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  1. Hello , if it's possible fix next target. Not just in olympiad but generally !! It doesn't work. Sometimes a target is next to me and i click next target and i never get him
  2. About changes in general

    Deadlykiseer...Great example!!! Archangel+16,3d class skills all+15,2nd base all +30 !! Awesome example
  3. mp/hp/cp potions

    I just tested it that's why i made the post. i pressed hide with potions off without being full hp/mp/cp. potions cancel the skill only if you life/cp/mp are low
  4. When your potions are enabled if you cast celestial shield or hide neither of those skills are working cause potions considered as action. So you appear instantly and you lose celestial same way
  5. Eye of paagrio

    My suggest is to completely remove buff eye of paagrio like counter critical is being removed. Critical rate on archers is terrible. At this point archers are the most useless class
  6. Changelist

    Changes should never be applied midseason. Any changes you want to make do it on beta. That's why you open beta server! Any changes after launching a server it just destroys server
  7. dwarf can craft ...

  8. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    mah god. It's me who told you about it man but i don't know if it's legal or illegal. You are crying about how he has so much mana.I wrote whole post explaining you how his is able to do that. Please try to read it or even use google translate to understand it better. Stop making post and stop crying. Instead try to learn the game
  9. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    Ban for what? For taking the proper buffs and over enchanted skils to cost? I don't know if this is bug exploit or it's legal. So if emerald wants he can make his search and decide.
  10. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    This is what i'm telling you...Did you even read the message i wrote? This how he recharges his mana.
  11. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    My friend i guess it's your first season here that's why you cry so much. Kat is a very good player and he built his character to play only bp. That's his job. About celestial one time i had 3 cele's in a row.It's called skill mastery it can effect the duration or reuse or even both at the same time. About mana i told you they use the salvation bow from their marriage and apart of from that Kat as you see holds infinity Rod which give you a lot more mana plus he plays with Bless the Soul,Clarity,Song meditation and maybe active clarity? His skills are probably all enchanted for cost so hespends less mana for each heal/skill. I hope with this message you will understand how little you know about lineage and you will stop crying Everyone can play bishop but not everyone can really play bishop.
  12. healer +17 min nonstop spam heal ???

    They use the salvation bow. The marriage item. And when kazuna hits him with the arrow he recharges his mana. I don't know if it's a bug abuse or this is just lineage but this is what they do and that bp has always full mana.
  13. vote-stream reward dont work

    I don't know if you see guys even the site is crashed. It says Login Offline and Game Offline.That's why you can't get vote.So be patient and wait for emerald to fix this.
  14. Movement issue - meele classes

    Geodata are superbad. Mages/fighters outrun me with 236 speed. This is rediculous. My character just stucks behind them and doesn't use skill.
  15. stream buff

    Yes it's true. The message says "This channels is already registered" something like that..and you wait forever. This started to happen like 3 days ago