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  1. No. When you die it teleport you back to Aden and then from there you can teleport at GK room which from there you have to wait to teleport back to throne room.By breaking ALL those crystals owners have to wait. But you have to break ALL five of them.If you do that they have to wait 8 minutes 😄 As i said , so simple.
  2. That's why before you go for capture you have to destroy crystals first so the owner cannot teleport! It's so simple 🙂
  3. Jesus someone lock this topic.
  4. I don't think it's about prices! Prices are fine except codex mastery. I believe one the problems are the materials. S84 armor/weapon require huge amount of materials and the material boxes are so few. I was gathering almost 2500 material boxes every night with one more person which means 1250 each. And from these boxes i was getting like 110 MA 90 CL 103 Cry S. Imagine how many material boxes a solo player need to craft both armor and weapon. The amount of materials you get compared to IL is very low. I think it's a major problem for people to enjoy. Personal opinion.
  5. A friend who quit gave me Elegia set+9,Archangel 300 wind,Ring of Beleth and also i had a second vorpal light set. I sold them all and i had like 1.5 million but the funny thing is that it wasn't enough to make me full gear 😄 As i said if you want to be full/top gear you need really high population otherwise you can't afford it. Even with donate you need spend more than 600-700 euro and still you won't be top.
  6. Do you know how many adena you need to be full gear? more than 2 million adena. Me personally to make my vorpal set lvl 7 from lvl 4 not 0 cost me almost 1 mllion. The crystal attribute rate is ridiculous. You need to spend lots of hours playing with high population to be full gear otherwise you can't afford it 😄 And i'm talking about attributes in armor only.I'm not talking about overenchant your armor/weapon/jewels + weapon attribute. And also let's not talk about skill enchantment...i spend more than 2 million to make almost all of my skills +30.
  7. What you mean harder my friend? The season ended and you are still with hero bow and dynasty armor.That means that you don't even have gear yet after 1 month and you want it to be harder?! How come? 😄
  8. I can tell you one simple way. Just let lineage 2 be lineage 2. Let it be like mother NCsoft brought it to life and to our lives. Simple as that. No nerfs no nothing. Whoever likes it the way it is will stay and play and enjoy. Let the game be itself 😄
  9. The problem wasn't the damage.The damage was awesome! I personally was hitting everyone minimum 4k damage. The problem was the critical rate.If you had a good party with trickster and moonlight you don't even need a bishop. But the critical rate not as statistic cause you had 500 max and even with 500 max the rate was terrible.
  10. Hello , if it's possible fix next target. Not just in olympiad but generally !! It doesn't work. Sometimes a target is next to me and i click next target and i never get him
  11. Deadlykiseer...Great example!!! Archangel+16,3d class skills all+15,2nd base all +30 !! Awesome example
  12. I just tested it that's why i made the post. i pressed hide with potions off without being full hp/mp/cp. potions cancel the skill only if you life/cp/mp are low
  13. When your potions are enabled if you cast celestial shield or hide neither of those skills are working cause potions considered as action. So you appear instantly and you lose celestial same way
  14. TheStinger

    Eye of paagrio

    My suggest is to completely remove buff eye of paagrio like counter critical is being removed. Critical rate on archers is terrible. At this point archers are the most useless class
  15. Changes should never be applied midseason. Any changes you want to make do it on beta. That's why you open beta server! Any changes after launching a server it just destroys server