinners,without all this drama that makes server suffer.. Peace and dont forget who is your king amigos Luffy
  8. more titles

    HAHAHAHAHAHA U MADE MY DAY FAT UGLY PIECE OF SHIT PS: btw my life is way more interesting than urs
  9. more titles

    if not pvp count matters then what matters? haha fckin retard
  10. who is your boss?

    They see me rollin...they hatin... Shot00000.bmp
  11. more titles

    u ll never reach 130 title so why u reply? PS: im your father
  12. more titles

    its about time to increase rank numbers more than 130...put 10 more new title with pokemon names maybe? since u alrdy got from mortalcombat and since u cant find more intersting titles...its good to raise the rank number low by low on every season
  13. who is your boss?

    how the fck im so fckin noob and on every single season im on top pvpers/my clan is the best in server/i always take the important 1st siege/i always take more than 10 heroes on every period/and on maps we just rule everything.. Chaos=ImmOrtaLs,all the rest chaos players are just tell me please how a noob/scammer/retard guy can achieve all these in every single season? Stupid random rats,show some respect to your more famous than Emerald in l2ovc
  14. dont worry Chikita is on red side,so u dont have to worry
  15. who is your boss?

    mad fans keep it up you are funny guys,specially you agent