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  1. Suggestions for keeping people!

  2. about population / future steps

    ppl left cause the only answers they get from staff or community to their problems or inconveniences is " if u dont like it, leave, no1 is forcing you to play" ... keep saying that and it eventually they will take ur advice...
  3. idk about other classes, but i tested it on the dummy, no difference with +vicious stance +10 or without is used at all... on Moonlight sentinel class at least. If u have some free time maybe u can check it
  4. clan skill

    oh y, ty
  5. ok, umm i have only magma resist and cyclonicresist... shouldnt there be water resist also? i maxed the clan lvl and i dont see it.
  6. Why we dont see Titans?

    cuz the maps are mostly for range charsand the fact the 70% of the server plays mage makes him unplayable.
  7. A GRD and donations

    u got what u donated for ... u spent ur money on a grade.. u got a grade
  8. A GRD and donations

    if u bought a grade 3 minutes even a day before it went free, it means u spent like 1k on them. The price started going down since monday, so stop bullshitting about how u payed full price for it and several hours later was free.
  9. [IL] visual pet bug

    deflect arrow is a buff how about we add that also
  10. about the "nerfs"

    all the changelist threads from the announcement section
  11. about the "nerfs"

    yeah im kinda curious how i have over 450 crit rate and when i fight a mage he crits me like 2/5 and i crit 1/5 2/5 at best, from woot i know mage crit rate is low, way lower then an archer with db+focus, cuz i dont wanna be a rude, mages crit me for 5k and i crit them for 2k, not to mention there is smt wrong with the accuracy, cuz i miss mages with shields... I played on this chronicle a lot, i read the forum, archer dmg is nerfed... aight, no cat buff .. aight, but wtf did the crit rate do to you?
  12. dagger nerf ?

    fix mages?
  13. expert's inspiration info

    it says itgives + resistance, ok...resistance to elements? or is it like trait subskill that gives resistance to stun, etc?
  14. H5 Recruitment

    that seems pretty much, just add full clan skills as a vote reward or something. The beauty of a faction server is that you login and play, doing tasks/quest even being forced to join a clan for clan skills seems out of place here, if people wanna do clan things let them fight for castle or for their glory with other clans, but make the clan skills available for every1... we all know 90% of the players in a clan are there for the skills, if some1 really wants to play with a clan he will do that without being influenced by clan skills, you can even consider it being a balance update, seeing how most of the server is formed of solo players giving every1 clan skills for voting would be better for the overall pvp.
  15. H5 Recruitment

    just give every1 free clan skills and end this problem once and for all.