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  1. Small update

    Just because you finally made your gear after 2 weeks you want people to stay so you can make some pvp's? Get yourself together and go to a pve server mate. Terrible suggestions.
  2. feels bad man

    Yeap, that's true. We raped the server and people quit so sad..
  3. why not broooo

    We fight through out all events. We only collaborate in sieges. And being all chaos was just random! We didn't know that everyone will be chaos. And when knew about it we told Lesley and his clan to go order but he didn't. I wonder why..And don't let me be misunderstood , i like Lesley as a person i have nothing against him but in the previous season his clan was dominating every event,every oly and i didn't see him complaining.
  4. why not broooo

    We choose to collaborate in siege cause we simply want the castles.We want the exta FA we want the extra EXP/SP and i guess we simply want to dominate the server. Is it wrong? For some people yes maybe but that's the way it is! But since emerald removed one of the castles we simply have to fight for one. All against all.
  5. why not broooo

    Maybe i am who knows...Maybe if you stop smoking so much weed then maybe you could give me a better answer.
  6. Worst OVC

  7. why not broooo

    So the only problem is you not taking a castle and heroes? Cause i don't see any other reason!

    Why so much hate about Greeks? And why to make a gaming issue a political issue? Need a tissue?
  9. Where is the pride ?

  10. why not broooo

    What are you talking about ?
  11. RR server

    Russian Roulette bugged again. Restart server
  12. Server

    I don't know what happened but i don't see anyone else complaining in forum. Everyone just make shouts in game about the server etc.If i was gm and my server was attacked but none of "my" players complained about , i would do nothing. It's like the server is dead in forum
  13. Server

    Are you willing to do something about the lag or ddos ? If you want to keep your people online i think you need to care a bit more.
  14. RR server

    Restart Server! It stucked at russian roulette