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  1. See one L2 ovc member has the same opinion with me by adding new armors weapons and Town.. Stop taking the word *Cosmetics* and making it an argument that sound disadvantaged by not holding ppl on server.. Armors/Weapons DOES ! PS: Stop closing threads and let us discuss here..For real man?
  2. What do you guys think about Interlude again? My opinion about the moody problems from @Emerald is, it will get boring again after 2 weeks.. you need to refresh your server, even the Town with shop etc. is Boring. You have to make some updates, its like the same thing over and over again. Make some major changes to keep the server enjoyable. I hope, your new Crew bring some good ideas and features with in. Some Custom Armors, weapons, Cosmetics etc.. ! Hope this time you will have some Inspiration.
  3. Perma IP Ban pls.. he is doin it again and again..
  4. i saw emerald unbanned some of them abusers.. Well played..! Lets w8 lesley, he will cry on forum to unban them again.. 🙂 Cheers Emerald
  5. Did some1 saw today this Lunatic?? he had maps running like 71/0 59/0 solo GS with dynasty L armor and red dyna bow.. !! And im asking emerald did he fixed the bug or not?? he should just delete this stupid event..
  7. now you report it right? after abusing it !!! 😎
  8. Ppl abusing the Bug from overwatch mini event they take one buff and it stuck after event also.. so they 15k P.Attack!
  9. the 4-6k dmg you get is from archer with double rings. pls.. you already 1shot ppl in maps.. stop QQing..
  10. same.. i cannot log in.. client just did nothing.
  11. Faceoff


    [quote='Leohart' pid='17346' dateline='1440945226'] Check Infinity bow and Recurve Thorne Bow instead. [/quote] Stop writing Crap here...Hero Weap is not the same as Recurve throne+16.. you dont even have one..let me talk, who hold one on my left arm :) the advantage is the the holy attribute 250+ 20 + 20 .. this would be a good nerf.. Ps: Invak0z here.. we are 2 players who play 1 char.. :s
  12. [quote='main' pid='17419' dateline='1441025005'] The oly weapons..well i think that 1st oly was way to soon, and the biggest advantage and unfair in that matter is the 250 element in those weapons, where on normal ones you get max 150. And i would delete some other buffs that, are making for some classes life easier but it didnt happen in last season so i wont bother:D [/quote] from your mouth..to Gods ear !! :D +++++++++++ [hr] [quote='Aladarion' pid='17494' dateline='1441127208'] dagger give me 1k5 blow when i'm under UD with 7k5 pdef so...just wait for the next season with better balance. [/quote] When you give to everyone EPIC jew's you make stronger 1 class for 100% and those are the daggers..! Deal with it.. Its the cheapest class to make easy money..you dont need to craft dagger/dual daggers, buy 2 rings enchant a bit some skills and have fun.. and the funny in this story is..All ppl complains about daggers nerfs/fixes.. GM gave us Free epics and make this class so OP..
  13. Whenever i buy something from Gm shop ill get DC..what can i do?:@
  14. Whenever i buy something from Gm shop ill get DC..what can i do?:@