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  1. I see..It's fine then. Next season if we have a beta server i will provide more infos. Thanks for replying.
  2. Thanks. Also did you fix special ability critical damage on daggers? Cause previous seasons didn't work. Playing with dual daggers or single dagger critical damage there was no difference at all. And again it's not normal. Did you fix belts? There is no difference between belts. All belts gives you same stats. PvP defence must give more p.def on pvp(It doesn't),PvP skill attack must give more damage with skills physical and magical(it doesn't)PvP normal attack must give more damage with normal attacks(it doesn't).
  3. Is there any chance that you fixed the cancel with raging force skill from tyrants? In previous season they could cancel you multiple times with range attack only which is not normal.
  4. The most important thing you can buy with festival adena is "Adena boost" from donation manager. It goes in your inventory for 6 hours and you take more adena from pvp/assists. Time goes by only if you are in pvp zone or farm zone. You can keep it in your warehouse if you don't want to use it. x1 adena boost = 6250 fa.
  5. As i saw on server features parties from now on will be 4 people max and clans can have only 15 people. This is not so convenient because it means that the last party of the clan will be incomplete. My suggestion is to raise the maximum clan members to 16 so one clan can have proper parties and not be incomplete. Thanks in advance.
  6. TheStinger


    Wrong section for this post / Terrible suggestions
  7. TheStinger


    Cállate maricones Hombres/Gringos. If i don't count the "success" of capturing the castle (with 25 people) i don't see any other achievement this season. Free hero for Lesley(no competition),free hero for KeF(no competition),free hero for GuessWhosBack(no competition). I don't even bother talking about pvp. 👻
  8. TheStinger


    But i didn't leave 🙂 I've been playing here for 6 years and i believe that i'm the last person who quits the server. Literally. And it's painful.
  9. TheStinger


    With all the respect i don't agree with this statement. And i'm answering to this cause i said that the server lasted 2 weeks. I have 3 hero counts this season and i've managed to take hero since first week. The 3rd week of the server we barely had 5 people to do olys. The 4th week which started the previous Monday there were barely 10 people online whole week. I can understand that my answer maybe make feel angry or annoys you but unfortunately it's the truth. And of course i'm not blaming you about the situation. Major factor was that the only organized clan in chaos faction(with 30++ members) decided to quit after 1 week cause they can't stand competition.
  10. TheStinger


    With this setup you don't even have to kite. Mages are dealing negative damage on you and if you have a healer behind you..oh mama!!! And your damage is still fine. Playing without zerk is not like you deal 1000 damage less. The difference is really low but the difference on your p.def/m.def/evasion is huge.
  11. TheStinger


    That is correct. But if archers decide to play smart (no zerk+resists) which is the correct way late game mages don't have a chance even with am+16. Anyhow removing epics from shop is bad.None can obtain epics from day 1 or 2 specially solo players. Only players in a CP can do that cause everyone put their money together. And people who donate of course. That goes for armor/weapon too. An S grade weapon specially DB requires at least 9000 material box. Nobody can farm 9000 material box in two days or even three. Bad suggestions.
  12. @AdvolI'm not supporting ideas which is coming from people who's selling items for real money in game 🙂 Making harder to get epics/S grade items equals to higher prices in black market.
  13. Who to blame? You can't blame someone who play 24/7 cause he puts hard work and dedication to his purpose and probably is still a student?! And also you can't blame a player who spend like 4 hours cause probably he is older than the 24/7 player and have bigger responsibilities(work/family or whatever). Both players have different lifestyles and realities.And also there are the neutrals. Players who come just for the fun of the game.They don't care if they'll play 4 or 24 hours all they want is fun. So for that i believe that as a lineage server OVC has very very low standard community/population so if some people quit you can see the difference really quick and fast.