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  1. Reanimate server

    isnt tarzan the guy that flooded the forum about archers being OP during GC season which led to a huge nerf that led to the server loosing 90% of its population in like 4 hours? oh yeah... keep responding to this guy's posts at ur own risks, since he has a habit of writing 50+ lines arguing with himself about nothing...
  2. when grand crusade?

    or maybe there are some ppl that actually enjoy playing classes like GK/summoner/warlord/tanks or supports like wc/se/ee/bd/sws, in this chronicle they are useless and the fact that the cov/pows are in the buff list killed the supports.
  3. when grand crusade?

    it aint the admin's fault its just a very old game, the best chronicle is gracia when it comes to class balance/gameplay. I dunno why they choose interlude... but we all know l2 dawn closed a couple of weeks ago and a lot of l2 players are scoping for servers, I hope the next season will be a gracia but with the same setup, S grade max although the buffs/tatoos/custom certis should be reconsidered along with some other restrictions such as max enchant being limited to 10 for S grade weapons or things like that. Hopefully that moment will come soon.
  4. [Not a rant] Nerf Daggers?

    70% mage server complaing that the10% daggers are op... there is one simple truth, the way all u tardhead mages used to farm 40+ kills per event in the first days simply cuz you are "mages" has its downfall in the late game, as soon as epics/OE jewels and resists starts to kick in, mages are getting countered hard ( not even hard enough cuz no cat buff), its called L2 and this story is as old as the game itself, a new server starts everyone goes for mages then they sell their gear and spend all their money on fighter gear so they can pvp. You farmed every other class in the first days now you want to farm in the late game? good luck with that.
  5. one more offer for next (Interlude) season

    or or make static spawns and add guards like on fortress, to many clans are camping with gladis at spawns and just perma aoe.
  6. For next (Interlude) season.

    u do realise that an archer cant stack resists as other classes cuz no room for extra buffs dont forget you need accuracy also... and a lot of it
  7. For next (Interlude) season.

    like I said, i seriously doubt the fact that NCsoft made the cat buffto ruin their own game, I like to think that eveything has a purpose, WR/MS needs the cat buff.
  8. For next (Interlude) season.

    I know for a fact archers need scalling to get an upper hand vs a mage esspecialy on interlude, so I kept my cool for a few days while getting destroyed by the mage zerk, which wasnt easy cuz 99% of the servers mage are like apes the just lock target you and spamskills(there is a saying btw "tell me woot is the most played class and i'll tell you what is OP")until I got my hands on some items and lvl, and all of my effort and sanity went to shit, on this server that upper hand doesnt exist, the subskills doesnt help them, no cat buff which is esential for MS, bad geodata, prolly the setup doesnt affect gs's cuz they have huge dmg, but for other classes the story is different( i refuse to think NCsoft made that buff to ruin the game instead of helping it). I'll wait for the season to end and when a new will start if it still has the same setup ill make a mage to join the monkeys and spread cancer.
  9. For next (Interlude) season.

    i quit the server 2 days ago, after my MS, with db + 7 was hitting 1-1.5k crits on mages, thats if i could hit them and if u count the dps, you will see that archers are way weaker then mages, cuz you basically shoot 1 arrow while a mage will nuke you 2-3 times,kitting them is weird, cuz it seems they have the same range and even if they can take magnus and outrun you and the weak geodata doesnt help.
  10. For next (Interlude) season.

    . Also, is there any specific reason why we dont have a cat buff, cuz as any person that has some l2 experience would know its actually needed to play archers, on low rates they even kick and archer for a warlock that leeches just for that buff so... maybe add it?
  11. For next (Interlude) season.

    yeah there also some maps like dark school or whatever is called the labirinth that i see people leaving from, cuz you can get lostand the pvp is really weak cuz u cant really run/hide, it should be removed. Also, next time i suggest, adding to subskills or whatever the name was, a range skill for archer so they can actually kite cuz already the p atk is 5% for mellee, 5% m atk, and just 3% for bows.. dont understand why, btw i know people that left cuz there is smt wrong with the either the archer accuracy or the mage evasion, i litterally miss 3-4 shots and i own a QA + guidance buff, and im pretty sure that i should be able to hit a mage +shield and zerk.
  12. Elemental burst freeze effect

    or maybe, builder will look at ur video and see how a feoh which is a mage btw (nice autistic skill bar), can tank 3 classes 2 of them being sayha and eviscerator which are considered high DD's. Good thing i stopped playing after the first UFO nerfs, and to think people said yull's were OP, all i see here is a feoh doing the same dmg as an yull but tanking 3 people for 2 minutes. Good job Builder.
  13. Elemental burst freeze effect

    I agree, nerf yull for 7th time cuz feoh lands elemental freeze.
  14. Elemental burst freeze effect

    I agree, nerf yull again.
  15. Tanks

    yeah, i dont recomend doing things like this except as a last resort cuz i believe that there are people who would like to play tanks for real, not just to ruin other peoples game. Look woot happened to the server after the yull nerf...