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  1. Banned? unbanned? bug abusers roam free

    Well , we've already saw you and kat using it in maps so don't make stupid questions There is NO waiting list for married couples
  2. With luv

    you like..woof woof dawg
  3. With luv

    omfg man. weed and rap music made you think that you're really a gangsta. reduce THC and smoke some more CBD for fck sake.
  4. With luv

    shut your mouth wanna be gangsta
  5. With luv

    The head nigga in charge The boss, the Captain Crunch dog, the sarge The M.O.B.B., the status - we large The guns, the drama, the love, the Mobb I'm all over, me and my dogs enjoy this We pop bottles, celebrate your death.
  6. With luv

    i'm the HNIC.
  7. With luv

    Guys please don't forget these!!! We don't want to have incidents like last season right?
  8. yes i know you didn't mention titan but this is what you play. and for the past 6-7 seasons it's the only problem you mention everytime
  9. Just because you want to play your titan doesn't mean that the server must be more melee friendly. Melee attacks are just fine the problem is the geodata. You want smaller maps so you can non stop frenzy? what exactly are you asking from emerald. I agree with the debuffs problem.
  10. Siege

    Siege also started one hour earlier.
  11. Decay

  12. Olympiad

    Olympiad ended 1 hour earlier than usual.
  13. FA and scroll price

    I agree with that...yesterday i wanted to buy Exp/Sp boost and this one costs 9000 FA. So i searched in the market to buy some FA and a guy was selling for 17 adena each. 17 adena each is like 1.7 adena according to this x10 update but in order to buy them i had to have 100k adena on me which is like 10k adena for 550 FA? Cause i only wanted to buy 5500 FA and not the whole amount.
  14. New type of olympiad

    awful suggestion
  15. Vote

    Something is wrong with voting system? Even if i vote in topzone my vote doesn't count and l2network doesn't load tha page