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  1. 90% of the server plays mage, they wont touch them. If u wanna get the real deal, u should also know that the vortex has a way lower range (its a debuff) the an average nuke, but all this has been posted and they dont wanna fix it.
  2. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    which reminds me, there are some cases in which if u kite some1 and kill him u dont get any reward dunno if it has anything to do with the range, but it happens quite often
  3. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    like i said before, the problem with this is that gear has different influence on different classes, dagger can use demon dagger with bw till end game so killing a dagger will never be worth as much as other classes, mages will use DC set and there are classes like archers who need full s grade. I think that something based on rank and lvl will be more apropiate, besides this could be exploitable since some lvl 80 daggerscan simply change their gear and still pwn, like some1 said above woot if some geniouses gob grade and simply camp a person in s grade, nobody will bother to hit them cuz they are wothless and they can run arround focusing certain people. There is already enough dickholding, u can notice in events that the greeks dont hit each when they are in opposite factions.
  4. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    There are some classes that dont need top gear to be relevant, daggers walk arround with bw armor and b grade dagger forever, mages go for DC set, gladis go for tallum not S grade, while some classes need a shittone of gear to be relevant so this system can cause problems. Cause killing certain classes will give more adena then killing others
  5. Adena & Progressive Gameplay

    You people tend to exagerate bringing in economy theories and plans, woot u need to focus on is ending the "trend" of leaving cuz u cant keep up with 24/7 or donating players. Lets be real, the "me no hafgir" issue is an excuse for ppl to quit and all this talk about adena rates and gear etc aint gonna help, even if some1 will join after 4 days and have the same gear he will still get rekt every event cuz of "dickholding", lvl difference, certi skills, clan skills, woot class he plays on woot map... Blue side is always with no bishops, no tanks, underdeveloped chars and this snowballs in massacres at epic bosses and some events. Woot u need to do is add little distractions for these people, throw some custom enchant glows and skins that are extremely hard to get or things like that, just to keep them occupied. Also if u dont wanna modify some skills like gladi aoe's at least remove the maps where u got 200 ppl in a small area dying like flies. Basically you have to put the need of the many above the need of a few.
  6. [Interlude] Future Plans

    I don't wanna be rude, but this quest system... is meh, the fact that its giving coinsis wrong IMO cuz players will feel forced to do them. For sieges.. yeah, ok, every1 is spamming for the server to be "pvp" oriented and yet we have quests to do, spoilers just farm mobs.... don't get me wrong, the people that like these things should be free to do so, but if there is some1 like me who can play only for limited periods during the day, the fact that i have to make some quests (even better to find some1 to do them with me) so i can keep up with other ppl "in terms of coins" is just wrong and I also feel that we are slowly getting away from the "pvp faction server" concept. As for the gear situation, it aint much that can be done... ppl that grind all day will get better gear than others... no point in debating something that is normal...
  7. Suggestions for keeping people!

  8. about population / future steps

    ppl left cause the only answers they get from staff or community to their problems or inconveniences is " if u dont like it, leave, no1 is forcing you to play" ... keep saying that and it eventually they will take ur advice...
  9. idk about other classes, but i tested it on the dummy, no difference with +vicious stance +10 or without is used at all... on Moonlight sentinel class at least. If u have some free time maybe u can check it
  10. clan skill

    oh y, ty
  11. ok, umm i have only magma resist and cyclonicresist... shouldnt there be water resist also? i maxed the clan lvl and i dont see it.
  12. Why we dont see Titans?

    cuz the maps are mostly for range charsand the fact the 70% of the server plays mage makes him unplayable.
  13. A GRD and donations

    u got what u donated for ... u spent ur money on a grade.. u got a grade
  14. A GRD and donations

    if u bought a grade 3 minutes even a day before it went free, it means u spent like 1k on them. The price started going down since monday, so stop bullshitting about how u payed full price for it and several hours later was free.