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  1. Faceoff

    Chronicle choice

    Get prepared for a Tyrant server again guys.. 🙂
  2. ^retail like^ spending over 700 eab to trying to make +7 B armor.. never happend 😂
  3. it takes exactly 4 min to take a look from all the shops in town..! You want a feature for 50 shop in town? xD
  4. Alt+C find your store.. thank me later.
  5. Faceoff


    ppl shouting on chat to sell chars with money and didnt get any ban.. but yeah Dice is against the servers policy
  6. awww.. shit.. here we go again!!!
  7. I just saw this.. i already got 1 kill streak before i took the dominating kill streak.. and the daily is still showing 1/4.. as you can see the proof..
  8. Ill try to reinstall the driver on my graphic card.. i will let you know about it.
  9. i realized that on my Geforce Graphic card there is no l2 game found. only league of legens.. i searched on my C : x86 still not found the l2 game.. something must be there..
  10. i downloaded the client and the patch.. and whenever i change the resolution i get this msg.. need help pls.
  11. Hello Emerald, after i downloaded again the client and the patch. whenever i try to login  and change the resolution i get an error message.  



  12. DDos Protection from OvC xD
  13. Official launch is the Beta Phase.. Emerald never had a beta test server before.. so he wont have it now..
  14. See one L2 ovc member has the same opinion with me by adding new armors weapons and Town.. Stop taking the word *Cosmetics* and making it an argument that sound disadvantaged by not holding ppl on server.. Armors/Weapons DOES ! PS: Stop closing threads and let us discuss here..For real man?
  15. What do you guys think about Interlude again? My opinion about the moody problems from @Emerald is, it will get boring again after 2 weeks.. you need to refresh your server, even the Town with shop etc. is Boring. You have to make some updates, its like the same thing over and over again. Make some major changes to keep the server enjoyable. I hope, your new Crew bring some good ideas and features with in. Some Custom Armors, weapons, Cosmetics etc.. ! Hope this time you will have some Inspiration.