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  1. news

    are we going to play or what lads?i mean come on we are staying tuned yeah but some "life signs" would be appreciated,any approximate info?
  2. About next server - H5?

    Yeah,better stick to the basic plan of an Interlude server @Emeraldno server will last more then a month except the Interlude client,but thats only my opinion
  3. Account

    So do we have to make a new account every wipe?i opened the client previously just to be sure that i can log in on the launch but it says password is wrong,i cant tell if its because the server is offline or what.
  4. elf tank problems

    oh sry,its a 4th skillthat needs to be changed,and yes thats probably something that "needs",the Archery skill does not work,its ok that you nerf the archers but at least give them the range to poke-push-kite,there is no way archer can 1v1 a mage in this server,when you see only 2 archer players (late game!)in an Archerlude server you can easily understandthat something is seriously wrong.
  5. elf tank problems

    every onetrickpony complains about his main char,tanks are fine,aggro working more than it should and server dont need more tanks,HELL no,for me the only skills that needs to keep an eye on if you are Emerald is 1) Cancel : always lands and always removes 5 buffs,even if you have Arcane Protection. 2) Mirage : cancels the target constantly not just one or two times,also stops your cast,you can basically kill a mage without him hitting you because he tried like 3 times and hes skill stoped from mirage. 3) Aura Flash : this is the only mage skill that just cant land and mage really want it on this server,i didnt test itthat much tbh but lets say i played for about 5 days and aura flash never worked for me (i even removed it frommy skillbar eventually) even if you +++ the skill its just not working,dont cancel the enemys target and dont stop they`re casts. P.S Server is great i only mention that 3 skills to make it from great to awesome,Best Regards.
  6. New Season

    Yeah,im glad too seethat Emerald actually heared the people aswell and "forced" the server in the same month,i wasnt expected that,i was solo previous season but i have 2 friends with me this time (maybe they call more) but i was like we need to wait at least a month boys..i was wrong,this season gonna be more awesome than the previous one but i have1 question,what exactly going the nerfs looks like?i mean the class balances,is going to be the same like previous year?and one more thing can we do something about the thingy that you wait on a map for 25 mins+ then you need to hit the toilet really really fucking fast but the afk system is like 60 sec top`s,and you get dropped out of map
  7. About new season

    he just need topay for a russian site advertise and russians going to come on the server again and again every wipe,l2op for example will be asmart move because many russians (and not only) checking it.


    anyways,because im not sure if i will have the time to check forum from tomorrow i just want to say if you dont fix the archer at least nerf the daggers and mages,lethal is broken,mirage is broken (to be fair bluff dont work properly) but anyways they can go to a target and play piano with the skills burst him from 100 to 0 in like 3-4 sec,now for mages 800 normal damage and from 6kto 7k+ mc with full gear its alot,they hit 2 spell in 1 sec so...they can kill a target in 3-4sec aswell and me with archer i need some targets to be afk in order to kill them and hopefully i will crit alot to do that because is another problem "you missed the target" how the fuck a double ring archer can possibly MISS a tallum A grade ROBE,its first time i see that in all those years in java servers that i was casually passing by,so to close this up you can either buffthe archer or nerf the others to him for balance.
  10. CANCEL

    like you dont even know whats pts Interlude looks like...and i have watched dvp fraps that you will never see because they will never beuploadon youtube,hes bp back in the day was my cp leader for 3 years. for the last time,i have flame guard,aqua guard,ele.prot,divine prot and the +25 expertise thingy,plusNO i dont play with zerg,my jewels are all +6 S grade,what you dont understand bro?if we PvP face to face they burst me like im on C grade. P.S when i am on dagger the db`s struggle so much to take my cp off,if i dont give a sh1t aboutthem they manage to get passed my cp bar if i dash to them they have 0 chance,and all that is the reason mages crying about daggers,daggers about cancels all together about gladis aoe,at least give us back the archer to make things intresting and with more i crazy?
  11. CANCEL

    i feel like is the only answer you guys have on this forum,answer to everything "you dont have correct buffs" BRO i am a FULL RESIST,FULL GEAR ARCHER,i have to 2shot the bitch even if my 2nd arrow is not even a critical,wtf..
  12. CANCEL

    better nerf both mages and daggers,they are me cancel is the way to 1v1 dagger so its ok,the bad thing is they can land EVERY cc when you have full S grade jewels +6,vortex also 100%.btw @mellany mirage have 1min cooldown even when you have 1200 atk.spd. BUT the real question here is why the fuck can 1 mage with daimon killmy archer who have baium / qa and duel might,ok archer is nerfed but i demand AT LEAST late game with full gear to win a fucking A grade robe,im doing 400 normal damage whenthey do 800,i crit for 3.5k they crit me for 6.5k,the mage is supposed to win early,farm aoe and all that stuff,NOT to 1v1 a fucking full gear archer,i mean come on....
  13. Team balance

    so,just logged in a TvT and all i see is chaos saying nice balance 20vs50 and order say cry kids,so im here to cry,and thats the last fromme.
  14. Team balance

    you can log in to the game and port as red that exact moment to see the domination map with 0 points chaos,im online at least 6-7 hours now and all reds complaining,numbers of chaos gets lower and lower because we cant do nothing vs x2 numbers in domi maps-fort maps that they constanly voting to get free farm,btw the last map i played (and the last for today) chaos had 79 points of the fort (we had it for like 10sec i guess) and we were trying full force,what else to say,if people was using forum you would know better,its frustrating for chaos to cannot play the game for 10hours in a row and im talking about the last 5 days at least.

    Daggers with 3 letter names are untargetable (?) lul