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  1. about magic critics

    make mages like everyone else, cant u see that this is the way the server was meant to be? I posted about m crit like 6 days ago and all I got was flame. Just play mage and abuse it.
  2. Titans-redesign

    I did and i didnt get any response. Why isnt magnus removed? cuz it makes mages to powerful seeing how a magesmain weakness (its mobility) is inexistent cuz of this buff. Why isnt there a range increase certi, cuz i noticed most of the "not trigger" ones are added, and range increase is not a trigger subskill. I did play interlude back in the day and i dont think mages have the same debuff range as their nukes, im not sure, and even if they do seeing how u customised the entire server this should be implemented cuz its influencing the game in a negative way. Why does a mage +shield and zerk have such a high evasion that archer+bop(guidance)+guidance buff can miss up to 3 shots in a row? Why does a mage crit me for 5k, when i have tatt +5necklace+tatt ring +5 + maj earrings +5 and BO ring +6and resist songs along with elemental protection and no zerk and he has an a grade weapon, and yes im talking about sorc/sps.
  3. Titans-redesign

    As for your other awesome responses, tell me a map on which a mage doesnt dominate one way or another, by either being range or simply spamming aoe's. The staff is doing woot 4 people on this server askof them, im pretty sure that if builder will make time and see some events he will change his mind about this entire mage fiesta server. And a mage with magnus runs faster then a fitghter(without dash and zerk) as if some1 would be crazy enough to play fighter +zerk on this server.
  4. Titans-redesign

    I swear to jesus that if i here this sentence again ima kill some1, let me tell you a little secret my friend, an archer/ dagger etc will reach "end game" way harder then a mage, basically when they reach this perma spammed sentence "end game" there will be 10 playerson the server, so this entire concept of end game is wrong from the begining. It takes like woot a monthto reach end game? The server already is starting to get emptier day by day and it hasnt been open for even a week, this is because, and i know its very hard to understand for this community, NOT EVERYONE LIKES TO PLAY MAGES. So when some1 joins and plays 10 days, gets litteraly rapped by every mage, everytime on every event and he looks around and see's that 80% of the server is mage they gonna leave and the server goes to sh!t. In short terms, there wont be any "end game" if the server dies in 2 weeks, you need to understand that once and for all. But its ok, you will eventually reach "end game" and u can pvp 8 v 8 like last season for 1 month before u learn your lesson.
  5. Titans-redesign

    mages are OP cuz they can afford to play with magnus because of the fighter nerf, p def is useless on them since they litteraly outrun any class and fighter classes are nerfed to the ground so they cant be punished for this style, this makes slow classes useless, thats why gladi/gk/titan/warlord are kinda unplayable esspecialy on open maps.At the beginning i was using pow, but then i switched to magnus cuz i seen how fast other mages are, and it works... i run faster then any fighter.Why isnt magnus removed from the buff list like cat buffs? and why exactly isnt there an increase range certi?i mean its not a trigger skill. Anyway Builder has to choose, either remove some nerfs from fighters or add cat buff or remove the magnus buff, already people left in high numbers cuz of the mage fiesta, the maps are in their favor, the farm/exp is in their favor cuz spam aoes, the buff list is in their favor.Dunno exactly woot the staff is thinking...
  6. random stuff

    do u play arange class? I had this problem when i was playing archer i was hitting and running back and when the target died i didnt get any adena prollyof the range, cuz archers on ovc are treated like they are some sort of bubonic plague pacients during the dark ages., also the same problem with daggers sometimes when u hit high dmg/lethals etc you dont get adena. As if these classes dont suffer enough cuz of their nerfs.. because players are like mobs, if u kill a low lvl player u get low exp, however ifa low lvl playerkills u he gets more exp.
  7. about ms

    sold it, bought AM, 34 kills yollo on one event rofl. You can close the thread.
  8. about ms

    its ok, the players gave me the best relative response ever : They said MS is only for oly and i should reroll to mage, decisions decisions.
  9. about ms

    geodata helps mages also, their attacks hit you if youmove behindan object during its cast,however archers dont. Seems legit, one big mage server fiesta. Any news about the debuff range yet, im 100% debuffs dont have the same range as nukes.
  10. about ms

    im ms not sagi and u think 1.4kfrom sagito dc robe is ok? while they crit for 3-4k? A mage has more hp then me.
  11. about ms

    did u ever try kitting a mage? self heal? ... i dont think u played ms on this server.
  12. about ms

    i know how to buff, and i wont take more then one accuracy buff cuz i need the resist altough it seem hilarious i need accuracy to hit mages with shield and zerk. Thats why i asked the staff to try and play it and tell me how did they come up with this server configuration, i tried playing without rapid fire, not enough dps, i tried playing with rpd fire better dps but i died like 40 timesfor 10 kills. I'm sorry to dissapoint the community but i wont lower myself to play classes i cant stand, like mages.
  13. about ms

    the fact that 80% of the server are mages didn't make you wonder?
  14. about ms

    any particular reason why cat/seraph buffs missing? You should consider adding that seeing how 80% of the server are mages, its clear to everyone something is wrong here.
  15. about ms

    Can someone from the staff make a MS and try to play it? I have a DB +6 +plated leather+dyes4 str and im hitting mages for 1k, really funny if i use rapid fire i'm dead cuz for some reason it seems mages have the same range as archers (without rapid fire) also from woot I know "surrender to etc" +vortex/gloom doesnt have the same range as a nuke. I think i contracted 3rd stage cancer playing archers on this mage server the only thing that kept me going is the thought that by getting a DB somehow things would be easier, it didnt. So my question for Builder is: are archers going in some "balancing phase" on which we are trying new things? or are they gonna stay like this and litteraly be some sort of long term death provider for people that want to play it. An archer kites, thats all it does, thats the class purpose, mages here have the same range, they almost run as fast as you, for some reason they have evade cuz i can miss like 3 shots in a row with guidance buff. I'm curious how did it come to this configuration where archers get kited/outrunned/outdamagedby mages?