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  1. i dunno whats wrong with the debuffs im getting slow/vortexat the same max range as a nuke... dunno how it is on interlude but im sure in other chronicles it aint like this.
  2. Estimated time in queue

    this usually happens if ur faction has to many healers/tanks or high elo chars, there is an option to join the opposite faction instantly or you can wait.
  3. =)) hitting a mage 6 times= 2 misses/1 block/2 normal hits/1 crit. Heh
  4. Vote: Ranks

    killing spree count is the problem, not every1 plays with a healer or healer and its a real headache for some classes to get so many killing sprees, the requirements for events are ok...
  5. Take a look at mage balance.

    just the fact that the servers last for 2 months with this current mage setup isproof enough for me that its plain wrong... but every1 is free to think wootever they want.
  6. Take a look at mage balance.

    It never occured to anyone that in order to play archer in this server you need to be a god at that class and grind ur ballz off for weeks and in order to play a mage you need the IQ of a monkey... does that seem fair to you? This the reason we have "seasons" and not a server. That "late game" scalling doesnt exist... get over it, its just the fact that mages ae squishy and they are being focused first in the "end game" go 1v1 a mage as a an archer and you'll get ur asses handed to you, 90% of the time.
  7. Take a look at mage balance.

    kite.. ok
  8. Take a look at mage balance.

    Reduced human/dark elfarcher critical damage by 15%---this combined with the missing cat buff is just to much why would this be implemented? prolly some mage players complained cuz they simply suck at this game, not to mention the fact that all the maps are f1 friendly, good luck kitting a class that simply locks you and hits you while you try to run on this geodata. You can find all the nerfs on the Server Features post.
  9. Take a look at mage balance.

    they seem to have the same range and archercrit is really weird, i can hit 5-6 times an avadon without criting him while he crits me 2-3/5hits. Im up to test anytime, not to mention the fact that I saw sps critting up to 4k on me and I have resists... while i crit him for 900-1k... every1 will leave before "late game" will arrive... i guess ovc will never surpass the "season server" name seeing how it became a fashion for people to play mage the first weeks cuz everything else is weak and leave as soon as other classes catch up. Oh well ... next season lets all go mage style and cutt of our dickies while throwing wind,water and fire at one another. And dont tell me its an "l2 feature" cuz i can see in the change logs that Emerald nerfed archer dmg by 20% of smt like that...
  10. crit error

    ported to valakas and i kept getting crit error everytime i tried to log that char.
  11. crit error

    can u move my charin town or smt, i got crit error while porting to the valakas event and now i cant log it. Name:RollingAsh
  12. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    yeah maybe its cuz ur gameplay of sitting hidden and sending the pet to hit some1 has nothing to do with the game? Summoners are endurance type classes they are for 1v1 mainly they abuse battleheal and servitor heal, just the fact that you can do this is just wrong from the beginning and the fact that they are useless late game is also part of l2. You are asking to do ur "gameplay" even better... when its just wrong.
  13. Magic Crit

    u should be happy u had a stupidly op class and managed to farm epics and top wep abusing it, while other people are scrapping for s wep and lvl 79cuz not mages
  14. Reasons why Summoners are (sadly) still bad

    yeah i think summoners are ok, dont forget that in l2 summoner aint a mass pvp class and if u keep claiming that u want it to be more playable the staff should take care of sws/bd/tanks as well, because in terms of pvp they are way more useful then any summoner so you should be happy ur class is extremely playable compared to other classes who somehow fit the same profile. A summoner gets a better score at events then any other fighter even though this shouldnt happen.
  15. Magic Crit

    its a good thing you reported it instead of abusing it.... oh wait. Hi there. Shout out to all the monkeys that flamed me for pointing it out last week.